Islands in the Sapphire Sea

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28 Feb 2005 at 20:59 (Major update on 2 Mar 2005)

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Blade (More uploads by Blade)
The music "Pools of Poison" by Jeroen Tel
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Islands in the Sapphire Sea.txt 2.76 kB 02 Mar 2005
Islands.j2l Islands in the Sapphire Sea 17.43 kB 02 Mar 2005
Islands.j2t Islands 108.75 kB 02 Mar 2005
jt_pools.xm Pools of Poison 683.59 kB 30 Jun 1999


Hi folks! It is quite surreal, but I think this is happening.

So, I am here to release my 11th tileset, The Islands in the Sapphire Sea. It is a Caribbean themed tileset, where you will see lots of rock, sand and water. Hey, wait until you see this. It is not the Oasis 2 :) Lots of pirate equipment is also scattered in the sand.

This zip includes a single player example level (360*64) to show some tricks about the Sapphire Sea. It is not the easiest to use, but not impossible :) Just have some patience to find the right blocks. They should be there somewhere ;)

The Islands in the Sapphire Sea features an outstanding music track “Pools of Poison” by Jeroen Tel. Just listen to it!

Changes made after the first release:
03/01/05: Layer 6 water reflections are now smooth as well.
03/02/05: Example level changes: Added some hooks, a closed treasure chest and some new secrets to find.
03/02/05: Second change today: The Islands in the Sapphire Sea is now more 8-bit compatible. This can be seen as you can use the layer 8 blue as a warp background and the water looks somewhat better (not perfect, though). I believe this is all I can do to those palette mistakes I’ve made without executing any drastic measures :) Also, the background stuff don’t have automasks anymore. This reduces the tileset’s file size from 116kb to 108kb.


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Quick Reviews Average: 5

Arclite288 rated 5.0

My last rating was too heavy-handed, and I’ve re-rated it at 5.

Please don’t ever remind me of that experience. I now hate those comments just as much as you guys did.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.8

RecommendedReview by KILLERRABBIT

6 Mar 2005, 19:50
Frog (14 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings14 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness60%

Wow, when was the last time i reviewed a level on j2o? absolute ages. Andf rarely have i seen such a level that impressed me so much i had to review and give my viewpoint on this breakthrough of tileset making!

Wow. That was what I literally said when I played the demonstration of what heights this level can go up to in level creating. It just blew me away.

In this swingin’ jazzy beach piratey level with a lot of eyepoppin’ eyecandy, this tileset is huge with enough eyecandy to even please Cooba. Treaure chests, skulls, plants, ships, islands, water tiles and way more. Also the tiles are shaded and also can have a background for those who favour eyecandy in layers 5-7 instead of patching up attemps to create better eyecandy. This is a very good tileset, not only with the eyecandy options but the numerous options that can be made with thses tiles! Not to mention the music that goes perfectly with this snazzy beach theme.

The eyecandy can be a little confusing although, with all the pathways and trying to find that right tile which is only 2 mm long and its hidden with a treasure chest, be more organized plz thx, it will save my eyes from getting a more magnifyable version of my glasses which are meant for FAR distance ;p

Overall I highly recommend this tileset for a download recommodation.

Blade, I look forward to reviewing more of your tilesets.


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RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

7 Mar 2005, 01:30
Way better than Aiko (862 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings464 Featured reviews35 Average helpfulness92%

Blade’s 11th set. Here goes.

First impression of this was great. The tileset and the atmosphere are outstanding here. I wanted to make a level with the set right after I finished the example level!

Personally, I like the Cartoonish style of the set, because different tileset styles are always welcome. This set has lots of potential for eyecandy, because there are many cool pirate stuff you can place everywhere.

Palette events need some work (The snow doesnt look too bad though, and I don’t play in 8bit anyways so I dont care much about the water =P). The sand could also use some shading or texturing too since its just one color, but at least it doesn’t look bad.

Like Blade mentioned, this tileset is hard to use, but you can make some great things with it (like the example level shows). I have no problem with the masking.

Personally I think a textured backround would ruin the atmosphere of the tileset, so I’m not going to dock any marks off for the lack of one (I like the normal cartoon-like backround anyways).

Tiles Included: 9.2
Masking: 9.5
Color: 8.3
Userfriendliness: 7.7
Overall (Not an average): 9.5 (I really like this set)
Final Rating: 8.84, bumped up to an 8.9. I really like this set and I would definately make levels with it in the future, good work!

