Godaikoku Part 1

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5 Mar 2004 at 05:00 (Minor update on 5 Mar 2004)

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CraccoBoy (More uploads by CraccoBoy)
Single player

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Cracco WoC1.j2l Save The Sheep! 10.13 kB 05 Mar 2004
Cracco WoC2.j2l Santa's Stolen Hats 9.38 kB 29 Dec 2003
Cracco WoC3.j2l The Head Hunter 9.55 kB 16 Jan 2004
Cracco WoC4.j2l Snowdust: Reloaded 15.14 kB 05 Mar 2004
Cracco WoC5.j2l Grand Casino 6.72 kB 04 Mar 2004
CE2.j2t CE+ 225.60 kB 17 Jan 2004
Kool.j2t Køøl 169.15 kB 11 Jan 2004
PartyCasino.j2t Party Casino 121.92 kB 15 Jan 2004
SanctuaryOfTheVampire.j2t Sanctuary Of The Vampire 160.17 kB 29 Dec 2003
SantasSnowyZone.j2t Santa's Snowy Zone 120.29 kB 27 Dec 2003
ctguardia.it CT Guardia - From:RPGC 167.64 kB 11 Mar 1998
ff3coliseum.it FF6 Coliseum - From:RPGC 192.46 kB 07 Mar 1998
mppeach.it 329.02 kB 18 May 2002
som2snowdrum.it SoM2 Snow - From:RPGC 140.98 kB 03 Jan 2004
vampire.xm The Head Hunter 523.98 kB 28 Dec 2003


I put the first five levels of the pack together (finished the fifth one just yesterday). I know I\\\‘ve technically stopped playing JJ2 on-line but it would be a waste if I didn\\\‘t do anything with the pack I\\\‘ve already invested so much time in. So here it is, the first five levels of the Godaikoku (which means \\\‘the five powers\\\’ in japanese) pack. I may make the other five later, depends on a couple of factors. All levels except for the classical first one use new versions of some of my later tilesets.


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Review by CraccoBoy

Posted more than 20 years ago
Turtle Goon (52 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings52 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness29%


Chapter 1: Save The Sheep! (CE2.j2t)

A traditional type of level with a classical tileset. It takes place in the same city as LoC, but a while later after the coin curse. Fans of LoC will probably recognize a lot of things in this level. Five red sheep of the farmer have ran away. It’s up to you to find them back for him.

Chapter 2: Santa’s Stolen Hats (SantasSnowyZone.j2t)

On top of a hill close to a quiet mountain village, Santa Claus lives. But he’s in big trouble! The evil Fake Santa Claus has stolen his collection of hats! Fake Santa tries everything to prevent christmas from happening. And Santa Claus won’t go anywhere unless he has his hats back. After stealing them, Fake Santa Claus has hid the hats so Real Santa wouldn’t find them back. Please help Santa, find the hats and save christmas!

Chapter 3: The Head Hunter (SanctuaryOfTheVampire.j2t)

You want to win the vampire Henk’s trust by proving him that you would be a good vampire as well. Henk has murdered a lot of people and sucked out their blood. He threw the corpses away in and around his manor. But now he wants to have the heads of people he murdered last night as trophies. If you can find those five heads and bring them to Henk’s chamber, you’ll have earned yourself a new friend! My favorite level of the pack.

Chapter 4: Snowdust: Reloaded (Kool.j2t)

Drangus, the evil villain from the Snowdust Village, has returned, screaming for vengeance. He has used his dark magical powers to create a paralel dimension, called the F-Dimension. He has created one or two portals which connect both dimensions. To make the snowmen pay for what they did to him last time, he has captured five snowmen and is holding them prisoner in his F-Dimension. Help the snowmen; go to the F-Dimension, find the keys of their cells and free the snowmen! Fans of the original Snowdust Village may like this one.

Chapter 5: Grand Casino (PartyCasino.j2t)

This level does not really have a storyline. You’re in the middle of a big casino and in order to get out, you have to pull the levers of five slotmachines which are each in a different room. Each of them has a sort of ‘test’ to reach it. Don’t play this level if you don’t like tests or don’t have enough patience, since it’s slightly different from the previous four.

