JJ1: Stonar (reupload #2)

Date uploaded:
25 Dec 2003 at 06:00 (Minor update on 25 Dec 2003)

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Re-upload/Edit Download
Lark (More uploads by Lark)
Tileset conversion
Violet made the palette, Snooz wanted to be credited.
stonar1.zip (65.87 kB)

File contents

stonar1.j2t JJ1: Stonar v1.3 65.23 kB 27 Dec 2003


Okay, first of all, I should tell you guys the story of the textured background. First Violet messed it up and it looked bad. Then he fixed it and it looked good. Then Labratkid messed it up and it looked decent when messed up, but even though it would look better when fixed, both were too tired to fix it, so I left it like this: It doesn\\\‘t work correctly, but it looks neat. Anyway, enjoy. I didn\\\‘t have time for an example level. TILESET MADE FOR BLACKRAPTOR. MERRY CHRISTMAS, BLACKY. (and Merry Christmas other people, but Merry Christmas to Blacky above all). Snooz attempted to beta test, but found nothing, and he wanted to be credited for atleast looking for something. About the masking of the arches, those were almost impossible to mask smoothly. Although they are a bit rough, it\\\‘s still hard to get stuck in them. Last but not least, the water in the tileset is NOT meant for you to go swimming in. You shouldn\\\‘t be able to touch the water in your levels because you couldn\\\‘t do that in JJ1.

Reupload #1: I smoothed out the masking on the arches a bit and they work much better.

Reupload #2: I fixed the mask of the arches (again) so now it should work better than ever =D


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.9

Review by NOKA

Posted more than 18 years ago
Frog (22 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings22 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness45%

Okay so here is the verdict:
2 types of this big block 96/96 pixels – Check
Long Stone block 96/32 pixels brown – Check
Some Stonar slopes – Check
Spikes (all 4 types of rotated spikes)- Check
Stone background – Check
Columns – Check
Window and flipped window – Check
water – Check
Animated water – Check
The stonar slopes with background – Check
Grey Stone blocks 96/32 pixels – Check
Mountains – Check – all parts of it
Skeletons – Check
Grass – Check
The other grounds (red one) – Check
Animated arrows – Check
All jj1 tables – missing one!
Gradient for background – Check

This was a check list for some basic standard Stonar tiles.

Now let’s see the extra ones:

Sucker tubes – noooo
Texture background – Check (doesn’t work the best, but like labratkid said it looks nice)
Vines – Check – nice :)
Destrucktable blocks – Only 3 types ?
Poles – ……no poles?
Hooks – no
Water blocks – no
Any other stuff :
invisible blocks,
Some messages,
Tileset informations,
Xmas Skeleton,

That is all I found , nice work Labratkidm I think that this one is better then Cell’s conversion of Stonar.

I found one bug so far – In columns on a bottom there is a palette error – the black color is invisible!
Colors are right (not like in Cell’s conversion)
Masking is good – didn’t found any mask bug.

That is too bad that you didn’t do any example level (I like to review from examples levels), and I don’t really like when you are leaving an empty space under the tiles – It just don’t look very nice.

Always try to add extra things.
Is 8.0 from me. :)
That might be changed if I will found any other bugs.

NOKA[This review has been edited by NOKA][This review has been edited by NOKA]

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Review by Lark

Posted more than 18 years ago
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (493 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings373 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness76%

Noka, what are JJ1 Tables? I’d put them in if I knew what they are =P feels honored to have Noka give his JJ1 set a good rating

The reason I had all the space at the bottom is because PSP8 seems to be very buggy when adjusting the canvas size. The tiles sometimes get moved down a bit when I change the canvas size thus not making them alined with the imaginary grid, some get cut off, etc.[This review has been edited by labratkid]

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Review by snzspeed

Posted more than 18 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (327 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings269 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness66%

Very well. Another conversion. This month has been a minth of conversions, i must admit. ;p
Because i have nothing to do, i will review this, and yes my reveiw will be censored long or at least i think so. Well, lets get started!!! YEYEYEYEYEY =D

and, by the way, yesi wanted to be credited, since i kinda beta-tested this, ;p
But, since this is a reveiw, I have toi continue. Okasy, lets get started!!!!!

