Corsair's Coast

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4 Apr 2005 at 02:26 (Minor update on 5 Apr 2005)

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Blackraptor (More uploads by Blackraptor)
Blade for the wonderful tileset, DRQ for the music, LRK for suggesting the music. Rest is in the readme.
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Corsair's Coast.txt 1.55 kB 03 Apr 2005
Blacky1.j2l The Corsair's Coast 13.09 kB 05 Apr 2005
Islands.j2t Islands 108.75 kB 02 Mar 2005
drq-joll.xm jolly good weather 218.74 kB 03 Jan 2002


Well, I had a recent burst of inspiration so I decided to use it to create this. I finished it in only a few days, and around 5 people maybe got to see it in progress before it was released. I had to wait a while, until the AB packs were released, but here it is =D.

I’m also releasing this level as a (late?) birthday present to NinjA. If you haven’t already, go wish him a happy birthday.

Anyways, review this when you download it, since feedback is appreciated.

v1.05 (April 5)
Changes Made:
Fixed an area in the level because of a masking bug in the set
Fixed an out-of-the-way area of the level where it is possible to get stuck.
Made RF powerup able to be gotten by TNT and bouncers.
Put in a bit more ammo because of WR ;(.
Two fixes made (for jazz convenience)


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RecommendedReview by White Rabbit

4 Apr 2005, 22:26
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (435 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings268 Featured reviews15 Average helpfulness85%

I AM SICK AT JAZZ-UNFRIENDLY LVLS! -0.3 FOR JAZZ-UNFRIENDLINESS!!!!!!!!!!111111 Right, now that I have gotten my point across, I can start with my review.

The Corsair’s Coast is yet another battle lvl using Blade’s newly re-named Islands tileset. I’m eagerly anticipating the race for the first CTF lvl using this tileset, guys. :-) For now, I’ll be happy that I won the race of ‘Who gets to review this lvl first?’

When I first looked at the lvl in JCS I was quite surprised at how 3D-ish the tileset made the lvl look (from 12.5% size). The bottom platform is especially large and chunky. The lvl itself is quite basic and consists of 7 main platforms and the rest are just giant ledges connected to the lvl’s walls/cliffs.

There are not many secrets in this lvl (just 1, involving a suckertube, which will hopefully make you double back faster than your opponent can). The rest are just little text messages. The two coin warps are quite fun and however hard you try, you can never, it seems, be able to run out of coins for the warp but I wouldn’t recommend going to the bottom, gold-chest coin warp unless you got plenty of coins, because without coins, that place is a dead end. Add to the fact that there are seekers, PU bounces and PU RFs in Corsair’s Coast, and you have yourself a serious health hazard at pos 9, 86.

The gameplay, as I’ve already mentioned, is seriously Spaz-biased. (And he can reach two of them easily by using sidekick – bet BR’s betatesters didn’t notice that when they tried to make it less Spaz-biased ;-P), reaching all the platforms, etc. For the most part, the springs are well-placed, the float-up useful when you want to go down but suddenly change your mind, and best of all, you don’t have to be Spaz to jump back up :-P, and the water makes for interesting strategies with RFs, bouncers, seekers and hazardous semi-dead-ends.

There isn’t enough ammo in here. And far too much carrots. Two carrots are too close to each other. I am writing incredibly short sentences. Ahem. Anyway, there aren’t enough toasters, seekers,peppersprays, the electroblasters aren’t close enough to the RF PU, and so on. Not enough ammo, not enough explosions, not enough HAHA-5hks, too much carrots and not a single weapons box in sight. Ok, they cause lag, but just one box for one type of ammo would solve a lot (provided they are placed correctly…but BR knows his stuff :-p).

The eyecandy is about as good as you can expect from a lvl using the newly-renamed Islands, and I just remembered that I mentioned that Islands was re-named in an earlier paragraph. The under-water “hills” should be animated, but since they’re not, I guess that’s Blade’s fault. All background layers are used but there aren’t enough foreground stuff. BR could’ve looked at Blade’s example lvls and put a lot of stuff in the foreground, especially in layer 1 and in the large, yellow, empty sands. It won’t make the lvl look too full and it will only make hapless reviewers like me fall for simple eyecandy tricks and rate 9.2 or something.

There’s not too much to talk about one single lvl. This lvl is basically:

1. Slightly Spaz biased.
2. Has good eyecandy.
3. Apart from points 1, 2 and 3, has great gameplay.
4. Needs more funny text signs (rating not deducted because of an absence of 4).

Corair’s Coast is a solid ****-star lvl. 7.9 and a DL recommendation.

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RecommendedReview by cooba

11 Apr 2005, 22:17
Carrot Juice Addict (325 Points)
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I don’t really have much time to review, so I will keep this short.

This level is a brilliant example of how to use Blade’s recently (one month ago? ;p ) uploaded tileset, Islands. The tileset use is really splendor. With all of the layers being used and gems scattered on the whole level (like Radium has said on this level in Anniversary Bash 7 server, “INTERACTIve eyecandy fx” the outcoming effect is a pure pleasure to the eye. However, I do have a few (really, really minor) gripes. Por exampla’, the coast-like thing on layer 5 visible when you’re underwater shouldn’t have bushes (unless they’re the underwater kind of).

The gameplay is as smooth as it gets with a Blackraptor level. No flow issues, clear and easy to learn layout (after a few minutes of playing in here you should remember each place and most of the (rather pointless, but still funny) secrets), bits of creativity there and there (like both of the coin warps, allowing for quick moving from edge of the map to edge of the map if you have got enough coins. I like it very much, it’s extremely useful when it comes to strategies in this level. Aside from a very slight Spaz bias in some of the places, the gameplay rocks.

Placement of events is a strong point of this level as well (to be honest this level lacks any weak points whatsoever ;p ). The powerups are all logically placed, maybe except for Toaster powerup placed just a few tiles away from the underwater area ;p but that’s about it. There’s enough ammo scattered over the map, and you won’t find yourself running into a place lacking any kind of ammo. Somehow TNT manages to work in this environment as well (handy for blowing up opponents chasing you underwater), and that’s a rare thing in battle. The wide variety (vaarsiinety!!!11omb) of food also makes its job; you will get a Sugar Rush (rather pointless as well) in a matter of seconds. And of course there are three carrots. Unlike WR has said, it’s quite hard to stay alive even with three carrots, when you consider the level layout as a rather tricky one. The similar situation (and the same review issue ;p) could be seen in FireSworD’s Garden Brawl.

(Or it might be just me being rusty. ;p)

Overall, this level does a flawless job on putting you on a pirate coast, which is what the tileset is supposed to represent by itself, but that’s an other story. ;p In short, I give this the rating of 8.7 and a download reccomendation. Keep on making levels like this, Blacky!

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