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Mez03a.j2t MEZ03a 42.69 kB 06 Aug 1998
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A really small ctf lvl i made and it is my 1st one ever!


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Review by Acid Psy

Posted more than 18 years ago
Frog (21 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings21 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness50%

Very Nice Job SabaSpaz

Music : gos nicely with the TlieSet
Ammo : petty nice there isnt Seekers all over the place ! YAY !
Powerups: petty nice job ! with the ups and the one in the mid
eye candy: nice job with the Back round, but you need to use 3, 2, and 1, more !

Over all: SWEET but not sweet to tha Bone so here is a 8.2 !

Keep going Saba Spaz if you keep it up you well rock !

and Saba Spaz PLZ NO PASSWORDS it well make it hard for poeple with full Home made things if you want more people to review you levels no Passwords ok

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Review by snzspeed

Posted more than 18 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (327 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings269 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness66%

Well.. to be honest, this level is overrated, but it still recieves a rating around 6.7-6.5.

btw, i think that greenplant is going to be censored.. and review is coming later. well, i think its quite good for first ctf level ,because its symmetrical, and flow is good.. etc.

Gonna continue this review later, im too busy now.

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Review by Niels aka ChippieBW

Posted more than 18 years ago
Turtle Goon (88 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings60 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness92%

MEZTAR (or, CTF of Life? I dunno)
Well, it’s been a while since my last level review here on J2O, and my comrade R3ptile forced me to write a review for this level, because he tought that it was overrated. I felt like writing, but I didn’t have much time (got to go soon) and so here’s my “quite short” review.

EYECANDY: 1.75 out of 2.5
Again a level with the Mez tileset. Hurray. If you read my previous reviews then you would know that I’m not a great fan of these Mez tilesets (I think they are overused and not so good) but the eyecandy used here is not so bad. There are a few nice backgrounds and there aren’t much tile errors. It could have been a little bit more diverse, though, and I’m definitely not really impressed. But that’s just my personal opinion, and I won’t count in the score that I don’t like the set. Overall: Nothing special, but not bad.

AMMO: 1.5 out of 2.5
Same thing goes for the ammo placement in this level. Not really impressive, but also not really bad. The creator has chosen for a not so standard 4 Powerup strategy. In my opinion this is a little bit too much, because the size of the level is not really big and I think it would be best for duels. The ammo could have been spread among the whole level more: most of the carrots and some powerups and other things are placed next to the base, not really a good idea and it looks untidily. About the carrots: too many of them are placed in this level. There is a Full NRG carrot in the middle and two smaller ones at the both bases. Only the Full NRG would have been enough in such a small level like this. Overall: average, but not so good ammo placement.

LEVEL STRUCTURE: 1.25 out of 2.0
I can say both good and bad things about the structure of this level: a good point is that the level is quite open and you can move around freely in the most places. There are also a few bad points about the level, like the annoying spring placement above both bases. This is taking away the flow and I don’t see the need of it. Another point of complains is that the level is way too empty: you can walk around for ages without seeing a thing. Overall: not so good structure.

GAMEPLAY: 1.75 out of 3.0
In the previous three points you could see that I was not really impressed by the three main points in the level, and a lot can be improved in later levels, I’m sure about that. The gameplay has good and bad sides: the level is kinda funny for a small duel or a skirmish but the level is way too empty and boring. So you don’t get the maximum score. The music is fine in my opinion.

As you could see in the four points above I’m really not as much impressed by this level as Acid, and I doubt that I will be impressed later by this level. The author really didn’t make a bad job with this level, especially not for his first CTF level, but he still has a lot to learn. Good luck with your next levels, I look forward to see them. 6.2.

Score: 1.75+1.5+1.25+1.75 = 6.25 = 6.2
Download: Perhaps.
Host: Only once. For testing.

