Darker Insomnia

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1 Jan 2005 at 14:43

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P4ul (More uploads by P4ul)
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insdark.j2l Darker Insomnia 5.41 kB 01 Jan 2005
DiambMidn.j2t Diamondus ? Midnight 247.21 kB 16 Nov 2004
wave-playitloud.xm 96.68 kB 26 Mar 2003


Another rushed Diamondus Beta level by me. Yes, I’m sticking to that set until there comes something even better, which I doubt. ;p


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RecommendedReview by Sacrush

8 Jan 2005, 20:01
Turtle Goon (87 Points)
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Satan is finally back with a review! and I can say that this is one of the better levels using Diamondus beta.

Gameplay: rating: 8.5
This level is pretty fun to play because there are many logical and fun things in this level. For example there are no dead ends at all. Also the level isn’t just platforms putten randomly in the air but full of places to investigate and run around. Also there are trees where you can stand on wich make the level more fun. The flow is also really well done, there are no irritating area float ups, also there are one ways where it should be. Ok and something really important: The level isn’t Spaz baised GG. There is also a secret warp which makes the level more fun and there are a lot of vines wich I like.

Leveldesign: rating: 8.5
The leveldesign is also really good in this level. The level isn’t just flat and platformy but it’s full of hills and hight levels. In the ground there are also brakes. Also ouside the range of the player there is ground and caves and that sort of stuff. The leveldesign is really like a outside world far away of humanity where little bunny’s fight each other.

Placement: rating: 8.3
The placement is also really well done. There are multiple groups of ammo spread out in the entire level and that’s good because I have seen levels which there is too much ammo on one spot, but not in this level. There are many powerups in the level and that’s ok because it’s a battle. Most of the powerups are not easy to get like the Seeker powerup and the RF powerup but Toaster and Bouncy is yours for the taking. There are also some fast fires and that’s also well placed. There is one thing I don’t like about the placement of the level and that’s the full energy carrot, since it’s a small level a full energy isn’t needed here and specially in battle a Full energy isn’t well, I prefer 2 1+ energy carrot on each side of the level. Last but not least the springs are very well placed and get’s me where I want to go and don’t bump me in walls. Good job!

Eyecandy: rating: 8.9
Finally we are at the best aspect of the level ‘‘THE EYECANDY’‘. The eyecandy is really good in this level. There are mountains in the background and that looks nice. There are also flowers, mushrooms, waterfalls, trees, diamonds, caves, bushes, falling leaves, water and it all looks great together. The animations are just perfect and the level is a pleasure for the eye. I think the eyecandy is just as good as ‘Garden Brawl’ by FiresworD. A really good job Booshi!

Extra stuff:

Final rating: 8.5+8.5+8.3+8.9=34,2->-> 34,2:4=*8.6*


Edit: since there are many powerups it’s good that there is a Full energy so I raise the level 0.1.

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