Alien Temple ][

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22 Jun 2004 at 06:00

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Disguise (More uploads by Disguise)
Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop

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AlienTemple.j2l Alien Temple 1.66 kB 23 Jun 2004
AlienTemple2.j2t Alien Temple ][ 52.01 kB 23 Jun 2004 Acid Phuture 479.96 kB 09 Jan 2001


The quickly made sequel to Alien Temple (A sucky tileset which you will only have if you were unlucky enough to download it on 20/06/04). It’s the same set with a facelift. This will be my entry fol Olsen’s tileset contest, enjoy I guess, it’s only 200 tiles in size because of the contest rules :(


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Quick Reviews Average: 3.2

Not recommendedDennisKainz rated 3.2

Very small, lack of colors, lack of eyecandy, squared, lack of usable backgrounds …

At least some textures are beautiful.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.6

Review by Spark

Posted more than 18 years ago
CTF Bug (4 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings4 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness50%

This is more a cave than a temple being, but no matter.

Alien Temple is an excellent quality tileset that has a really nice and smooth use of textures. However, don’t let the first impression of this wonderful use of texture disturb your judgement, as the tileset gets boring very fast. Even with all the nicely drawn tiles, the tileset is still only brown and green. There is no variation in the crystal colors and structure, only the form and size variates.

Although I realize that the set size was limited due the contest rules, it is however no excuse on Jazz2online itself. I’d really love to see this set being continued into a more detailed one with more variation and animations, even the current ones are smooth.. They’re just not very original (animated falls (Well, a crystal, but it’s still under the category :) and a typical glowing symbol. Even some sort of glint would add a lot to the set.)

Overall, the set’s good considering the limitations given, which also caused the drawback in it. Download recommed.

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Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 18 years ago
Way better than Aiko (862 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings464 Featured reviews35 Average helpfulness92%

And finally, Alien Temple ][ by disguise. Funny how now I have 3 internets (for the 3 seperate tilesets) and 3 JCS (for the 3 seperate tilesets) to compare the sets/ratings for them now, along with calculator ;D. Anyways, review starts:

This tileset also surprised me quite a bit. The quality of the color and the sweet looking crystals etc. There are many animations in this set (waterfalls, glowing green letters) and probably more of them then in the other two sets. The color is awesome here (the textureness), although there is a small variety of it (most tiles are either brown, grey, or green). Backround is there, lots of eyecandy, awesome looking sucker tubes, hurt events, vines, but where are the destruct blocks? ;( ;( ;(. Oh well, that alien dude looks really awesome as well. I really like the crystal rain and the variation of size in the crystals you made. Rating time!:
Tiles Included (keeping in mind the 200 tile limit): 8.7
Important tiles: 7.3
Masking: 8.2
Color: 8
Animations (keeping in mind the 200 tile limit): 8.4
Overall (not an average): 7.7
final rating: 8.05, rounded down to an 8. Interesting, how all 3 tilesets, are both given 8 by me. Shows how close of a race it is =P. This is also a very sweet tileset, and would be nice if Disguise found some extra time to expand it a bit, since so far it looks awesome. Just like the other 2 sets, this gets a definite download reccomendation and congrats to wisey for making suck a good set. GJ.

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Review by zapS

Posted more than 18 years ago
CTF Bug (6 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings6 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness100%

Good work Disguise!

Eyecandy: 10/10
this tileset looks reeeeeally good!

Masks: 10/10

Animations: 8/10
Look good.

Useability: 10/10
Very easy to use.

This tileset isn’t very big (i know 200 was max for the competition)
but for being so small it’s

Download: YES!

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Review by Ragnarok!

Posted more than 18 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (147 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings88 Featured reviews9 Average helpfulness81%
Many of Disgiuse’s tilesets rule, just as this does, but i don’t really care about only 200 tiles, even though it is a bit low, this is a nice tileset. I will try not to complain about the 200 tiles. Oh well here goes the review: Eyecandy Possibilities: My Rating: 7.0 There aren’t much things to put in the background layers. There is some brown wall things and Some really groovy waterfalls, Are they supposed to be translucent? The tiles can be a bit decorative. But they aren’t extremely good. The Textured background looks really cool though! Animations: My rating: 4.5 There is only a waterfall i think as animations. But the waterfall looks extremely cool so here you get a 4.5. Masking: My rating: 8.0 Well there are no masking bugs though some tiles may seem to be confusing. Apart from that the masks are great. Great work. Usability: My rating: 8.0 This tileset is easy to use, but it can get boring to build with after a long time. Apart from that, it rules again. Environmental Effects: My rating: 7.0 The lighting that can be put looks really wierd but this is an Alien Temple! I never checked if water looked good here or if pinball looks good but i don’t really think it will, or it might. The suckertubes are nice i think. Overall: My Average overall rating: 6.9~7.0 + 0.5 coz i like this.

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Review by ratboy

8 Jan 2006, 21:27 (edited 9 Jan 06, 03:57 by Violet CLM)
CTF Bug (4 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings4 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

disquse your tilesets rock all of them are just so good how do u do it the aliion thing is cool
(Unsupported rating (10) removal. You get bonus points for devoting five words to the specific upload and only misspelling one of them, but this still appears to be a five second review. Please elaborate on why Disguise’s tilesets ‘rock’ and are ‘just so good’, preferably basing that description mostly on this tileset in particular, and preferably going into logical detail. ~Violet)

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Review by FOX282

20 May 2007, 12:06 (edited 20 May 07, 15:30 by Cooba)
Frog (11 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings11 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness40%

Cool “dark” tileset!
It’s looks like “Green Matrix” tlieset with huge improvements!
Cool eyecandy and Nice music!
but i can’t understand what is the example lvl(i think it’s Race)!

Rating: 10!
Download- Yes!

[Unsupported rating (10.0) clearance. Please provide more support for your rating. For more information on writing a proper review, see the \Review Rules\. – Cooba]

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RecommendedReview by Gizmaluke

16 Nov 2004, 13:48
Frog (17 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings17 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness8%

You really mde good tileset this time disguise. What you doing next new tileset maybe?
Well this tileset looks really good I like those waterfalls. But best thing in this tileset is that alien thing.:)

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Review by Jarno vos

31 Oct 2004, 11:20
Bee Boy Swarm (31 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings31 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness7%

(Unsupported rating (10) removal and R reduction. Did you download the tileset? I’m not really sure. Please read the reviewing rules. ~Violet)

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