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RecommendedReview by Stijn

1 Mar 2005, 15:42
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (458 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings283 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness87%

This review is just as rare as an upload by Blade ;)

Let me give you a first impression. “Islands in the sapphire sea”, which I will call “island” from now on, is a very detailed tileset with as main theme a carribean pirate island, it seems. The “feeling” of the tileset is exactly like it should be: Piratey! It has all that stuff you always used while playing pirate in your youth, plus more. Barrels full of fruits, rum (or some other liquid), and treasure, cannons, skulls, and SWORDS. Everything looks like it has some kind of cell shading, which gives a very “relaxed” feel to the tileset, especially in combination with the blue background.

As you can see in the beginning of the example level, it’s possible to create some “depth” in the level, as if it’s semi-3D. As Blade mentioned, you have to know the tricks of JCS to create those great effects in the example level, but it’s certainly possible.
Unlike in many other isometric tilesets, the objects in “Island” actually cast a shadow on the ground. This looks so leet that I hereby decalre this my new standard for 8+ ratings >8)
So the main feature of the tileset is the absoultely breathtaking 3D-like graphical quality. The drawings itself are nothing revolutionary, but combined with the perpsective Blade put into the tileset the tileset becomes a masterpiece.

So is it really worth a 10, you may ask? No, as you may know if you read my other reviews, I always keep my critics for the last part. While the tileset contains a great deal of objects like treasure or guns, the most important part of a genuine pirate island is missing: the pirates and the buildings they live in. If Blade combined the buildings of Oasis (redawn, ofcourse) and the amount of objects and detail in Island, this would certainly be worth a 10*. Another set of tiles that’s missing are the water tiles. Ofcourse, there are water tiles for the background and you can create small ponds. But there are no tiles to create the coast of an island, or tiles for underwater enviroments. Surely you can use the water level event to create underwater level parts, but it always looks sort of artificial if you use land tiles to create underwater stuff.
There’s no textured background either. The background provided in the set looks really nice, with clouds, a sun, a ship and island in the background, but some level creators will undoubtly want to use a textured background. Always try to please the masses if you want a good rating ;)

Alright, time for a verdict. I really like this set, but it misses some parts that would make the tileset so much better. The provided tiles offer a really really really one of the best-drawn JJ2 game enviroments ever (did I mention I like the anti-aliasing? Well, I do) and you can create a really versatile and detailed level with it, but this certainly needs a sequel. Grab it now!

(*) Yes, a 10. I never rate downloads or games like school work, where perfection exists. You’ll probably agree with me that creating the perfect tileset is impossible: yet there’s a “10” rating. When I consider a tileset really really great and one of the best tilesets ever, I won’t hesitate to give it a 10.

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RecommendedReview by Superjazz

1 Mar 2005, 15:55
Jazz Jackrabbit (256 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings131 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness89%

Hehe, I was already expecting this tileset to come at the next days as I had seen a picture of this already at the finnish gamesite; Actually Snooze discovered that first, but whatever. Unfortunately I don’t have much time, so I’m not going to write so close review but I’ll give it a small essay anyways.

Blade did excellent work again and this is so far the best of his eleven tilesets in my opinion. It seems to have the most eyecandy also. And this is kind of an original tileset also. A few beach-tileset have been done and there’s one in the jj2 itself already, but I haven’t seen a pirate-themed tileset yet.
There is much you can put into the background layers, 6-8, but also much you can put into the sprite layers, 3-5. And if you are very careful about eyecandy, you can even add some stuff you like to the foreground, 1-2. So, overall every layer could use much kind of stuff. Barrels, boxes, treasures, cannons, skulls, rocks, swords and much much more of fun stuff.

Making several edits of one tile for creating animated tiles in jcs later wasn’t either forgotten. Like Chateau, this tileset also has much 3D-looks in it and looks quite nice. Spikes and other stuff usually meant for single-player was also added. ++

Now to the negative things. Well, I was really surprised and there wasn’t even really much of negative in this tileset…But same as with Chateau especially which is quite important in my opinion; No textured background available. You know, any jcs-user should be able to make his/her own choice of what kind of background is he/she going to make for his/her level. The usual, textured one or just the blue color where the sun fits the sky better.
Another thing were the clouds. I don’t know what you could exactly do for them to make them look better, but probably do something for the rough bottoms. I know this tileset uses cartoon-style much, but the clouds make it look a bit too…ok, just try to edit them somehow.
Another nice extra would be a night-version of this as well. Would look extreme.

This tileset really impressed me. Blade had put much effort on that tileset as well, did not just rush it up and make it have bad quality. About 8 months were spent for just one tileset. Imagine. Seems you’re really good and careful at arts, Blade. Good luck with your later tilesets/levels. Nice example level, by the way. This is a must-download.
Hehe, even expect a level from me which will be using this tileset soon.


