Villain Village

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28 Nov 2004 at 12:12 (Minor update on 28 Nov 2004)

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cooba (More uploads by cooba)
Betatested by LRK, Violet, Pyromanus, Flash, Booshi, Superjazz and Blacky. Music by Necros.
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VillVill.j2l Villain Village 9.14 kB 28 Nov 2004
d3.mod 405.24 kB 06 Aug 2001


This is reuploaded because people seemed to pay no attention to update notification and didn’t edit their reviews. (And I had to reupload THIS because of major layer 3 error. Blargh.)

Moreso, I fixed numerous small bugs which I spotted a while ago. If you already have this file, please redownload. The former one has been deleted already.

For those concerned about amount of powerups, two of them (EB and Pepper Spray)are placed for a fast way of getting 50 ammo because gun’s behavior doesn’t change after powering it up.


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Review by the jamster

3 Jan 2006, 12:23 (edited 18 Apr 06, 12:47 by Fquist)
Frog (17 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings17 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness24%

yo coob its me jamster BB i will be using this in BB hostup very good level ok time to rate it

eyecandy 9
placement of stuff 8
music 7
tileset choice 7
start pos 6.5
background 7.2

[Inappropiate rating (9) removal. No proper reason was given as to why the level was rated this way. – FQuist]

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RecommendedReview by The Blaziken Master

28 Nov 2004, 14:11
CTF Bug (3 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings3 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness17%

Let’s rate it:

Eye Candy:
The eye candy is so great, but it’s not perfect, sorry! I would give the eye candy 8

No need for enemies in a multiplayer levels, some MP levels however has it 10

Layout: The layout isn’t bad, it isn’t good either, I would say you should have better layout, but this is really good I’m not saying that’s bad! 7.5

Weapon Placement: There are some weapons, not too few not too many either, but I like how you put weapons in the level 6.7

Powerups: Well, I found some powerups, there are some powerups that I didn’t noticed, but I saw a lot of them! Really good! 7.8

MP Start: Well, there are a lot of start points, I like how you place them, there are so many, that’s really good! 8

Music Choice: Well, the music’s choice is great choice, it’s great choice, I love this music, I’m not interested in music, but I sometimes enjoy them! 8.7

Tileset choice: Well, good choice I would say, some people chooses a custom one but you chose this one, it’s really good choice, great work! 7.5

Avarge Rating: 8.052= 8.1
Download Recommand: Yes
Make it into Server: Yes

Edit: Since I now have the text box, I have edit the rating to higher level, it deserves that high, and to the guy that didn’t find my review helpful, please PM me and explain why you didn’t!

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