6 Pointless Diamondus Edits

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8 Apr 2004 at 04:00

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blurredd! (More uploads by blurredd!)
Tileset conversion
A bunch of random beta testers helped out.

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File contents

dd01.j2l Diamondus Warzone 5.85 kB 06 Apr 2004
dd01f.j2l D!gwouqnz MgLsou6 5.93 kB 06 Apr 2004
dd02.j2l Diamondus Warzone 5.85 kB 06 Apr 2004
dd02f.j2l D!gwouqnz MgLsou6 5.93 kB 06 Apr 2004
DWupsidedown.j2l D!gwouqnz MgLsou6 5.95 kB 08 Apr 2004
DWupsidedown2.j2l D!gwouqnz MgLsou6 5.95 kB 08 Apr 2004
ndCTF2.j2l n00bed! CtF v2 3.36 kB 07 Apr 2004
sfalls2.j2l starlight falls II 5.59 kB 08 Apr 2004
1 sudnomaiD.j2t 1 sudnomaiD 219.41 kB 07 Apr 2004
2 sudnomaiD.j2t 2 sudnomaiD 219.39 kB 07 Apr 2004
dd01.j2t Diamond Dust 01 218.10 kB 07 Apr 2004
dd01f.j2t Diamond Dust 01 F 219.41 kB 07 Apr 2004
dd02.j2t Diamond Dust 02 218.12 kB 07 Apr 2004
dd02f.j2t Diamond Dust 02 F 219.44 kB 07 Apr 2004
Diamdust.j2b Diamond Dust 337.66 kB 08 Apr 2004


FS and LRK made me do it. I wasn’t planning on adding any new tiles or fixing any masking bugs, but I did. The palette edit was pretty lazy, but I did try to make the sets look decent. 2 sudnomaiD overwrites some old, poor quality version of upside down Diamondus 2, but I don’t think it’s a big problem. I included six example levels, a battle level, and a CTF level. There are also the flipped versions of the original Diamondus sets and the new Diamond Dust tilesets, which have entirely different palettes and whatnot. On a side note, the Diamond Dust tilesets are compatible with both Diamondus 1 and 2. See for yourself.


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.7

RecommendedNarsist rated 9.7

Cool. Cool. And cool. :)
Recommended? Of course!

[Review changed to quick review. – cooba]

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RecommendedReview by PurpleJazz

2 Dec 2006, 21:03 (edited 27 Jan 07, 15:54 by Purplejazz7)
Spaz Slackrabbit (107 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings55 Featured reviews8 Average helpfulness75%

Lets’a go!

In this conversion of Diamondus, BlurredD has changed the colours on the soil to a sand/earth brown. The TB gradient has been changed to a much lighter shade of blue. The wood gradient has less green and has been darkened. The grass gradient has been changed to a darker green. This palette, gives Diamondus a much happier and calmer feel than before. It does hurt your eyes after a bit, seeing lots and LOTS of Brown.
There is also a night version. The soil has been changed to black/blue colour. The TB is now dark blue. The BG trees are now completly a lilac/blue colour. The wood is now a redish brown. The grass it now an olive/green colour. The wood in the night version is lighter than that of the day version, so doesn’t make much sense. However, most night versions of tilesets are too dark, but this is fine and would have no problems using this.

The additions are the main reason that this conversion got a high rating. There are some BG cave tiles, that look ugly in JCS, but in game they look amazing. BlurredD has extended the mountain BG by adding 2 extra water tiles, so that that the mountains can be extended as high as you want. These can also be used to extend the BG trees. And finally, the third and best addition was the waterfalls. They are just beautiful. The animation is clean and flawless. Even with just addition of the waterfalls alone, it would still be a good edit. Well done, BlurredD!

Quite a few of the bugs in Diamondus have been fixed. To start with, some of the famous mask bugs have been fixed. There are now some Vertical cave borders, but they don’t join to the diagonal borders very well. Another bug that has been fixed is the cave spikes, which now have their backgrounds updated. One bug which still exists in this tileset is tile 1,40, which is still too dark. If this was fixed and the vertical borders fitted to the diagonal borders perfectly, then this would of been a bug free tileset.

The layout is exactly the same as in the original Diamondus. I won’t give marks for this, but it would of been better if you had made your own, improved layout.

*The colours on the Day version look quite nice
*The night version isn’t too dark
*The Waterfalls…
*The spikes have had their BG’s updated

*The 1,40 hasn’t been fixed

This is another nice Tileset Conversion by BlurredD. There is still a bit of room for improvement, but it is still a great conversion.



