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20 Apr 2004 at 04:00

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WNBTL001.j2l I named this level. 3.45 kB 20 Apr 2004
BoredSet2.j2t BoredSet Warm 89.30 kB 07 Mar 2004
SECRET.s3m Deserto Secret Song 112.42 kB 04 Apr 2004


Bored Level using the Bored Set.


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Review by Ðx

Posted more than 19 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (330 Points)
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Hey a new review by me


Okey lets start. the eyecandy. ther mountain son layer 6 and 7, its good and no commands. i miss some yecandy on layer 5. mayby more eyecandy. the ammo/goodies placemand. Its good the powerups ar hidding and you must get ammo 9, the carrots ar also good placemand. but… i miss some coins and a stupid coin bunny :P that will be better when you get in the Coin Warp some other powerup and fast fire and a carrot ( full or something ;p ). BUGS, i saw some. if you look good at that stone part you must use layer 5 to fix, also let snooz or blurredD or labratkid or firesword BETATEST yor levels. okey the size. its not really bug and the platforms ar’t really good. i miss some tiles in the tileset. anyway i saw a other bug at the top. a walk bug. Okey Others: THER AR DEAD ENDS! use suckertube’s or springs. ther ar many deadends, the rest is ok.

Here a ¨-_ 6.7 _-¨

Ðx CC of ><lm

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Review by eter

Posted more than 19 years ago
CTF Bug (0 Points)
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(Unsupported rating removal edit. I’m not bothering with reasons, as you’re obviously just spamming the downloads section. ~Violet)[This review has been edited by Violet CLM]

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Review by snzspeed

Posted more than 19 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (327 Points)
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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my 301th review. ;D

I decided to review too, because i felt like reviewing today. yay. pointless information. :) ;D!
Well, let me get started.

Yay. Better what we usually see from you, WINNER.
I like about the eyecandy in this level. It looks good. Too bad that there isn’t much of it. there’s clouds on layer 2 or 1, but those move way too fast, which looks kind of annyoing. background should fade to various colors too, it would give this level a better atmosphere. Ammo placement is fine for me, and i really have no complaiments. Gameplay and flow could be better. there should be more suckertubes, and float ups. running on this level is kind of annyoing because there’s dead ends, and places which need blue springs. yay. this review is gonna be a long one. \o/

I don’t like the flow at all in this level. some areas are way too small, and there’s stupid stuff in my way, when i try to run. The grey pillar in 62,49 for example. i don’t see any reason why its sitting there. It kinda ruins the flow. Same with the area around 55,57. It desperately needs a sucker tube. same with 89,54. that place is kind of weird. Its there for no reason. Well, it needs a sucker tube, so flow would be better. ;P
The area around 89,24 is annoying too.
Well. You run, and then you hit your head to clump of ground in 89,15. btw, i really don’t like hitting my head into things like that. besides, it needs a spring, or a sucker tube, which would lead you to 87,7, and blaster powerup. Add a red spring to 14,10 and gameplay will improve. when you run, you end to the wall there, and then you have to jump, which costs time. or then add a sucker tube. whatever. 2,48 needs a spring, so you can go to upper parts of the level without having any problems with time. ;P
Btw, what is the purpose of the hole in 1,28?
its the one of the best gameplay/flow ruiners in this level. or something. ;P
2,55 needs a sucker tube, which would lead you to up. ;D
27,61 is kind of annyoing place to put a crate, because you get stuck easily there. ;P
Its the one of the worst things in this level, btw.
Well.. more? yes.
why there’s a spring in 26,48?
it has no purpose. if you run to it, you end at the wall in 40,42.
42,61 and 47,61 need an one way event. maybe you should one way all platforms like that, they would made flow better. =D
Im not sure if i mentioned this above, but area around 32,29 needs a float up, and so does 29,23.
Pros: Well, i’ve seen worse.
Cons:Annyoing places without purpose, which ruin the flow.

One of the best things in this level. let me start. Author used mostly regular
ground tiles, or then ground tiles with which look boring. Nice to see, that there’s other eyecandy tiles though, like trees, rocks, iCeD rules/SSF signs, and other things like that. kewl.
You used different colored and sized block tiles too, which can look extremely boring, when used wrong. Well, you used different sized blocks, and that gives quite nice result, or atleast in my opinion.
Rock tiles where used too. mostly in area around 82,26. Block tiles were used in 82,16, and somewhere else too, i can’t really remember where. There’s some foreground eyecandy too, like cave tiles, i can’t remember where they were, and im not really sure were those on layer 2 or 1 or 3, but whatever. ;P
there’s some other eyecandy too, like clouds, but their movement annoys me, and so does the transparency, which will reveal an eyecandy bug in area around 69,7. Background eyecandy is very good, there’s some mountains in layer 6 and 7, which would give a good atmosphere, if textured background would fade into various colors. too bad it doesn’t since it kinda ruins the atmosphere. ;P
I guess that’s about the eyecandy. ;D
Pros: Quite nice eyecandy here.
Cons: Some tilebugs, annyoing clouds. ;P

Hmm. interesting. Let me start from the powerups. there’s 4 Powerups in this level, i think. many PU’s are covered by foreground eyecandy, like blocky cave tiles. you said getting optical illusion, too bad that i didnt see any, or then i just didnt concentrate. whatever. there’s some ammo packs lying on the ground. i kinda like it, so ammo is easy to collect, and you don’t have to jump much. Powerups are nicely chosen too, and i really can’t find complaiments about placement. there’s 2 carrots, which are kind of easy to grab, and its a good thing. yay. my review is finally finished.
Btw, whats that Rf crate doing in that hole in the down of the level? :)))) =D
Pros: nice placement.
Cons: There should be one more carrot.

