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22 Jan 2005 at 19:52

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Team Nexus M

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energus.j2l Energus 3.58 kB 22 Jan 2005
nightfall.j2l Death of Love 1.11 kB 22 Jan 2005


It is the end of Jazz 2. But Jazz has decided to go to Tubelectric after hearing that Devan has built a new base there. But things are hotting up!

Expect there to be follow-ups, and there will be at least two new levels by me every 2 weeks/month.

Here’s the link to Team Nexus M. http://groups.msn.com/TeamNexusM


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Not recommendedReview by PHT

5 Feb 2005, 20:17
Spaz Slackrabbit (109 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings97 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness83%

Played with: Spaz
Difficulty: Medium
Playing time: 3 minutes

The gameplay somehow sucks. In the first level you kill some randomly placed enemies, then get an airboard, fly around and kill some enemies again. After that I saw the exit, but there was a path to go up too, and as I had an airboard I followed it. I found out that it was actually Jazz’ part, so I flew back, and got into the exit. The second level is filled with around 10 bosses. I first tried beating them, but soon noticed there was a path I could follow too. I decided to flee, shot a birdy morph, and flew away, into the exit. There were no goodies, or anything else, just this stuff which doesn’t make sense at all, and is not fun to play.
Score: 1.2

I can’t call this creative, really. Nothing more to say.
Score: 1.2

The levels are somewhat untested, and don’t make sense at all. They’re both pretty easy, and 3 minutes is definetely too less.
Score: 1.2

There is absoluetely NO eyecandy. Just some corridors, lined up with a random tile. The first level has some background layers, which I believe are stolen from one of the original levels though.
Score: 1.0

There was some plot behind, but I don’t really understand it. The only thing I got from it, was that Devan built a base (at least that’s what it’s supposed to be) on Tube-Electric, and Jazz has to stop him somehow. The rest I did not really get.
Score: 1.2

Overall this has probably taken 10 minutes to make, while it takes 3 minutes to play through. There’s absolutely no effort or something, but I give it a 1.5 because I’m nice. :P

No download reccomendation, for the reasons mentioned above.

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Review by Superjazz

23 Jan 2005, 10:07
Jazz Jackrabbit (256 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings131 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness89%

Couldn’t find the tileset for “nightfall.j2l”

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Review by blobby

23 Jan 2005, 17:23
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0

Important info – you must set the tilesets in JCS because it is a JJ1 tileset.

Also, the ending is there as Jazz’s dream. More about that in the next installment…

Just read the bottom review and I have ot an answer

Okay, I know this level sucks, but y\‘know, this was just a kind of preview level, to the next one. The next one will be very long, and sorry that I havn\‘t done it yet, but I have been very very busy, because I am working on other projects.

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Review by DoubleGJ

23 Jan 2005, 19:18
Turtle Goon (81 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings73 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness73%

Couldn’t you include the tilesets?

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Review by cooba

23 Jan 2005, 19:45
Carrot Juice Addict (326 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings112 Featured reviews32 Average helpfulness85%

How about THIS http://www.jazz2online.com/J2Ov2/downloads/info.php?levelID=1672 instead of that ugly Ihlvindi thing?

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