NOT Security Breach v2

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21 Feb 2005 at 17:30 (Minor update on 16 Jul 2005)

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DarkSonic (More uploads by DarkSonic)
Capture the flag
CelL for the conversion... and beta testers.

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XLMNOTSB2.j2l NOT Security Breach v2 6.18 kB 16 Jul 2005
j1Battleshipsv2.j2t Jazz 1: Battleships v2 52.97 kB 29 Mar 2003
vc_ship.xm Ship of the Wind 366.37 kB 28 Nov 2000


This is my JJ2WC Contest entry. This is the 3rd level with j1 Battleships I made, and it’s the only JJ1 tileset I’ve used so far. The level is 120 × 77, and that’s different compared with all my other levels. It’s big enough for 3on3’s, because I played a successful 3on3 in it. It has some text strings in it… some people might think they’re fun but others don’t. R3ptile gave me advice, like putting Project Hog/Fog in it. The light effects can give an annoyingly low fps, but I hope it’s fine(because I’m not on my old computer where I had 4 fps or so)=O
The music is from, and I like the music alot =P.
So that’s all I can say this time, and oh… LEVEL IS MADE FOR XLM =DD
Re-upload : I removed those annoying text strings. This is mainly because people didn’t like them, and I agreed. I don’t like them after all, except one.


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Review by axe

28 Feb 2005, 22:52
CTF Bug (0 Points)
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a really nice level i allready fell in love with it
(Unsupported rating removal. ~Violet)

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RecommendedReview by Niels aka ChippieBW

5 Mar 2005, 12:01
Turtle Goon (88 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings60 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness92%

NOT Security Breach v2
Ah well, time to review another level, it’s been a while. This time it’s DarkSonic’s “Not Security Breach v2”, which is made for the JJ2WC CTF Contest. It got a third place, so this will be worth to review.

EYECANDY: 2.1 out of 2.5
The Eyecandy is very good for the given tileset. We all know it’s a JJ1 Tileset, so it has some limited possibilities, but DarkSonic did the best he could. Although there are some levels with better eyecandy with this tileset – I’m thinking of one of Ragnarok’s levels, but I can’t recall the name – this level’s eyecandy is just good and never overdone. The advice of adding Project Hog/Fog to the level was taken very greedy, which results in a large number of light effects in the level. I recommend a modern video card for this, even my GeForce FX5200 128MB wasn’t able to run the level with a constant 70fps (I had some drops to 60-65 sometimes)

PLACEMENT: 1.9 out of 2.5
Not much to say about this. The Powerup-system brings in three Powerups (Seeker, Toaster and Bouncie – classic situation) and one Full NRG carrot. Nothing special about this, it’s not very original but it’s good enough and easy to learn. The placement of the normal ammo is a little bit more original, the different forms of ammo look quite good and are interesting.

STRUCTURE & GAMEPLAY: 3.8 out of 5.0
As you can expect from DarkSonic’s levels, this level has a very smooth gameplay and layout. All bases are accessible from multiple directions (above, from sideways and from a sucker tube which pumps you through the flag) and there aren’t much places to camp. All places are quite easy accessible and there’s almost no Spaz biasing. Good job. The music file is not really special, something more powerful would fit better to this speedy level. About the text strings, they are a good attempts but the humour is a bit weak. I can’t say much more about the layout, it’s typical for DarkSonic and so not very original.

Not Security Breach v2 is one of DarkSonic’s better levels, with decent gameplay, good eyecandy and well placement. If the next levels contain some more originality, it could actually turn out to be a TIPPED download. This isn’t one of those, it’s a 7.8 though.

Score: 2.1 + 1.9 + 3.8 = 7.8
Download: Yes.
Host: Yes.

- ChippieBW of [si] and XLM

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RecommendedReview by Ragnarok!

5 Mar 2005, 14:21
Spaz Slackrabbit (147 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings88 Featured reviews9 Average helpfulness81%

Its been a while since I last reviewed, and this level only had one decent review in which the rating stayed. I was bored (or am) so I wrote this… Here goes..

My Rating : 9.0
Comments :
The thing I disliked were the areas where the blue tiles looked as if they went into thin air, without edges. On the other hand, there was a nice original background. And the lighting effects were really good. It made it look like another dimension with black holes… Except they didn’t suck you in… ;(


My Rating : 9.0
Comments :
Well, good way of anti camp, and its easy to attack the base, that makes it more exciting and less camping. A symmetrical level, and the anti-camp at the carrot is interesting. You can rampage in with bouncers or RFs for a quick way to destroy the camper. The only reason in the upper branch of the level with the Seeker PU, is the Seeker PU. The ammo there is all over the level. The seeker PU is easy to camp. But the other PUs are hard to camp. Because if you come in with bouncers, the enemy is DEAD. ;D
The flow is decent and the springs and tubes and everything are nicely placed.

GJ again.

My Rating: 8.0
There aren’t any things I particularly like about the placement, or hate. (This is for ammo if you haven’t noticed, dingbat) The level is nice.. But I can’t really rate it, apart from the patterns in placement..

My Rating: 8.0
A bit platformy at places, and some annoying walls. The slopes can prevent camping. The seeker PU, should have at least loads of ways to prevent camping there. But I like it I guess. ;) Well, good level.

Download : Yes
Host : Yes

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