Btw, If there are any bugs I’ll be glad to hear about them so I can fix them!

Note: The reason why I didn\‘t put any enemies or hurts in the levels was that although they are single player levels, they\‘re mostly hosted on-line so that people can play through the level as a team. :P

Superjazz: Yes, I made all tilesets myself (somehow I’m against making levels with tilesets that aren’t my own), but I didn’t draw the first one totally by myself, the first one consists mostly of ripped things from RPGs.[This review has been edited by CraccoBoy]

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Review by Ðx

Posted more than 20 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (330 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings332 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness26%

nobody reviews?


Its very nice. the third level rocks with the mountains
and other stuff thats behing.
anyway its good.

The story’s

It rocks. i luv the head hunter anyway =D
i betatested it and it was a lot fun. and the
party casino is also fun…


Its originally, nobody has made such levels like this.
and its fun to play online.
the sizes ar good to.

Rating: 9.0

Download reccomed: Yep
Host this: YES!

Ðx of XLM[This review has been edited by Ðx]

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Review by Ragnarok!

Posted more than 20 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (146 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings88 Featured reviews9 Average helpfulness80%

I wouldnt say this upload woz too good, no baddies, i hate it like that but then the storylines wer really good. Also no pickups, which is also quite bad and i got stuck in the wall a few times but then there are good things! THE EYECANDY WAS GREAT!!!!! There are mountains and valleys in th background and they really fit in, Also the lvls are xtremly fun and the gameplay is great!!!!!!! The lvls are nice and big and are quite a fun challenge, unlike the cracco balloon races! The size of the lvls are great! and the tile use is excellent! Storylines were good and the lvls (like DX said) had great size! the storlines also are great! Download reccomendation YESSS!!

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Review by Superjazz

Posted more than 20 years ago
Jazz Jackrabbit (261 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings131 Featured reviews15 Average helpfulness89%

Just wanted to make a short review about this, not really wanted to judge and rate.

Well, the levels are puzzle-type but all they have the same idea. Bring 5 things of some type to a person and find out exit, but they seemed to be really interesting and I really wish that you would make more of another kind of puzzle-levels. Well, stories and designs were invented well. Eyecandy suxed in some levels quite much but it had been done very well in others.
So, you did all the tilesets yourself anyways, great! That’s really original, good!
If I remember correct, the 3rd level was being hosted once in a server. The head hunter. I remember that as I didn’t solve it at the server but now as there wasn’t any other players on the way, I solved it in about 10 minutes.
I also liked quite much about other levels. There were some japanese animation-style in the 1st level. Nice music choice! I also wonder that why there were lots of ammo which had no use. No readme, doh.

I could say that this would be overally just good puzzle-solving, it takes some time but it’s interesting. Just enough long and not too hard or too easy puzzles. This would be about 8.2 in my opinion, but since I’m not sure about it because this is a puzzle-levelpack I don’t rate. Well done, and make more of these.

-Superjazz was here[This review has been edited by Superjazz]

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Review by the real one Bjarni

Posted more than 20 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (29 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings29 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness22%

Ok, here comes my long review, one level per review:

Eyecandy: Not really good, it reminds me of old computers, that’s great!
Layout: yeah, the layout is nice!
Story: Save sheep is so nice, it’s really hard to find them! ;-) That’s so cool!
Backround: Great backround
Walk underwater: Wow, that’s nice, I’ve never play these levels
Machines: They’re nice, and all machines gives sound so I answered this guy: “Everybody knows that”

Eyecandy: Fantastic, it’s so cool! It’s so real!
backround: Yeah, that’s cool too! And so real, like I am on North pole with the Senta Clause
Layout: I love that, that’s real too!
Story: Wow, I love save the Senta Clause and the christmas! =D
Fake Senta: He is bad, he shouldn’t be available to life

Eye Candy: So dark and evil
Layout: Yeah, that’s so vampireless
Backround: It’s so dark, I was scared!
Story: So, Spaz Jackrabbit would like to be a vampire? That’s nice, so now he is! =D
Find the keys: Yeah, there were hard to find them!