Download Recommendation!

EDIT – I’ve just noticed that you have fixed the cave tiling bug, so I will increase the rating by 0.2.

EDIT – And I’ve also noticed that the wood is lighter in the Day version, so you get an extra 0.1.

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Review by JelZe

Posted more than 20 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (136 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings98 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness86%

Ehm, guys? Quit sucking up to him already! Don’t mind me, but I just think you’re overrating them just a little bit :D. Time for me to do something about it.

BlurrED has becoming famous his palette edits of offical JJ2 sets. First Castle (with added sky and rain) to Psych. This time he’s taken on Diamondus, everybody’s favourite tileset, because it is just so easy to use (and therefor overused to a golden crisp)! For this review, I’ll point out the differences and things added in each set. Ready? Here we go :P

1 sudnomaiD
Nothing more than Diamondus 1 spelled backwards. This is probably the weirdest thing ever done to a tileset: turning it upsidedown. As mentioned before, this has been done before (EvilMike if I’M not mistaking). Overall it just looks weird. There’s a downside to this however: the Diamondus Pole event virtually becomes useless here. Masking is ok.

2 sudnomaiD
Night version, enough said.


Diamond Dust 01
The main attraction of the pack. BlurrED wasn’t kidding when he said the palette edit was pretty lazy: the most significant change is the blue ground turning to a copper color! The rest just changed shades or not at all (unlikely :P). Of course he put in some extra tiles (which you can find in the flipped sets as well): a waterfall, JJ1 style and sized down background walls. While that may look nice, there’s hardly any interaction possible with the rest of the tiles. At best you can use the downsized wall tiles in layer 4, but that’s it. You’d have to use layer 5 to 8 for the waterfalls and walls, which is a shame. The order of the water tiles is hard to figure out. Masking is fine tho, no problems.

Diamondus Dust 01F
Upsidedown version, similar to 1 sudnomaiD. Same palette, same extras, same story.

Diamondus Dust 02
I consider this the night version of Diamond Dust, here’s where more changes come looking. Everything’s pretty dark (with the exception of the gems in the ground, which makes a nice contrast). The ground is a very dark blue-grey, while the grass and leaves are a dirty greenish-brown. The rest turned to a darker shade of their original colors.

Diamondus Dust 02F
Just for the heck of it: upsidedown version of Diamond Dust 02.

Example levels
In a shamefull move, BlurrED modified Offical CTF levels (Diamondus Warzone flag bug fix, obvious choice). Thing is, the level is flipped for the flipped sets. Pretty weird experience.

BlurrED did make 2 example levels, but only the battle level, StarLight Falls, show what you really can do with the modifications. But why only Diamond Dust 02?

Pretty good conversions, but I doubt anyone would wanna use them, since Diamondus is so overused. Recommended for the conversion collector :P

- JelZe GoldRabbit =:3

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Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 20 years ago
Way better than Aiko (862 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings464 Featured reviews35 Average helpfulness92%

Whee. BlurredD has done it once again.

1 sudnomaiD
An upside down version of Diamondus. With added waterfalls and some backround eyecandy. 2 sudnomaiD is basically the same, except the night version of Diamondus. Nothing really spectacular here or anything, and I doubt people would use these too often.

Diamond Dust 01
I really like this, the copperish ground looks so good in this tileset and has a nice, warm look, and the colors are nice and bright. The waterfalls are fairly easy to use (just animate them in the clockwise order that you see them in the tileset) and there is some backround eyecandy as well. More tiles could’ve been added, but its alright right now.

Diamond Dust 01 F
Basically an upside down version of Diamond Dust 01.

Diamond Dust 02
I really like this one, it gives Diamondus a nice darkish feel, and the waterfalls are there too so you can make nice, beautiful(sp?) landscapes with this set, as demostrated in Starlight falls II.

Diamond Dust 02 F
Upside down version of Diamond Dust 02. Whee.

Technical Requirements: Water looks pretty good in them (even in 8bit), Psych Pole works, Jungle Pole looks a bit weird but works, Carrotus Pole works, pinball 500 bumps work really nicely, Carrot bumps look O.k. in the diamond dust 01, but not so good in diamond dust 02, and the pinball pads work good. Snow looks strangely green in diamondus dust 01, but look pretty good in the 02 version.

Final rating:
Diamond Dust 01: 8.5
Diamond Dust 02: 9.2
Technical Requirements: 8
+0.5 for the upside down versions
=9.066666666666666666667 (or similar)
Rounded down to 9.

