25000 miles above the earth

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26 Jun 2004 at 06:00 (Minor update on 26 Jun 2004)

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Sacrush (More uploads by Sacrush)
Capture the flag
Violet for the tileset and a couple betatested.

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SCTF2.zip (220.03 kB)

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SCTF2.j2l 25000 miles above the earth 7.28 kB 11 Jun 2004
Megairbase.j2t JJ1 Megairbase 33.55 kB 07 Sep 2003
CTRL_ALT.XM Ctrl.Alt.Terminate 302.54 kB 22 Nov 2001


Hello there! This level is my second CTF I made really a while ago(2003). It was for the XLM CTF pack but XLM is falling apart so I decided to leave XLM. This level is using Violets Megairbase tileset. And I think this is my best CTF level.


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Review by Ragnarok!

Posted more than 17 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (147 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings88 Featured reviews9 Average helpfulness81%
No-one reviewing this? Well, I think this is a great level, especially for your 2nd level. I uploaded a megairbase level recently, and it is a bit like this, i’ll say how later. This is a good level. Now you can see my review: LEVEL: 25000 miles above the earth My rating: 8 General Comments: Well, i’ve seen this level before but last time it was buggy. This version is better, and it uses Violet’s JJ1 megairbase really nicely! Eyecandy: My Rating: 9.0 Comments: The eyecandy is great, the background has been used really nicely! Compared to mine it pwns. But i think the rockets go too slow. Also the sprite eyecandy is really good. Nice windows, nice crystals, nice walls, nice caution thingies and so on. Gameplay: My Rating: 7.0 Comments: Well, in general, the gameplay is good, yet the part with the full NRG is annoying. You have to shoot it down, i hate that! Sorry, i’m quite fussy. The suckertubes were placed nicely, but i think they go too slow. The flow is simple and good apart from some parts. Also the part with the 2 powerups at the top, is kind of annoying in my opinion. Placement: My rating: 8.0 Comments: Well, the placement is a bit normal, good springs, good ammo, good suckertubes and so on. Apart from that full NRG… Also the placement, could have a bit of better flow to it meaning, springs should hit you to another or springs hit you into all the ammo that is there and you get it all. Apart from that this level is great. Overall: My average rating: 8.0 Download: Yes Host: Yes Learn from: Yes

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RecommendedReview by DarkSonic

10 Feb 2005, 21:42
Carrot Juice Addict (306 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings177 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness85%

This is the fourth level I review of Satan, and I found out something interesting. I saw the list of under-reviewed levels, and this is an old level, but I will still review your level.

Introduction to 25000 miles above the earth : an old level by Satan. This is one of his first CTF levels. I don’t know if this is a real XLM level, as I see the description. This is a symmetrical level that comes out of the Netherlands.

I start with the eye candy. The eye candy in this level looks really good. The tileset is quite small, but it’s having lots of eye candy for the size. There are some nice animations, and some holes with some eye candy in the walls. The sprite layer is definitely the main layer for eye candy in this level. Layer 3 provides no eye candy, only some foreground for tubes. The sprite layer is almost full of black tiles in the playable area, but there are also some stripes and empty tiles(if someone understands) =p. That made no sense. However, the eye candy really does its job for the used tileset, like Satan does often. The backgrounds provide moving rockets, and the foregrounds have falling meteors.

The layout of the level is pretty basic. Looks a bit like mine, and it has an expecting placement. Some places have a few space between the platforms. There are some tubes at the left and right sides, you can enter them by following arrows. The level is a bit squared-off, but that’s the tileset. The level has a nice flow and good spring placement. There aren’t alot of tactics in the level, but there is some camping possible.(like under the Full energy) There are one ways on some places, and you can bump between platforms sometimes.(especially if you miss the tubes that start at 61,17 and 91,17) I saw that this level is flipped. This isn’t a good thing. NEVER. The places above 72,39 and 80,39 are a bit hard to navigate. It’s not an original way between the two bases.

The level has some old shapes of ammo(rectangles) and some vertical lines of ammo. There are 3 power-ups in the level. The Toaster Power-Up is at the upper-right of the level. The Bouncy PU is at the upper-left of the level. The RF is at the bottom-middle of the level. The positions of this Power-Ups are almost always the same in your levels, especially the upper-left and upper-right positions. Two of your levels I reviewed before had this. Now going back to placement, there are 3 carrots in the level. Considering the size, it’s quite good. The Full Energy is at 76,34, and you can only get it by shooting it down with gun9. This is quite evil, because people can stand down there and get it, while you shot it down! The other carrots are at 22,49 and 130,49. This is balanced enough. There are also some fast fires in the level. They’re under the Full Energy.

No originality this time. Sorry.
Eye candy : 8
Gameplay : 7.2
Placement : 7.5
Overall : 8 + 7.2 + 7.5 : 3 = 22.7 : 3 = 7.5666667, rounded up to a 7.6.
This wasn’t your best level, but one of your best ones.
Host : Maybe a few times.
Download : Sure. This is a level that needed a review, and I gave you that review. Have fun!

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