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2 Jan 2005 at 14:51 (Minor update on 2 Jan 2005)

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DarkSonic (More uploads by DarkSonic)
Capture the flag
Tileset creators, more information in description.
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Xlm40MinAir.j2l Fourty Metres in the Air 8.81 kB 21 Dec 2004
XlmHotFreaky.j2l Overheated and Freaky World 5.67 kB 21 Dec 2004
XlmInSpace.j2l Punished in Space 7.87 kB 02 Jan 2005
XlmPsCtf.j2l Plastic Surgery CTF 6.43 kB 21 Dec 2004
XLMStrP1.j2l Street Pass no. 1 9.58 kB 21 Dec 2004
Corrupted Sanctuary.j2t Corrupted Sanctuary 122.01 kB 02 Apr 2002
DiambLava.j2t Diamondus ß Lava 247.28 kB 16 Nov 2004
Odyssey02.j2t Odyssey 02 120.02 kB 30 Mar 2003
WarTornJN.j2t War Torn Night 175.81 kB 30 Jul 2001
WSF02.j2t Windstorm Fortress II 127.16 kB 25 Feb 2004
Cloud.j2b Cloudscape 350.17 kB 02 Jan 2005
Rpt_army.j2b Funk the Army!! 285.88 kB 29 Jan 2001
Shadowru.j2b Shadowrun 127.01 kB 02 Jan 2005
Warhead.j2b The Warhead 402.46 kB 02 Jan 2005


Finally. After my first pack, I were planning to make another pack. And here it is! The name is pretty strange, but it’s a funny name in my opinion. Credits go to the tileset creators:
-Disguise for Corrupted Sanctuary
-Toxic Bunny for War Torn Night
-BlurredD for Windstorm Fortress and Odyssey
-Pyromanus for Diamondus Beta. This time the Lava version.
Musics by zodiak, Alex Brandon, Purple Motion and sYmptom and Mirror.
Thanks to CelL for fixing some stuffz and finding music for meh. ++CelL
Many people beta tested and played the levels in my server.
All levels are made for XLM. Have fun with this pack, and don’t review them without playing online/hosting it yourself/testing in JCS. Thanks alot.
Re-upload #1: fixed some bugs and stuffz. Plz re-download.
Fixed some bugs again, argh. So I had to re-upload again.


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Review by the WINNER

16 Jan 2005, 15:06
Bee Boy Swarm (46 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings46 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness47%

XLM Pack. After two horrible levels by XLM, I review this pack now. My expectations are NOT HIGH.

1. Street Pass Number One
This is a simple level.

{Eye Candy} [8.7]
Not bad at all, it’s probably the best thing about this level. The mountains at the back in layer6 and that castle type of thing in layer7. However, one part of the mountains has its top clipped off.

{GamePlay} [5.6]
This is the campers’ strike. In a 3vs3, someone can just keep camping the sucker tubes that are used to get the flag. If there’s no camper over there, it’s then all about suckertube entering and fast. It’s pointless.

{Stuff’s Placement} [7.4]
This isn’t that bad. The toaster powerup in the suckertube is easily campable though, and the carrot is in a bad place. If you use the suckertube tactic, getting the carrot is so easy it’s taking many tries to kill a bit skilled player. But bonus points come from the nice toaster type of powerup collecting. And at last it’s JAZZ BIASED, not spaz biased. Better than nothing.

overall total {Level Total} [7]

2. Overheated and Freaky World

{Eye Candy} [8.1]
I really like how you did the layer 6/7. But the trees are annoying. The layer3 stuff in the foreground grass isn’t bad.

{Gameplay} [8.5]
It’s very easy to move around, the only thing that annoys are the hidden springs. I can’t see stuff, going to run speed, BOING. It’s annoying for that to happen. But although that’s one of the level’s problems, it has a good flow though. The platforms fit nicely.

{Stuff Placement} [8]
Two powerups, Bouncer and Toaster. No “main powerup”. Considering the size of level, this is ok. The bouncers own the toaster, though… it’s a bit of team biasing.

overall total {Level Total} [8.3]

3.Fourty Metres In The Air

{Eye Candy} [7]
I don’t find anything bad in the eyecandy but it’s not anything very nice either. It’s the Average. Maybe it’s the tileset.

{GamePlay} [6.6]
Everything you do is run left and right at the bottom. Get flag, score, get flag and score again. Shoot seeks, kill other flagcarry, score… that’s something like that all the time.

{Stuff’s Placement} [7.0]
The seek powerup placing is stupid. You need to explain how to get seek PU to everyone. The carrot is in middle of Gun 9’s. At least the carrot isn’t placed in middle of the patch you move left/right to score.

overall total {Level Total} [8]

4. Punished In Space

{Eye Candy} [9.5]
The wall thing is on Layer 6. This is the best part of the level. The animations are pretty nice too.

{Gameplay} [3.2]
Believe it or not, this level itself is stupid. For some reason, there’s a no-fire zone in the bases. I don’t know why, but it really ruins the whole thing. Anyone can keep camping at the bases. You have two bases in different rooms next to eachother. You WARP in the bases. Getting the flag is a bit hard because of the springs. I don’t like this. AT ALL.

{Stuff’s Placement} [7.5]
There’s a huge load of RF’s at one point in this level. There’s also an RF powerup in middle of springs. There’s a bouncy powerup very near blue base and blaster powerup very near the red base. Nothing wrong with this one.

overall total {Level Total} [5.7]

5. Plastic Surgery CTF

{Eye Candy} [5]
The worst part. The single 1 color background somewhere near blue base hurts my eyes with its flashing. And it looks very ugly. Also layer 6 or 7 weren’t used for nice BG purposes. The wall at the right and left side is very dull and ugly.

{Gameplay} [6.5]
The unfair bases have come again. Just like in XLM Owned Town. Top left is a lot easier to defend than bottom right. Some springs are annoying. There’s not a lot of them though. However, there’s no problems with the gameplay.

{Stuff’s Placement} [6.0]
The only problem is with the Toaster and Bouncer powerups that are unfair. It’s a lot harder to get the toaster powerup than the bouncers Powerup. I see no problems elsewhere with the placement.

overall total {Level Total} [6.2]

TOTAL {OVERALL} 7.04 -> 7

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