The conversions look really nice and are very well done, but next time more extra tiles could’ve been added. Most things like poles and pinball objects work, but some look a bit buggy. Otherwise this is an excellent peice of work, and a download reccomended. Keep it up! =P

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Review by Olsen

Posted more than 20 years ago
Frog (10 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings10 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness30%

6 pointless Diamondus editions! the name is wrong. it should be 6 very good diamondus editions!

well that will probaly tell amolst everthing what i think about thos tileset´s but i still write a review!

graphichs 4 out of 4
I love the diamondus tilesets and thougt that that they were perfect but now i see you really can improve them with only some palette editions (diamondus dust). Great work Blurredd!

useability 2,8 out of 3
Cool new tiles, i love the waterfall!!

originality 2,5 out of 3
the flipped versions were so originally, so crasy! good thinking Blurredd

4 + 2,8 + 2,5 = 9,2

Great tileset editions!![This review has been edited by Olsen][This review has been edited by Olsen]

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Review by snzspeed

Posted more than 20 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (327 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings269 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness66%

Yay, another tileset realase by BlurredD. lets review.

Well.. this pack comes with four cool diamondus edits, proably the best edits
ive ever seen. there’s upside down versions too, which are evil to build with. ;p
i really love palettes too, color combinations are really cool looking. and tiles you added. waterfalls for example, are very nice. i think ill make a level with this set, but now let me continue, if you thought this was my whole review, you’re wrong. this was the intro. oh well..

Diamond dust 01/upside down edit:
COLORS: Pretty nice.. i love them. colors aren’t boring. in other words, there’s many colors. blue, white.. light blue, orange, green.. and other neat colors. my favorite palette edit. gives noon atmosphere, and its probably very nice to build with.

CONCLUSION:Really nice.

Diamond dust02/F version:
COLORS:Well.. i dissapointed. colors are usually blue… and dark. mostly beetween black and blue. grass looks neat though, and levels using this set will probably have a nice night atmosphere. well.. colors could be better. but they’re still nice. or something.
DD 02/F – DD 01/F
TILES ADDED:You added some more tiles, like waterfalls, some caves [ which can be used for a background ]
water.. for trees.. and some other tiles. 1337.

OVERALL:Really neat edits. im thinking to make a level with these tilesets.. my rating is 8.5

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Review by Ragnarok!

Posted more than 20 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (146 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings88 Featured reviews9 Average helpfulness80%

OMG, don’t suck up to him, what would u guys rate the original JJ2 diamondus then if this was over 8? oh well, heres the review:

Ok, i agree with Blurred, they are quite pointless, but the upsidedown diamondus is funny (you should make more tilesets upsidedown)! Well, there were a few palette edits which doesnt particularly look too much better, it is a bit better though. New tiles i think (=P)! the upsidedown diamondus battlezone is really cool, but it is quite hard to get up to top (or bottom in orginal version) without using the warps at the side, but if u use them, the lvl is great! i dont think there are any masking bugs (or maybe i never saw them =P)! i love the way that the pinball bump 500 doesnt look bugged up or anything ! But still these are pointless edits, though they are good, i would rate the original JJ2 diamondus at a 6.5, but i really prefer JJ1 diamondus which i would give a 7. these edits make the actual original tileset better and these are some of the best edits ive ever seen, all these versions get 7.2 from me![This review has been edited by sabaspaz]

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RecommendedReview by guest

24 Sep 2004, 22:47
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

Woo!! this is interesting, 6 Pointless Diamondus Edits is just that, pointless. but theyre all original and funny and crazy and cool. the example levels could have been sp levels instead of ctf, but thats ok. i think its fun to walk around on a tileset im so used to, only fliped upside downy. my brain agrees that its cool and so does my spleen. i like the color changed also, and the waterfall. im a goin’ to use these in a level i made and put it here.

cheese is green on tuesday!


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Review by home32

12 Feb 2005, 02:26
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness25%

very very good i give it a 7.7
(Unsupported rating removal. Why is it very very good? Why a 7.7? You do get points for spelling everything right this time. ~Violet)

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Review by andbr98

2 Sep 2010, 20:25
CTF Bug (7 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings7 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness44%

Hey BlurredD, look at Violet CLM’s Crysilis V pack and play the third example level, that Marbelara-ish one. If you do the same thing he did in the final part (setting Y speed of layer 5 to -1 and adding all things that have to be in layer 4) will be great with your flipped tilesets.

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