I don’t think there’s nothing new in this level. it has standard design and placement, and its boring to play. music file “SECRET.s3m” was kewl choice too, because jj2 musics make me dance. or something. i would say that music choice is very original. and you’re probably first person who used this tileset, expect maybe BlurredD, who made example levels of this tileset. so i would say that this level is quite original or something. yes. it is original. ;D
wow, i probably mde lots of typos. yay me. i never saw this hosted so i dunno if this is fun to play. ;P
But atleast i think it is.
CONS:boring to play.

Its average level. maybe little bit over average. who knows. im gonna rate this as 6.7 for the reasons i’ve told you. ;P
HOST THIS:I don’t think so.

#EDIT1: Added something to my review. ;D

#EDIT2: Added +0.3 points because of the originality. Its your lucky day.

[This review has been edited by Snooz]

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Review by DarkSonic

Posted more than 19 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (307 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings177 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness85%

Well, it’s me, and I am reviewing this level too, and the reason is probably because I didn’t review in a while.
Introduction to I named this level.: this is a battle level created by the WINNER, which is better than his other levels, and has a seek power-up! I am really surprised to see a seek power-up here. The level uses the BoredSet by Disguise, which isn’t overused, but after the release, it’s used alot.
Gameplay: this level’s gameplay is, at first glance, not really bad. I’ll start with the things that are good. The level has some good springs placed. The level could have float-ups here and there, like Snooz said, which I do when you there are low edges in the way. Adding float-up prevents jumping, and it’s an addition to help the flow. The level’s layout isn’t great, but something around decent. The level is open, but there is only one real dead end, and one small one. This dead end is pretty evil. The level has alot of MP starts which are good placed, but there is one which brings you to the blast pu immediately. The other things are good, so that’s it about the gameplay.
Conclusion of gameplay: this level has some good springs placed, average flow and layout, and it’s pretty open.
Eye candy/tileset use/layer use: let’s start with the eye candy. This tileset doesn’t have too many eye candy, but it looks good, and that’s probably why I can’t give a bad for it. The level doesn’t have too many eye candy, but it has something in the layers 3, 4 and 5. The eye candy in layer 4 is probably the most of the level. There are some flowers, mushrooms and trees there, and there is also that stone with iCeD rules on it. All small things in the tileset are used, but the layers 3 and 5 could have more eye candy, or more cave tiles in layer 4. Layer 3 provides some objects, same for layer 5. The level has backgrounds in layer 6 and 7, and a foreground in layer 1. The tileset is used pretty good in this way. The layers are used good too, because every layer except 2 is used.
Conclusion of eye candy/tileset use/layer use: the level doesn’t have too many eye candy, but because the tileset is limiting about eye candy and looks good, it’s still decent. The layer and tileset use is also pretty good.
Pickup placement: this level has alot of ammo that’s close to the ground, which I don’t really like, and it’s used too many here. The choices of ammo are pretty good, a few ice isn’t bad. There are 4 pu, which is one too many. There is a blast pu at the right-top of the level. There is a seek pu placed in a great place of the level. There is a rf pu placed at the left-bottom of the level and there is a bouncy pu placed on pos 85,21. You get the last three pu with gun 9, and the blast pu is just single at the right-top. There are 3 carrots, which isn’t too little, but probably good or 1 carrot too many for the size of this level. There is one carrot at the left-bottom of the level, in the air. The other two carrots are on pos 46,32 and 89,32. There is one crate in the level, which is placed in the middle-bottom of the level. This has one small dead end, but it isn’t really bad. This level provides alot of gun 9, and gun 9 is probably the main weapon in the level.
Conclusion of pickup placement: this level has alot of ammo on or close to the ground, 3 carrots, 4 power-ups, which is one too many. I give extra points for the seek pu placement, because it just rocked.
Origanility: this level has a music called secret.s3m, which I didn’t have yet. I think that this level doesn’t have a really original tileset use, but pretty good is sometimes original, so it’s decent again. The level has a tileset which is used alot since release, but that doesn’t mean the tileset is overused. The fog in layer 1 was a really good idea, and that seek pu placement was also very original and good. There aren’t many levels with alot of gun 9, and the level’s name is something really strange, but again, original.
Conclusion of origanility: this level has original music, tileset use, some original ideas like the seek pu placement and the fog in layer 1, and a very original and strange levelname.
Playability: this level is not very fun to play, but quite open is sometimes fun, so I’ll have to say that it’s decent again. The level’s dead ends have one con, but it isn’t a major one. The level has many routes, not too long platforms and also some fun in it.
Conclusion playability: this level’s fun is decent, because it’s quite open and some dead ends, but there aren’t too long platforms, which causes many routes.
Conclusion level: this level is decent. It has okay gameplay, good eye candy for the given tileset and also good layer and tileset use, the placement is decent, and everything else is decent too. I think I am the one who has to give this level higher than 6.7 because I just loved the seek pu placement. So, I give this level a 7.
Host this: Maybe once, for fun.
Download recommendation: for people who like battle levels. No download recommendation: for people who rarely or don’t play battle.
Well, cya. -DarkSonic of XSÐ, CC and XLM.

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