t3mple CTF

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12 Sep 2004 at 19:00 (Minor update on 12 Sep 2004)

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temple CTF.j2l temple CTF 3.79 kB 06 Aug 2004
AlienTemple2.j2t Alien Temple ][ 52.01 kB 23 Jun 2004
acidphuture.it Acid Phuture 479.96 kB 09 Jan 2001


another mall symetrical lvl in the alien temple tilesetimproved eyecandy =D


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Review by JelZe

20 Sep 2004, 20:26
Spaz Slackrabbit (136 Points)
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Well, nobody’s gonna rate this, might as well be me :p

First thoughts

Well, lemme tell you I had to play in Co-op to play this level properly. It’s basicly just a square in the sky, and in SP, you start outside of it. A dirty glitch, but it can be prevented. (Ask Disguise, or take a look at his levels). Anyway, the level is rather smal and simple in every way. Easy to navigate, which is a good thing.


The easiest way to make a big MP level is just to make half and mirror it. However, symmetry isn’t necessarily a good thing. You’ve seen half, you’ve seen it all. The layout isn’t half bad tho (no pun intended), just an open space with some platforms with springs. The way I see it, it’s made to make a quick getaway. There are sucker tubes in the border walls, which start at the base and end at the top, where you can find powerups (more on that later). The tubes have multiple entrances, so it’s quite easy getting them. On the bottom you can find a darkened cave with a smal tunnel, ideal to shake opponents who use RF a lot. Overall, very simple, but it does the job it needs to do. O forgot to mention, the symmetry is hampered a bit because one of the two springs is misplaced at the blue base. It’s better to keep the one on the edge and remove the other.

Tileset use and Eye Candy

Alien Temple II isn’t that big, it doesn’t have much eye candy. The background only has a fall of gems, a system of tubes and layer 4 wall tiles. Layer 4 has background walls with alien letters, alien faces and gemstones in the ground. The gems have been made translucent, but sadly the ground around the tile too. It would have been better if they were solid. Eye Candy wise that’s it, basic tileset eye candy, but the tileset has more to offer, namely gems sticking out of the ground. And even tho the tunnel has been darkened, it’s not reflected by layer 4 wall tiles. That doesn’t make sense to me.

Ammo, food and other stuff that’s good

No food here, just ammo. Even then it’s only fields of toasters, RF, pepper spray and seekers. There are two powerups, an RF and a seeker one, in the top left and right part of the level. Seeing the level doens’t have a layout based on strategy (ok, maybe the tunnel) but on speed, RF, Toasters and Seekers are all you’ll need. I just wish the placement was a tad more symmetrical.


First of all, I’m not fond of the name given to the ZIP-file. “New WinZip file” is too generic, i would have preferred something like “TempleCTF”. That aside… The music used in this level is called “Acid Phuture”, tracked by the Deviant (Tip: most trackers leave comments, including their name, in the sample, instrument, or comment area of the info section in ModPlug Player) The music is simple, but it’s suitable. Speaking of suitable, the level is played best in TSF, because the next level is set to “Townhouse CTF”. Just so know, untill the author corrects this mistake.


A nice try overall. This level may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s enjoyable for the ones who like a fast game of CTF without too much thinking. Those who prefer strategy may want to pass. Recommended if the next level setting was set to itself.

- JelZe GoldRabbit =:3

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Review by nim

21 Sep 2004, 09:36
Frog (10 Points)
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ok i’ll fix the townhouse thing i was thinkin of making another CTF after that but i changed my mind and i forgot to change it

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