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RecommendedReview by Biohazard UOI

4 Mar 2005, 00:54
Frog (18 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings18 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness66%

Now this is good! Congratulations, Blade, you’ve nearly captured the Jazz2 artistic style! I think this tileset is a new landmark in the advancement of custom tilesets.

From now on, I’ll use this as a reference point for reviewing and drawing future tilesets!

Good stuff:

Excellent artistic style that matches JJ2!

Some of the best “3D” work in the sprite layer I’ve ever seen

Eye candy (all the pirate things are really well drawn and look catchy!)

Background layers are extremely well done. This tileset is one of the few that fit a non-textured background very well. I know that frequently people put textured backgrounds in where they aren’t necessary, just because it’s hard to do, not because it adds much to the tileset. But I think this set does just fine without one.

Very flexible ground tiles. I especially like the way you used a darker “path” in the sand to show the mask intuitively.

Includes all the major event tiles, except sucker tubes (which is ok, I guess)

Good masking, overall. Were the skull and other eye candy objects in the sprite ground supposed to be masked?

Bad stuff:

Too cartoony. This set needs at least SOME texturing and shading.

It’s a bit confusingly laid out. I think it’s probably pretty meticulous to build levels with.

A lot of the ideas are stolen from official tilesets (although that’s better than stealing tiles themselves or stealing ideas from other homemade tilesets, in my opinion)

The “interpolation” is nice, but I think you should use it throughout more of the tileset; one particular thing that needs more is the sun.

Needs more animations! The flag is great, but this set seems to be a still-life or something. I think it would be much more effective as a more animated set. I realize that you’re approaching the tile limit for 1.23, but I think that animations would be worth removing some unneeded tiles for!

I was desparately hoping to see a pirate in person while I was playing the demo level, but alas, me hearties, ‘twere none in sight!

Other Comments:

You know what might be cool in here? A little whale in the water that shoots water up through its blowhole that you could use the Float Up event on :) .

The demo level seems be too crowded (too busy with eye candy), but I won’t count that against you. I’ll just score the tileset itself.

In short, I think ye did a fine job, there, laddy. Howe’er, the set needs a bit ‘o texture, methinks. Ya set such a good piraty mood for me, though, lad. Perhaps we could join arr forces sometime on a Jazz2 adventure. Thank ye so much fer bringing such life ta this ‘ere tileset collection!

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RecommendedReview by wadledee

29 Mar 2005, 14:06
Turtle Goon (67 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings67 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness42%

How long has it been that I reviewed something?? Well, lets see…

“Island in the saphire sea”… sounds good to me =P, lets download it.
….downloading left…3.2.1.all downloads are finished.

Wow! This tileset is really great! everything is in it, even a treashure chest. How long have you working on this?

The tileset contains enough eyecandy, like treashure chests, caves, spikes, cannons and beautifull background stuff.
When you want to make a nice lvl, I suggest you to use this tileset if you want a nice lvl.

But there are some tilebugs… Too bad… I would give it a nine or something! Also under water, the cannons, cannonballs and even jazz/spaz will turn in strange colours…??

But those 2 things wouldn’t get me off to download this stuff, hear me?? AARGH! I’m the captain of the black peril and next island where we will stop… the Island in th Saphire Sea! WHahaha! AARGH!

Review by Carrotpie

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RecommendedReview by Past of Leveldesign

1 May 2005, 13:52
CTF Bug (2 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings2 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness100%

This tileset is sooooooooooo brilliant.
I really like the comic style. Every idea i have of pirates is in there. So it gives a really good pirate feeling. The eyecandy parts are the best i‘ve ever seen. You can create everything you want with it. The masking is very great. The tiles fit together without problems. But it is still hard to work with it.

I think I know the hard work and the time you spent into it.
I think this is one of the best tilesets i ever seen. So here is a 9.5


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RecommendedReview by Ischa

6 Mar 2006, 16:43 (edited 6 Mar 06, 16:46)
Spaz Slackrabbit (108 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings102 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness31%

Rating Islands in de Sapphire Sea:

RATING PRACTICAL: It is a practical tileset. Very practical. One of the most practical tileset I’ve ever seen.

RATING BEAUTY: It is also a beautiful tileset with a nice sea, sun, bottles and treasures. Just so beautiful as practical.

RATING ORGINALITY: It is also orginal. I have never found a pirate-tileset until now!

RATING EXAMPLE LEVEL: The example level is good! But which boss is the best boss that I can use?

Download recommendation: Yes

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RecommendedReview by Strato

6 Mar 2005, 22:36
Bee Boy Swarm (42 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings38 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness57%

As I see it, this is one of those tilesets you’re going to love yet hate at the same time.

