Christmas Blast

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20 Dec 2004 at 17:37

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CraccoBoy (More uploads by CraccoBoy)
Capture the flag
Thanks to everyone who joined the server and commented on it

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Cracco CTF1.j2l Christmast Blast 4.17 kB 20 Dec 2004
SantasSnowyZone.j2t Santa's Snowy Zone 120.29 kB 27 Dec 2003
igtown.IT IoG Town - From:RPGC 161.75 kB 17 Mar 1998


What can I say? The level serves three purposes.
1. Nimrod’s dedicated christmas server later on.
2. DarkSonic’s level contest.
3. Having my own CTF level which I can host when people want me to host something.

It’s a level made for duels and 2vs2s mainly, but I guess 3vs3 could still work too. The level’s too small for 4vs4 or anything more than that.

Enjoy and merry christmas everyone!


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Review by Ðx

20 Dec 2004, 17:40
Carrot Juice Addict (330 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings332 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness26%

Why do you always PASSWOORD your levels…

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RecommendedReview by White Rabbit

25 Dec 2004, 16:58
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (435 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings268 Featured reviews15 Average helpfulness85%

Christmas Blast, by CraccoBoy. Yay! Merry Christmas!

This is a small CTF lvl using Craccoby’s own tileset, Santa’s Snowy Zone. I have the old version of the tileset but the new version has quite a funny palette, making everything look different. Green is red, apparently, and most colours have been darkened or changed slightly, which makes the whole lvl look very goofy, not to mention the fact that green RFs are red so I thought I was shooting powered up Rfs.

The eyecandy is as good as the tileset allows, though not many foreground tiles exist in the lvl. The mountains and forests are well-placed and there is a very obvious Christmas atmosphere in the lvl. Comfy. The eyecandy varies and you’ll be able to travel from snow to rocky ground and encounter lots of nice, Christmasy stuff, but it’s just that some walls are very thick, and you it’s a waste to keep them empty. It would look better if there are some foreground tiles in them to make the whole place look a bit…wilder and more natural, rather than just a big snow platform.

The gameplay is ok, with some Jazz-unfriendly areas (there are not enough springs in the lvl and Jazz has a lot of trouble moving around because of this). The springs that do exist are well-placed and so are all of the platforms, vines, etc. I’ve noticed a couple of masking problems with the tileset, which slows down the flow, but it’s no big deal. It’s also annoying that the bases are in dead ends and Jazz is forced to go into the dead end and jump out again because he, lacking doublejump, cannot just directly to the platform above or on the side of the base.

Weapons placement is actually really good. You never have to work hard to get ammo and the power-ups seem nicely balanced. There is an abundance of ammo, but it’s not over-done, so you’ll always have enough seekers to blast your enemies to smithereens.

It’s a shame that this lvl is a bit small. 140×80 would suit the kind of gameplay and ammo placement Santa’s Snowy Zone has. It’s still a good lvl, however.

Er…since this lvl isn’t that original actually and what distinguishes this lvl from the rest is:
1. Weird palette.
2. Very good weapons placement.
And that’s it.

Still, a fun lvl to play and some excellent camping spots. >:-D

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Review by habu93

25 Aug 2005, 16:37
CTF Bug (0 Points)
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miksi mun peli ei toimi?
ku mä lataan downloadista vaikka esim. Ice joku… niin sitä ei voi pelata? miksei??



[Inappropiate rating (1.2) removal. Please give your opinion of the level in english. Other languages are not supported by this site. Also, from the looks of it you haven’t provided a properly detailed reason for giving the level this rating. When you write your reviews in english, please state good reasons for your rating. – FQuist]

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Review by CraccoBoy

20 Dec 2004, 17:46
Turtle Goon (52 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings52 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness29%

Oh I don’t even put passwords on them, I always “save as” when I make a new level so they’re probably using passwords from the 1999 or 2000 levels, which I don’t even know myself.

(Apparently illegal software removal? I guess. If it’s not illegal, at least it’s not very nice to hack into passworded levels without getting the permission of the level makers. ~Violet)

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Review by Ðx

20 Dec 2004, 18:03
Carrot Juice Addict (330 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings332 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness26%

I have it…. But why dont you change it with TEC?

Craccoboy TEC is illigal remove it from your review

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Not recommendedReview by Niels aka ChippieBW

25 Dec 2004, 17:52
Turtle Goon (88 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings60 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness92%

Since White Rabbit slightly overrated this level in my opinion, i shall post MY view.

Christmas Blast
CraccoBoy has made a new CTF level, from which he says it has three purposes (Christmas server, contest and a CTF to host) so let’s check if the second purpose fulfils it’s destiny: winning this contest. Let’s go.

EYECANDY: 1.1 out of 2.0
For this level, mr. CraccoBoy used his own tileset called “Cracco Christmas” or something. Since I don’t really like this tileset, it gets hard for me to give a good view about the eyecandy. I’ll try, however. I like the coloured flags and names and something, but some places in the level seem a little bit too empty and plain. Not really good. This seems to be more of a tileset problem, but it’s hard to avoid. You should have used the standard chirstmas tileset or something; it would be even illegal to use your own set in the beginning but the rules changed. Whatever.

AMMO: 1.3 out of 2.0
As I wander through this level, I’ve noticed five kinds of ammo (Seeker, Toaster, Electroblaster, Bouncie and RF) and two Powerups (Seeker and Toaster). There is one Full NRG carrot which seems to be enough for a level of this size. I don’t really like the ammo placement, but it’s decent.

LEVEL STRUCTURE: 0.8 out of 1.5
On with the structure. There seem to be some problems with this structure and it’s really funny: DarkSonic uploaded a battle level with a CTF structure and CraccoBoy uploaded a CTF level with a Battle Structure! The flow is not really bad, but it would have fit better by a battle level though. Some places are weird, like the part in the right where you have to jump up – it seems like there are some vines to hang on but there aren’t. Hmm.

GAMEPLAY: 1.2 out of 2.5
To compare your level with DarkSonic’s level, I liked the gameplay of DarkSonic’s level more. The navigation in this level is a bit hard, there isn’t really a nice flow and the eyecandy gets bored after a while. The music file used is OK, but nothing special.

ORIGINALITY: 0.5 out of 2.0
Now on with the crucial factor: originality. I wonder what the author’s opinion is about the originality in this level, since I can’t see anything of it. DarkSonic and Satan had at least some original factors in their levels, but here I can see really nothing here, or it has to be one if the first CTF levels with a battle layout. I’ll give you 0.5 points for originality, and I’m generous with that.

If the original factor didn’t count this level would probably score a decent rating, but now, it’s a little bit under average. Same comment as with DarkSonic: perhaps this should have been a battle level, but I’m not sure. For now, the only thing I can give for this is a lousy 4.9. You got served.
Score: 1.1 + 1.3 + 0.8 + 1.2 + 0.5 = 4.9
Download: No.
Host: No.

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