Toasted territory

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21 Mar 2005 at 15:45 (Minor update on 29 Mar 2005)

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Sacrush (More uploads by Sacrush)
Tileset by Skulg. Betatesters: Cooba, Ðx, Reptile, BlurredD, Superjazz, Ragnarok, Olsen and Darksonic
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XLMTT.j2l Toasted territory 6.76 kB 21 Mar 2005
wbrg.j2t Where Bad Rabbits Go 49.07 kB 18 Oct 2002 Underworld II 1800.92 kB 11 Dec 2004


author description:
This level was originally planned for a battlepack but Reptile suggested to upload it before the Bash begins. All betatester said this level was really well so its good enough for the bash (I hope). ;p

Level description:
This once was a beautiful and peacefull place where happy bunnies lived without fear. Untill one day… A demon came! The demon went nuts and destroyed the peacefull land. Now the place is unlivible and its full with flames and fire.

Edit: Level setting fixed. ;p


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RecommendedReview by cooba

11 Sep 2005, 11:56 (edited 11 Nov 11, 11:53)
Carrot Juice Addict (326 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings112 Featured reviews32 Average helpfulness86%

The eyecandy here does the work well. Unlike many of the levels using this tileset, this level really feels like set in a hot environment. Sprite/foresprite layers look really good. The walls are all detailed and give this level a semi-3Dish feel. Layer 5 is used to help out the sprite eyecandy, and it does the job. Lots of Flicker Light events make in front of the lavafalls make up for a very well created effect. However, the background layers suffer from lack of originality. The same background has been used to death, and the moving lava on layer 6 doesn’t really help it out. Satan planned something to move across the lava (the bubble animation?), but that was deleted and remnants of the planned layer can be seen in its properties.

This level finds the happy medium between two kinds of bad flow. You can’t really say whether do you have to jump a lot in this level or not, it’s all very well balanced. The layout also works. It’s mostly enclosed, albeit there’s enough space for the players to move around without bringing on the chaos. Also this level is rather small, and thus not reccomended for a bigger group of people. 3 players will be sufficient.

The placement is alright. The ammo is spread out fairly, and in some nice ammo patterns as well. There are also a few fastfires to help out the Blaster PU, and rather scarce seekers. The two latter powerups are harder to get, as the Bouncer PU requires some RF climbing, and the RF PU is hidden somewhere too (not telling you where >D). Also if you’re low on ammo, you can get to an ammo barrel and get some ammo. This level has also two carrots (like Satan pointed out) and they’re also placed fairly well. Nothing extraordinary, though, and none of them is hidden (I couldn’t find the upper one though). Their respawn time is also alright.

  • Well done eyecandy
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Original layout
  • Enough ammo
  • Sufficient number of carrots, considering the fact that two of the three powerups are hidden
  • Rather small


This is a well done battle level. It was approved by CelL and FS who organised Anniversary Bash 7, and that should be enough of proof (aside from my review). IMO this is one of the better levels of this year, so download. OR I BAN.

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Review by White Rabbit

28 Mar 2005, 14:09 (edited 27 Feb 06, 19:16)
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (435 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings268 Featured reviews15 Average helpfulness85%

The nxt lvl setting doesn’t work. You might want to fix those kinds of bugs before I start reviewing. ;-P

EDIT: Hey, wow, look, I still haven’t reviewed. How careless of me. ;-(

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RecommendedReview by Jarno vos

27 Mar 2005, 09:17
Bee Boy Swarm (31 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings31 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness7%

Great Job!!
it’s Awesome It Are On All Places!!!

Yahoo My Friends And I Play This Lvl All DAy On Multieplayer!thy find it great!(Same As I)

I Luv It…Very Much!

You’re A Great Lvl MAker (And I Am A BAD One)

Great!!!!( HAve You Heard That Word Ever Again?)

It’s So Good!

Download recommend!


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