Dark Forest Fight

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12 Jan 2001 at 06:00

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JelZe (More uploads by JelZe)

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NJ-Forestread.txt 1.59 kB 12 Jan 2001
NJForest.j2l Dark Forest Fight 5.41 kB 12 Jan 2001


I know, lame title…Here’s ANOTHER battle with yet again the Diamondus set…Made it with Nitro…


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Review by FireClaw

Posted more than 17 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (110 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings110 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

A very nice level, really. Fairly interesting layout, eye candy, and event placement. Did find a few flaws. One of the most annoying, was that you pretty much have to know the level a bit to play in it right, you’ll find the eye candy kinda seems like it’s in the… Forground layer. But I don’t think this should stop you from liking it.

Also, am undecided rather it’s worth a 7.5, or an 8, so I guess I’ll rate it 7.7.

Should be well worth your download, anyway.

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Review by SteelTalon

Posted more than 17 years ago
Frog (22 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings22 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

DADADADA… it’s time for ST’s random rate of the week again! This time, it’s early! YaY.

First on the agenda is eyecandy. Good, but could be improved in a few places. There were some annoying tricks and a few monotonous eyecandy pieces.


Now, about layouts. If I could sum it up in one word, it’d be "almost". This level feels a bit loose and open in some places. It almost seems like if you pulled a drawstring it’d tighten up and be great. Carrots were in niches, and a few places were one-way streets. Pretty average. Weapons were very overused and in funky formations. No useless TNT, though. Coins were a bit hard to get, and I didn’t like those sucker tubes just in the middle of the ground.



The overall feel of this level feels incomplete. The level gives off a sense of being thrown together and basically, "missing a roof". You’d think it was half-done if you were going on gut feeling alone. Good, but it’s missing something…


Closing Remarks: It’s got it’s "15 minutes of fun", but it isn’t really tight and smooth enough to put on your "favorites" list. Nice effort, overall. I still can’t shake that there was that notion to get a polished feel on a half-finished level, though…


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Review by aiko

Posted more than 17 years ago
I might as well work here (510 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings490 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness82%

Aha. An isrealic(sp?)-dutch co-production. Well, as you may have noticed, Diamondus isn’t my favourite tileset nowadays. I wonder why people still make Diamondus levels ;-)
However, the design and eyecandy is really good. Esspecially the design: it allows super fluent jumping & running and the weapon selection is very appropriate.
The events (springs, poles, hidden vines etc.) are also very well placed.
To sum it up, "Dark Forest Fight" is a very decent battle level to DOWNLOAD and ADD to your collection. No more, no less.

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Review by Derby

Posted more than 17 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (43 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings22 Featured reviews5 Average helpfulness87%

Introduction to Dark Forest Fight:

Dark Forest Fight is a small battle level made in the Diamondus Night tileset.


One level file and one text file.

Unbiased Review:

The unbiased review points out a little differently from what I think of this level.

Design/Content: 2.0/2.5

The overall level design, if you look at it from far away, seems pretty nice. The actual level is hindered by other problems, which I’ll mention in another part of the review. Certain parts of the level design made the battle focus only in a few areas of the level. This problem is actually with both the level design and the event placement. The level’s size might have made it more difficult to place events well.

Tile/Tile compatibility: 2.5/2.5

Perhaps the strongest part of the creation was the compatibility with the tiles. No tiles were overused, and as you can see, there is variety in how the tiles were used. This made up a strong part of the eyecandy in this level.

Tile/Event Compatibility: 1.0/2.0

If you look at how the tiles and events were used together, you’ll notice that they weren’t used together at all. This battle level is dead, when you consider the variety of uses with tiles and events. One ways were used in the level wisely, and some destructible scenery.

Event/event compatibility: 0.5/1.0

Event placement is more difficult with smaller levels. Weapon placement in this battle level was poor. Carrots are near each other in this small battle level, though the long regeneration time makes up for it.

