Bad Boys II

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30 Mar 2004 at 07:00 (Minor update on 30 Mar 2004)

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the real one Bjarni (More uploads by the real one Bjarni)
Example level: Labratkid, Beta-tester: Violet CLM, Thank Columbia Entertainment to make BBII

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three adventering of upcomming downloads.txt 1.01 kB 24 Mar 2004
badboys2ex.j2l BAD BOYS II EXAMPLE 4.80 kB 30 Mar 2004
Bad Boys II.j2t Bad Boys II 119.31 kB 29 Mar 2004
Tiles you can used.doc 20.50 kB 30 Mar 2004
What is Bad Boys II.doc 164.00 kB 24 Mar 2004


Yep, this tileset\‘s ready! This is tileset of really popular movie Bad Boys II, you probably know that movie, Will Smith and Martin Lawerence are the main actors, I made tileset, there\‘s example level, rate the tileset, not the level! To view more about this movie, click on the document \


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Review by Iam Canadian

Posted more than 18 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (28 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings28 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness100%

Now I’ve never seen this movie, which may be a good thing, so I can review this without bias. Anyway…

Tiles: Well, we got quite a few “Bad Boys” related tiles, which seem to come from movie posters. Along the left, we have some destruct blocks with some handguns, a “!” block, a “?” block, a TNT block, a block with a poorly drawn blaster, a block with a poorly drawn seeker, and a block with a poorly drawn fireball. We then come to a textured BG (good), a block with some green things on it, a poorly drawn planet, a strange white thing I assume to be a police car, a strange blob type person with handguns, a lone handgun, some blocks, slopes, a brick wall and some event tiles. Not bad, except for the poorly drawn things (I assume the blob person was poorly drawn on purpose) and a general lack of theme. The colours are all shades of brown, and can be a bit dull.
Tiles: 7.0

Masking: Seems to work, with some nice mask messages. Nothing amazing, but no jagged edges or anything of the sort.
Masking: 8.0

Theme: Unfortunately, this tileset lacks much of a theme. Sure, there are some posters and some handguns, but remove those and you have a fairly drab block tileset. It’s hard to think of some kind of location one could make out of this tileset.
Theme: 4.0

Event Tiles: Let’s see…spikes, signs, V and H poles, a vine and a hook. Unfortunately, the sucker tubes are missing in action. Shame; you almost had a perfect score in this category.
Event Tiles: 8.0

Overall: Not bad, but look past the fancy posters and all you have is a generic MEZish tileset, without the vibrant colours of mezz’s work. Masking and things like that are all good, but you just need to work on a theme.
Overall Score: 7.2

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Review by snzspeed

Posted more than 18 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (327 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings269 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness66%

I’m bored, so i decided to review this tileset.
Bad Boys II, By The Real One Bjarni:
Yay, another tileset realase. actually, i must admit this set is much better than i thought, Graphics look really nice on some tiles,( bad boys posters for example )
and i really can’t find flaws from them.. or atleast major ones. Masking is fine too.. and there’s some mask messages. Slopes and other things are masked rightly. tile quality would be better thought, slope tiles look really dull. so does that brown man with guns. there’s also a white/blue hill-like thing.. which is supposed to be a police car.. i was surprised when i saw that textured background. it looks nice, too bad its ripped.. and then edited. Well, i think this is average tileset. with some bad and good tiles.. download or not? my review should tell everything.
Tile quality is better what i thought it would be. some tiles like those posters and texturebackgroud look really nice, and i can’t find complaiments from them. nice work, keep it up. too bad that some tiles look dull like i mentioned above. this set has different colored slopes, which look really dull. there’s also a tile which looks like road.. which look dull too. there’s poorly drawn gun / police car tile too, and i really dislike those. well, no more complaiments.
PROS:Some nice looking tiles.
CONS:Some tiles are really dull..
Ick. colors are really boring.. usually they are brown or yellow.. which looks really dull, and makes levels look boring. multicolored tileset would be nice. hmm.. police car and texture background use other colors though, which saves this section from getting low rating. anyway, use more colors next time..
PROS:┬┤Some other colors than brown.
CONS:Colors are mostly brown, or yellow.. or somewhere beetween those two.
Heh. This tileset is extremely easy to use. whcih is really good thing. too bad that in my opnion this is too easy to use.. or something like that. ;P
but anyway, i won’t remove points from that.well, my conclusion is that this is really easy to use, which can be really good/bad thing. no more comments.
PROS:Really easy use
CONS:nothing really.. ;P
Masking is quite good in my opnion. slopes have good masking. police cars and other things could be better though. overall this tileset has quite nice masking, or atleast better than i expected. no more comments. =OO
PROS:Quite nice masking
CONS:could be better.
HJmm.. lots of tiles. There’s no background tiles.. or atleast there’s no good background tileset you coukld use.. not really a good thing. there’s some useful tiles though, like slopes.. yay.
well, this tileset has some eyecandy too.. like posters and poorly drwan blocks and some man with guns. ┬┤police car could be better too..
PROS:Some nice tiles
CONS:Some bad tiles
Well.. average tiles. nothing more to say.. whee. im tired because of this review.. well, im finished. 6.5 for reasons i mentioned.

Other rankings:
Download recommedation:your decision.
Build with this:your decision.
Rank:average tileset

~NiQ a.k.a SnooZ[This review has been edited by NiQ]

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Review by AcId

Posted more than 18 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (33 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings33 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness66%

Bjarni wanted me to rate this tileset, so I will.

The palette actually turned out pretty well in my opinion. The movie posters look very good for 256 colors, and there’s even a textured background. It’s not perfect, but Very good work.
The masking looks good to me. I didn’t get stuck on any of my 3 runs through the example level. I don’t understand what could really be better about the masking than you can’t get stuck in it.
Required stuff:
This level has most of the required stuff. It has all the destruct blocks except pepper spray and electro blaster. It has vines and poles and spikes, but no sucker tubes. It also has text signs, exit signs, and hooks.
This is where the level falls short. The basic ground is boring: Varying shades of orange, brown and red squares. There are a few movie posters, a poorly drawn guy with guns, a poorly drawn police car, and a weird yellow road in terms of eyecandy, but no foreground or background stuff, unless you count the textured background.
The tileset is pretty good in most areas, but falls short on the eyecandy. You can download this if you want, but with eyecandy like that, I don’t really think you could use it.
Rating: 7.25 ~ 7.2

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