Pros -
Huge variety of eyecandy. This is the sole reason that I love this tileset. All the stuff you can little the ground with is great. Unfortunantly almost all of that variety is on the tops of platforms, meaning the walls and stuff are left with nothing. I’m sure it can be worked around a bit by placing ledges in the walls, but it makes it rather annoying.

Theme. Comeon, it’s islands with piraty stuff. How can you resist? I think most people are missing the point and saying that the theme is only pirates, whereas I see it as more of the island aspect. Besides, if you want to make anything at all on an island, this is gonna be your only choice.


Man, is this tileset difficult to use. You’re almost forced to sacrifice a background layer right from the start to make some areas peice together right. Even worse is the technical aspect of peicing platforms together, which becomes a real chore. Often time you’ll either have to scrap that spot or the solution ends up being just two rows aboce were you were looking…in the middle of the Eye-candy section. The end result is very nice, but getting there is nerve racking. You have to practice alot with the tileset, and even before that you have to have a mastery of working with tilesets to begin to make something with this.

Walls are bland. No texture, no shading, nothing. Just a flat color. At least the caves are alright.


This tileset is so cool! But the process of making a level with it is so frustrating. Bit it’s still a mighty good tileset, and the end result can be amazing.

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RecommendedReview by DarkSonic

13 Jul 2005, 21:40
Carrot Juice Addict (307 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings177 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness85%

I made a level with this tileset and I just wanted to do a tileset review. So here it goes.

What you can do with this tileset is already clear for me. Levels with this tileset will probably have something to do with water(the levelname). Levels made with this tileset so far had words like sea, harbour, bay and coast in their names) and the tiles are of high quality. The tileset has some tiles I find unneeded, but that’s probably me. Eye candy isn’t that hard to make with the tileset. The caves could be hard to link sometimes, but I don’t think it’s a real problem.

Easy to use, or not?
At first I found it hard to use, but that was mostly because I didn’t check the masks. If you can make the ground well, you’ll have no problems in using this tileset. I thought I’d never use the tileset but I did. Heh. I think the tileset won’t be easy for everyone, I’ll say it’s medium. Don’t use it if you still have to learn alot in JCS. If you make eye candy layer 5 should be used alot in my opinion, or layer 2/3. In a level, layer 4 should have objects in the sand. Be sure to check the masking!

Eye candy
The tileset’s eye candy is very good. What I did with the tileset wasn’t even the best possible. I’ve seen better eye candy in the previous levels created with the tileset. Animations are possible too, they’re very nice! The backgrounds you can make with the tileset are pretty good. The clouds can be used, but also the water with objects in it. The objects even have shades! =D. By the way, the objects to put in the sand look nice too, but don’t overuse them or place too many of the same one too close to eachother.

The tileset’s masking is very nice. I had trouble finding the right masks, like I already said, but it’s fine. The backgrounds’ masks are nice as well, especially the clouds. They look very nice and fit exactly.

This tileset is very nice. It’s one of my favourites. I wouldn’t mind to see more levels with it. (Only 1 CTF, 1 Race and about 3 Battles are made, and of course the example level) The example level was great. The tileset is 3D, has alot of features and I recommend everyone who’s quite good in JCS to use it. It’s not overused at the moment. Any type of level can be made with it. Download the tileset if you haven’t already. My review comes quite late but I just wanted to make a tileset review. This is even my longest tileset review ever.
Final rating : 8.8. Very impressive.

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Review by BlazinDragon

11 Sep 2009, 04:03
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0

hm, interesting. I didnt expect my old username to come up for the review of the day on the day i randomly check J2O ^^;. Good bein back, o btw….OHAI guys <3 still miss ya ^_~. cant remember what the level looked like since it was 4 years ago, but its prob good if i gave it an awesome rating XD

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Review by Disguise

9 Mar 2005, 20:25
Turtle Goon (56 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings52 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness60%

Your tilesets still fascinate me, keep up the great work!

Pardon the short review, but I really can’t think of anything to say, this is great.

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RecommendedReview by valdr

29 Jun 2005, 20:56
Frog (18 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings18 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness15%

Blade has never uploaded here a totally ugly tileset and as I can see he progresses in tile creation. Background tiles are brilliant, cool cartoonlike landscape that needs no drastical improvement. But tiles for foreground and sprite layer are still a bit monotonous one coloured, I’d like to see some pattern and shading on the walls. It is possible to do and there are good examples in some tilesets uploaded to this site. 8 points is my final rating – read it as: good but needs some serious improvements to be perfect.

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Review by Galavant !

15 Mar 2005, 14:38
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness58%

Very good tileset!
Very good variety, color (like cartoon!) and many other things!. But this tileset is so hard to use, but you can do with this tileset do the true pirat paradise!

Very good tileset!

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