Layer use: 1.0/2.0**

The reappearing trunks in the foreground can get somewhat annoying when they’re as close as they are in this level. The background in an area can be very confusing, making you think that you’re jumping on a platform. In a certain portion of the level, vines are covered by land in the foreground, plunging you into confusion for the first time in play. In some cases, the use of the layers added to the eyecandy. The excessive leaves flying in the foreground are also a little annoying after a while.

Game compatibility: -0.0/-1.0**

You probably won’t find any problems finding or playing this level. The level is named well, and like most JJ2 creations, it functions.

Overall rating: 7.0/10.0

A rating of 7.0 out of 10.0 signifies that this level is considered halfway between “OK” and “Good.”

Biased Review:

The biased review focuses on other issues that tie in with my opinion, and does not count towards the level’s rating.

Replayability: 2.5/5.0

I really don’t believe this level would actually hold out for long with the gameplay it presents. Several things hold it from
being an acknowledgeable level.

My opinion on this level: 3.5/5.0

The best that could have been brought out from this level’s design was removed from the poor weapon placements and event properties. The eyecandy wasn’t up to par with the standard, but it was the strongest point of the level besides the design itself.

My overall rating: 6.0/10.0*

As with previous reviews, my review is a little harsher than the unbiased portion. The average margin so far is 1.0, which this evens out to.

True rating: 6.5/10.0*

The combination of the two reviews makes this well-cut rating.


Basically, when you download this, you’ll get a mediocre battle level that lacks only in the event, life, and layer use departments.

How could this level be improved?

Don’t overuse the foreground layers. If you use the background layers, don’t make them so confusing. This small level
needs less weapons in each place. If you can satisfy those conditions in this level, you’ll satisfy others’ tastes.

Interesting fact:

The only destructible scenery in the level is that of the traditional "shootable signs."

~ Derby

  • Only the unbiased rating counts towards the site’s review rating system.

** An important change in my reviews gives designers a smaller edge by subtracting points for game incompatibilities and an extra point for layer use, being more important.

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Review by JelZe

Posted more than 17 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (136 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings98 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness86%

You oughta know Nitro did most of the work. I only only did a smal part of the level, the eye candy and the bg…

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Review by Genotoxin aka iCeD

Posted more than 17 years ago
Jazz Jackrabbit (255 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings255 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness22%

Wow.. ANOTHER level using the (evil) Diamondus tileset. Well regardless, this level is pretty decent. You did a nice job perfecting the eye candy (the bg needs to move vertically a little faster though), but the layout if kinda awkward which I didn’t like too much. You need to work on making the layout a little more fluent and playable before you release a level. Also, the weapon placement was… strange, to say the least. (placing a mass of weapons near hills and such is usually a bad idea). Another fluency problem… the dead ends can steal away from a battle at times. Watch your use of them.

Overall: Sure, d/l this. You get some extra points for the eye candy.

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Review by Buster

Posted more than 17 years ago
Frog (12 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings12 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness100%

Overall, I’ve gotta disagree with some of the other reviewers and say that I thought the design was okay. Not spectacular, mind you, but okay. Small levels tend to be cramped, but the mass of weapons and the tight layout would make for a chaotic fight. I for one prefer hunting my prey, but the occasional melee battle can be fun.

I do have to come to task with the eye candy however. Indeed, to sit back and casually examine the level, the eye candy is generous and well crafted. But to actually get in and try to play the game, the eye candy detracts from the expierence by crowding the view with unimportant items and also confusing you a great deal with it’s generous use of foreground elements as backgrounds. In some few cases this works out okay, but in a small, tight level like this it is very annoying. You jump off a ledge expecting to land on a branch and instead fall to the valley floor. It wouldn’t be so bad except that some of the graphics in the background are also used as actual platforms, which simply adds to the confusion.

One more point: The level uses lighting to make it appear darker. The problem? The lighting is faint enough that it doesn’t make that big a difference, and hence only seems to serve to lower the framerate and create lag. Personally, I’m against using lighting in any multiplayer levels, but if you’re going to do it, you could at least do it so that it seems to serve SOME other purpose than to create lag!

If you could bring this level up to code by triming the eye candy a bit and removing the lighting, this would be a pretty decent level. As it is though, I can’t rate it higher than a 6.5


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