Wonderful waterfalls

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13 Dec 2004 at 15:30

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_Betatesters:_Snooze, Ðx, ChippieBW, Superjazz, Darksonic, Jelze _Tileset By Labratkid_

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XLMSCTF5.j2l wonderful waterfalls 22.38 kB 13 Dec 2004
jungrocklrk.j2t JJ1: Jungrock (LRK) 96.91 kB 22 May 2004
Melancho.j2b ....Melancholy..... 441.41 kB 20 Jun 2000


Well I have finally created a new level and released it. This level is A CTF as you can see and it’s for Darksonic’s Original contest. The best thing is when you review is to host it because then you know where the start positions are and more things that you don’t see with Save and run. Have fun and feel free to host


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RecommendedReview by DarkSonic

17 Dec 2004, 20:16
Carrot Juice Addict (307 Points)
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Ðx really overrated this level; I will post my review and tell what I think about this level. This will be a review like I don’t do many times. So, behold!

Introduction to Wonderful Waterfalls: this level was made by Satan. Created for XLM, the level group I’m in too. He said this will be his best level, and I will find out if it’s really true. This level is using JJ1 Jungrock LRK, which isn’t used much. This is the first big level with it I believe.

One thing I want to tell when reviewing the gameplay is that the level is flipped. I saw that when SJ was reviewing this level in his server, because this level is for my own contest. This is another symmetrical level, last time many un-symmetrical/semi-symmetrical levels are released(like some levels by me). The layout in the level is pretty good, but there are some flaws here and there. There is a thing I don’t like. When you’re at the place with the Full Energy, it’s not very easy to escape because I think the way to the tube is pretty long. Ppl could kill you with RF if they’re fast enough. I don’t like the sucker tubes that start at 31,55 and 123,55; they’re only one way and I don’t like that alot, because you have to run from somewhere else to get to the flag. There are about 3 ways to get to the base. I don’t like the triggers in this level. It’s very evil if you don’t have 20 coins yet, because you’re almost chanceless if someone else has entered the bonus and can reach many places. Some good things about the gameplay: some springs are good placed and the tubes prevent a dead end near the base. The balance in the level is good, but I can’t say the flow is very nice. I also saw some slope errors, if you use a tileset with a corner of 30 degrees, always use it at the start and the end of a platform.

About the eye candy, I believe the eye candy is the best aspect of the level. The tileset provides enough eye candy. There are some good animations, and I like the waterfalls here. The level has enough stuff in the layers; no real problem here. What I would like to say is that the rain looks interesting. It’s pretty fun to see that it sometimes rains and then it doesn’t. The backgrounds of the level are pretty basic, but they’re still good. Every layer is used, which will increase the rating of the eye candy too(I will rate every aspect again)

About the placement in this level, some things are very interesting. You need 20 coins to get to the bonus that will let you reach more places, one of that places is that you get the Seeker power-up. The other power-ups are at the left and right side. It’s not very easy to get them, but it’s also pretty fun to fall down there and trying to get them with something. You need some speed and accuracy for this. The coins that are in the level are good placed, it’s fair for the teams. The level has a Full Energy placed above some springs, in the air. You can shoot it down to get it easier, but others can be faster there. So you need to be faster to get it if you have 1h. The ammo placement in the level is good, there are no real flaws in it. I’d like to see some fast fires here, and maybe a +1 Carrot at each side, or above the Seek power-up.

About the originality of the level, this level was made for an original level contest, and I can’t say this level is unoriginal. The trigger idea was a good thought. How you should get the power-ups at a side is a pretty original idea. Not many people used this tileset for a big level, so you succeeded in that. The rain idea in the level was another original point of the level. A bad thing about the originality is that some ammo groups are a bit boring in form, like the bouncer groups around 44,53 and 110,53.

Gameplay: 7.0
Eye candy: 8.2
Placement: 7.7
Originality: 7.9

7 + 8.2 + 7.7 + 7.9 : 4 makes the rating of this level a 7.7. Good job, and download recommendation for this level. You could host this level some times, but don’t overhost it.

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RecommendedReview by Niels aka ChippieBW

21 Dec 2004, 20:12
Turtle Goon (88 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings60 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness92%

(review used from JCF Contest Reviews)

Wonderful Waterfalls
Satan was the only participant in the contest who already uploaded his level to J2O before the level contest was over, and since I don’t want any other participant to see what my opinion about this is I decided to make my review after DarkSonic gave me the green light. It will be on J2O soon, too. Let’s go:

EYECANDY: 1.6 out of 2.0
Let’s start with the eyecandy in the first place. Satan used the JJ1 Jungrock tileset, an excellent conversion made by Labratkid. He used almost all eyecandy available in the set, and the level looks really good. There is a light dim available in all the caves which adds a certain dark atmosphere to the level which I really like. A thing which is perhaps one of my favourite things in the level are the rain effects which pop up randomly, also a good point for the originality, although it could have done a bit more natural. Overall, eyecandy is good, not perfect, but certainly more then decent.

AMMO: 1.6 out of 2.0
Now on with the ammo placement. The level is symmetrical, which already is a good thing for the ammo placement. Satan has yet again chosen for a 3-PU placement strategy, with a Seeker, a Toaster and a Bouncie, which is common but well worked out. The only carrot in the level is a Full-NRG carrot, which could be a little too less perhaps if you want to play bigger matches (like 3vs3’s or something – the level is big enough for it) I don’t have to say anything more about the smaller amounts of ammo, everything is allright. You need 20 coins to open the secret pathways in the level and this is really recommended since it gives you a good advantage – it’s the only way to get a Seeker PU and it gives you a new way to the bases. Overall, placement is allright.

LEVEL STRUCTURE: 1.1 out of 1.5
Structure then. The level has many ways to go and especially in matches with less people (for example, duels) it could take a long way before you’ve exterminated your opponent so I recommend this level once again for team play. The openings with the coins are quite original and they are necessary for a good game. Don’t really have much to say more.

GAMEPLAY: 2.0 out of 2.5
The gameplay in this level is allright: there is a decent flow, it takes a while to explore the entire level although it’s symmetrical. The rain effects are funny applied and the music file is allright.

ORIGINALITY: 1.5 out of 2.0
Now finish this with the originality: there are indeed a few things which make this level original: for example the opened pathways as soon as you enter the bonus warp, which certainly adds a new dimension to the gameplay since you have to deal with new techniques once someone opens up new pathways. The rain effects are nice and albeit the fact that the are a little bit squared-off, they look natural enough. 1.5 for originality from me.

Wonderful Waterfalls is a nice CTF level which is perhaps not good enough for in the next Anniversary Bash but it still deserves a lot of funny games.
Score: Count all up and you’ll see a nice 7.8.
Download: Yes.
Host: Not too many times, now and then.

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RecommendedReview by Ðx

13 Dec 2004, 17:34
Carrot Juice Addict (330 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings332 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness26%

Well a great level by satan =)


Waterfalls and nice layer 4 eyecandy! Really this is the best ctf level with eyecandy! Layer 5 is used for normal Eyecandy
But layer 6-7 for background movement ani.stile eyecandy, nice =)

Gameplay/Ammo placement/bugs

Good better then before 2 bases with good ammo placed and coins to unlock
some new ways, thats very originel =)
The ammo placement is good placed, i dont see any bugs in the level.


Its for Jazz Spaz and Lori and it has a quilty with a new step to
satans ctf levels, this can be hosted
for clanwars and i think it will be hosted very much anyway a great
level with some nice originalatiy!

() 8.7 ()

~Dx of XLM

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