- ChippieBW of XSÐ, CC and XLM

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Review by DarkSonic

Posted more than 18 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (306 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings177 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness85%

It’s been a while since I reviewed a CTF level. And first off, R3ptile, stop using a word with n**b in a bad way, because we all have been a n**b in level creating.
Introduction to MEZTAR: this is a CTF level created by SabaSpaz, which is symmetrical and uses the Mez01 tileset.
Gameplay: this is a level with an around average size. The level is very open, and it has horizontal springs which aren’t needed. There are alot of other springs, which are well placed, but nothing special. And also this time, there were no float-ups at 70,13 and 82,13. This prevents jumping, and it helps the flow a bit. The level’s layout is nothing spectacular, and the level is symmetrical. This is a good thing for your first CTF level, and that means the balance is always good. The level’s flow is average, but I can’t say I am fond of it. The level has some one way placed at the right places, that’s good. The level has warps, but I don’t know what to say about it, because I don’t know if they are needed. Other than that, the gameplay is average.
Conclusion of gameplay: this level’s gameplay is just average. Average spring placement, flow and layout. A symmetrical level, which is good for your first CTF one.
Eye candy/tileset use/layer use: this level’s eye candy isn’t that good. The level has some good backgrounds, but the stuff in the other layers isn’t too good. This tileset doesn’t have too many eye candy, but the level is very empty. A small level with this tileset is good to start with, or just use a tileset with alot of eye candy, which is easy to use. The tileset use isn’t too good in this case. The layer use is average, because it has backgrounds and something in the layers 3 and 5. There is no real eye candy in layer 4.
Conclusion of eye candy/tileset use/layer use: not so good, the level doesn’t have real eye candy in layer 4 and a few things in layer 3 and 5. The backgrounds are nice, though. The layer and tileset use is average.
Pickup placement: this level doesn’t have too many ammo, and the groups of ammo are 4 × 3 ammo. I can still remember this from SabaSpaz’s first level on J2o. The level has 4 power-ups, which is one too many. The level has some ice and tnt, but it isn’t much, so it’s okay. This level has one crate with 5 × 3 seeker ammo near each base, and the bases also have a carrot. This isn’t a good idea, but I can’t really explain why it isn’t. There is one way to enter each base, which means that you can camp there. There is a full energy in the middle of the level too, which is placed above the rf pu. The toast pu is at the right side, and the bouncy one is left. The seek pu is placed in the centre-bottom of the level, and you get 3 from this 4 pu with gun 9. The ammo is all placed in the air, and I like that. The level could be bigger if you want to keep the ammo placement this way or bigger groups of ammo which are spread. The pickup placement is again average, but could be better.
Conclusion pickup placement: this level has small groups of ammo, which aren’t good spread, 4 power-ups, 3 carrots, and two of that ones are 1 near each base.
Originality: this level uses an over-used tileset, and I already had the music used in this level. The way the tileset is used is nothing original, the level doesn’t have any original ideas, and the other things aren’t original too. I like this level music, though.
Conclusion originality: the level has no real original things, nice music and it uses an over-used tileset.
Playability: this level isn’t too fun to play because it’s so open. The level has no dead ends, which is a good thing. The horizontal springs ruin the playability in this level, and it’s also a biasing for Spaz. Spaz con double jump that way that you can go back up when you touched a horizontal spring. The way to the base isn’t a straight way, and I’m glad there is finally a level which doesn’t have that.
Conclusion playability: this level is very open, the horizontal springs are annoying, but the way to the base isn’t straight, which is good.
Others: this level has some slope errors, but that are the only bugs I found.
Conclusion level: this is just an average level, and I give it a 6.2.
- DarkSonic of XSÐ, CC and XLM was here.
[This review has been edited by Da man]

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Review by blurredd

Posted more than 18 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (198 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings198 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness90%

This is yet another late review.


The flow isn’t horrendous, and the symmetrical layout means it’s balanced. But the layout is rather linear leaving limited room for strategy and it’s too simplistic to be fun everytime it’s played. The horizontal springs aren’t necessary; they only get in the way. As for the springs at the bottom middle, only the blue one is needed.


The eye candy isn’t bad, but I don’t like it all too much. I wouldn’t advise using solid sprite layer tiles in the background too often. Blandness and possible confusion are the only two major problems though.


I can’t say anything about the full energy carrot, but the +1 carrots and the two powerups should’ve been placed a little further from the bases. The small patches of ammo aren’t enough, and the events should probably respawn slower like at a speed of 20. Also, I don’t see any uses for the ice.


No. While there isn’t anything that makes this level unplayble, it’s nothing that couldn’t be made in half an hour. I’m giving this a 6.7 just because.

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