Okay, this is a conversion, so i have to use conversion rating system, too bad that i don’t have it already, so this will be probably my first review with da cool conversion rating system. and, yes lets say that this conversion looks to be at least worth of 8 or something. No mask bugs. except those arches, but they’re hard to mask like Labratkid said. there’s no stuff missing i think, and this is one of my favorite jj1 planets.. but now lets continue.. =DDDDDD yayayayay.

Okay, this set has all tiles inculed from jj1: stonar planet, + Custom textured backgorund, and original one. every tiles are there such as brikcs, pillars, dungeon looking rock tiles, arches, etc.
PROS:everything is here
RATING: 10/10

MASKING:Well, masking is like in original stonar planet, and that is always good thing when making a conversion. No maskking bugs, and mask message was good too. but, i won’t lower the rating, if there wouldn’t be any, ;p
Ofterwise, Masking is good. i love it. great job, but i can’t give you a perfect score from masking, because of those jj1 signs. those are weirdly masked, and there is no unmasked text signs, that is what you should add to the set.
PROS:great masking.
CONS:Well, signs.

Well, jj1 signs are includede, but not jj2 ones. i won’t recommeded to include jj2 signs, but atleast you could include an unmasked text sign. and i don’t see poles, and the set needs those. btw, when i betatested, i forgot to say about poles,, and unmasked-signs. Sorry. ;(
Good that blocks are included. and the custom background
PROS:well, blocks are there. and the custom jj2 background
CONS:No poles, or exit-signs.

Okay, this can be quite hard to use by JCS newbies, but if you’re experienced with JCS, you have no problem to use this.actually, i would say that this sin’t so hard to use, even if you’re JCS newbie, whatever.
PROS:quite easy to use.
CONS:quite hard to use ( by JCS newbies )

Okay, it is an good conversion. like i mentioned above, this has been a month of conversion. don’t ask why. ;p
It looks like it would be cabable to deserve/get an 8.7 for me. or soemthing.

~Snooz – Master of the blue chairs

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Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 18 years ago
Way better than Aiko (862 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings464 Featured reviews35 Average helpfulness92%


Tiles included: It has windows, pillars, spikes faced in all four directions, lots of ground/wall blocks, slopes, more ground blocks, masked tiles (which are easy to find), mountains, stone blocks, slopes with a diff. bg, destruct blocks (only 3, but there are 3 versions of each with diff. bgs, a break frame for the destruct blocks, skeletons and flipped skeletons (3 versions of each with diff. bg), more ground (grassy one), ceiling spikes, the bridge that goes over the water, water, the brown layer 5 bg, the ground (grassy) with the brown bg behind it, two different versions of a vine (chain and branch) with diff. bg’s behind them, red bricks, lots of arrows, some multi color block, palette by violet block, Lab rat kid block, made for blacky block (THX =DDD!!!), a “Blacky lol ;(” skeleton with a christmas hat, signs, mountains, layer 8 backround and textured layer 8 backround, some reddish brown tiles, a black tile, and a lot of empty space. I would of liked some spikes without the brown BG added, but it’s not that important. Looks like there is everything (I haven’t played Stonar 100 times so Im not exactly sure), and this would of been rated high, but there arent many extra things added, there could of been sucker tubes, poles, more destruct blocks and hooks added, among other things, which would of definately boosted up the rating, but in its current state it still gets a fairly high mark.

COLOR: Its good, coulda been some extra tiles which had a different color shade then the brown and grey tiles, but its ok.

MASKING: Windows unmasked, good, pillars unmasked, good, spikes look automasked, they needn’t to be fully masked, just half of them could of been masked rather than the whole tile, but whatever, blocks fully masked, good, masked tiles masked =p, curved tiles masked well, stone tiles masked well, destruct blocks masked fully, thats good, the skeletons are masked nicely, you can’t get stuck in them and there arent any jagged sides, I’m not too fond of the masking of the grassy ground, looks a bit automasked, but at least it avoids bugs, and even though youre not suppose to touch the water, it didnt have to be automasked, mask messages =DDDDDDDDDD. Overall, the masking is alright, some stuff look automasked and some things didn’t have to be fully masked (like the spikes and water), but it avoids bugs and its alright.