Eye Candy: Nice eye candy, both dark and light eye candies!
Layout: Great layout, good job!
Backround: I love both backrounds!
Story: Well, save a heros that was in prision and did nothing wrong, five heros, that’s cool! =D
Hidden dark: Well, it was hard to find the hidden dark world, lol!

Eye candy: Wonderful, just wonderful
Backround: Yeah, I love that!
Layout: The layout is perfect!
Story: Well, it’s not any story in this level!
Balloom Race: Hey, it reminds me of Balloom race, but it’s easier then that!

Eye candy: I love all the eye candies
Layout: Well, that’s good too!
Bakcround: Yeah, that’s good!
Story: I like them all!
Other: Wow, this is all cool!

Avarge rating: 8.2

Nice job! Keep it up!

~Bjarni Haraldur Sigfússon[This review has been edited by the real one Bjarni]

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Review by Master Cheater

Posted more than 20 years ago
Frog (22 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings22 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness16%

Ok, here goes my own review (i am lucky this site doesn’t have a text limit……)

Level 1: Save the Sheep:

Let’s start with the whole storyline itself, the story was good, you start in the old farmer’s house and he asks you to get his 5 red sheep back, pretty basic levels, the music gives it a nice touch though. 7.6

Level 2: Santa’s Stolen Hats!:

This level was also good, but at the peak of the music somewhere, you can hear a bit of a Mario game song used in it, the music was ok, though, getting the hats ain’t a easy thing. Hard to find at times. 8.3

Level 3: Hank wants the 5 heads:

Good level, Jazz/Spaz came and nearly were good enough to become vampires, but to actually become ones, Hank requested them to bring back the 5 heads of the people he murdered, so Jazz/Spaz set off to get the 5 dead people’s heads. 8.5

Level 4: The Snowdust Reloaded:

I say this is nearly the best level i played in the pack, the music is real good, but rescueing the prisoners and finding the keys is hard, one thing though, rescueing the final one made me already forgot where to go. _;,….. The level is REAL nice, finding the keys is nearly as hard or harder than picking up the 5 dead heads in Level 3. 8.9

Level 5: The Casino:

Despite me being tooo lazy to finish this level, i can’t say much, this song is from FF6: The Collesium, kinda funny if you trust me. I’ll probably give this a higher score if i get around to actually finishing the level. 5.0

Rating: let’s see…… Level 1 + Level 2 = 7.0 + Level 3 = 8.4 + Level 4 + Level 5 = 9.5

This game really deserved a high rating.

Edit: Forgot to rate the Level 3… This made the rating go a bit higher though. The pack is still no prob though.[This review has been edited by Master Cheater]

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Review by chandie

Posted more than 20 years ago
Turtle Goon (97 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings97 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness43%

The idea was interesting! In each level, you have to find five items to pass the level. The level called “Save the Sheep” was interesting and not like other jj2 levels. The third level “The Head Hunter” was very very interesting! Bravo! But the other ones were a little boring. And in each level you have to collect items and after a while it becomes routine and the player doesn’t want to play no more! Also the tilesets would be better. (I don’t mean they are bad only not enough) Thanx a lot for this interesting idea.

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Review by Ischa

11 Jun 2006, 18:35
Spaz Slackrabbit (108 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings102 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness31%

I’ve wrote my real rating in The Godaiku Pack, because that is the complete episode.

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RecommendedReview by Saphir

18 Oct 2004, 18:55
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness68%

I’ll make a quite short review.
Although Craccoboy’s uploads almost never are the kind I like (Ballon races, for example, were far too hard) I really liked this levelpack. I didn’t see any enemies or pickups (but I didn’t really finish level 5)and there were no bosses, but somehow the levels managed to be funny anyways. The point was always to find five hidden things.
I didn’t really like the last level, but it doesn’t drop the rating because I still managed to complete all tests i tried, except the choose-your-warp-thingie which I thought was boring.
Download if you want to play something new or just do it anyway.
D/L: Yes

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