Useability: Despite there being no example level, its pretty easy to use, nuff said.

OVERALL: It’s a good conversions, not excellent or near perfect or anything, but the best Stonar we have so far. I’m not rating animations on this since it wouldn’t be too fair since Stonar never had much (if any).Great Work and merry christmas to you too! =D
Tiles Included: 7.7
Color: 8.3
Masking: 8
Useability: 9
Overall: 8.25
Rounded to an 8.2, and a download reccomendation.

Edit: Oh, and by the way Cooba, you’re not suppose to rate the example level or take marks off if its not there =PPPPPP
[This review has been edited by Blackraptor]

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Review by JelZe

Posted more than 18 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (136 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings98 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness86%

Ok, yet another conversion, this time Stonar by labratkid. Lemme see… this is the third conversion (at least) of this planet, with CelL being the latest. I’ll just take a look and pin point the good and bad things. Just a warning, my review will be very strict, to cut down the weed of overratedness (and is it just me, or do most copy my ideas on review subjects?) ;p

First Impression:

Well, at first glance, the tileset seems… I dunno, empty? Stonar is the JJ1 planet with the most solid colors and the least gradients, that explains part of the emptiness. There’s also a lot of empty spaces, a real shame.

Conversion Completeness:

As far as I can tell, this is largely based on the Stonar image file in JCS. There’s nothing missing, at least nothing important. If I must mention some it’s a certain backgound wall tile, the one at the beginning of one. Should you need one, you can use part of a window. And the water animation isn’t noticable, even though it’s there in the set. And the skeleton didn’t have grass on areas with the total black background, at least I think it didn’t. And the bridge was also on the inside, not just on the outside.
That’s enough for now until Violet corrects me ;p

Added stuff:

Labratkid should take the effort of putting in more extras. All I’ve seen are vines, destructible blocks (normal and stomp blocks) with a seperate “fall apart” animation, and a hat on one of the skeletons. Pretty scarce compared to NOKA’s and Violet’s conversions. Labratkid could have used the extra space and time for more stuff. As mentioned in the description, there’s a standard 3D background, which didn’t work, got fixed, messed up, got fixed again, messed up again… I’m missing a step here. Yes, He could have somebody fix it, but noooo… In my book, that’s laziness, which will cost points.


Everything is pretty smooth, and yes, even here I have a complaint. In this case, the masking of the grassy (or mossy) tiles: the mask is a bit on the high side, making Jazz look like he floats over the grass instead of running over it. The signs are masked too, like in JJ1. Some prefer it unmasked, puritains prefer it masked. I like them either way. Invisible tiles? They’re in the too ;p

Palette editing:

In this section I’ll discuss the effects of the palette on poles, pinball events and other stuff. In this set, the only freaky colors you’ll see are in the 3d Background (both 8 and 16 bit) and using the water level event (only in 8-bit). As for the poles and pinball: the carrotus pole keeps its colors, the jungle one turned white/grey, the Psych one is green. Pinball, the flippers are blackish, and the 500 Bump is grey (I only mention the most radical changes here).

Final Verdict:

Not the greatest conversion, this one can be improved a lot by fixing the textured background, adding extras and most of all: get rid of the empty spaces in the set. If I must be strict: a 6.7 Surprising? You should know how such smal flaws can add up and affect your rating. ;p

- JelZe GoldRabbit =:3

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RecommendedReview by PT32

14 Sep 2008, 20:03
Jazz Jackrabbit (203 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings171 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness61%

Okay, here is a nice conversion, got most of the tiles, got the signs [yay!], got lots of stuff, let me start a list.

USEFULNESS: errrm, + & -

Not much extra stuff in it, which saddens me. But colors are good, the usability is tolerable, hence the undecided vote. It has pretty much all the JJ1 tiles, which can be important. So, I’ll give it an 7.9, but t could use a tad touch up.

Oh, and some of the tiles at the bottom are flipped. The wrong way. :P

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