Battle2 Diamondus

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16 Apr 2005 at 19:55 (Minor update on 17 Apr 2005)

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Ñîçk ÐR (More uploads by Ñîçk ÐR)
Epic for making the original B2

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battle2d.j2l JJ1 Diamondus Battle 2 5.18 kB 17 Apr 2005
j1Diamondus.j2t J1: Diamondus 36.29 kB 07 May 2000
Diamondus.s3m 77.06 kB 07 May 2000


I made this a long time ago, before NOKA’s conversion, and uploaded it under my old username. Since then ive fixed it up quite a bit. This is a conversion of Battle2 to JJ1 Diamondus. Hope you like it (better than the last one). Stay tuned for next level using the Duke Nukem 2 Jail Tileset.


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Review by Arti

17 Apr 2005, 05:57
Frog (24 Points)
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The conversion looks fine, although you edited a few parts. The parts were you, in battle2, could see if you had to use a certain item have been removed!!. You have to know that you have to use a TNT. This is not good… For the rest it is good and you also made a few spots easier to reach. The tiles are good and I couldn’t really see any tilebugs.

People said that eyecandy was important. You did add eyecandy, but not much. The background looks a little bit weird. It is kinda distracting, but yeah. You also put in 2 of those things in the springs thing as a subsitute of the red springs, which have disappeared.
I think this is kinda better. You dont crash into the ceiling now :\ But it could be done better. For example, you put a blue spring on the right, put it on the left too? So people can get the same height. The eyecandy with the, first tnt, block on top of the springs area looks a little bit weird.

Sorry, but eyecandy is really important. They said the same to me and stuff. Your conversion is good, but some stuff you changed is a little bit wrong. Try your best to add more eyecandy.

QUOTE: BTW: Arti, look around, theres still plenty of TNT. (I wanted it all gone but others complained before)

I mean the blocks that indicate that you have to use a TNT to destroy something.

OH! Yeah, They are 4x blocks, but a little bit TNT same. But it doesn’t indicate that.

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Not recommendedReview by Niels aka ChippieBW

17 Apr 2005, 17:12
Turtle Goon (88 Points)
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Battle2 Diamondus
Alright, because I’m kind of bored at the moment and I don’t really feel like posting screenshots or making logs for JJ2WC2, I’ll just write one of my rare and occasional reviews again. I guess you have to be lucky with that. Or not? You’ll soon find out, at the end of this review… Anyway, I modified it a bit because of the fact that’s

EYECANDY: 1.3 out of 3.0
Oh great, another Battle 2 edit. A lot of bad things come out of my mind right now but I’ll try to suppress them in order to make an objective review. I see you used a version of tis set called “J1: Diamondus” which was not really a good idea, because usage of the much better NOKA conversions of this set would be much better for the level. Ah well, let’s take a look at it as it is now. The background is the first thing you notice, and it disappointed me that it was quite… plain. Layer 8 was used for central background, and 7 for the sun/moon only. I guess the level would have been a LOT better in looks if you added a good and stable background to it. Let’s go on with the other eyecandy: well, it’s pretty minimum. The level looks pretty plain and it doesn’t really feel natural. Some more vegetation, less squared-off eyecandy and more things like moving mushrooms etc. would help to improve the level a lot. For now, it’s pretty minimum and not really attractive to play. One last point: the diamonds in the walls. You really used a crapload of them and the result is that there are many tile bugs, which are probably made because this level is pretty rushy.

Well, what can I say about it, it just keeps being a Battle 2 edit – which is the standard battle level that I like the least, unfortunately. However, I’m glad to see that one major issue for me with the original B2 is fixed – the addition of a Seeker Power-up. This makes the level a lot more attractive for me, because this fact makes the game a lot more exciting and shorter. There’s also one minus about this Seeker PU: it’s very well hidden by some destruct sceneries which look like ordinary walls. The same thing goes for the RF and Bouncy PU, which are probably a bit over the top (one PU would be enough) This wall thing would not really be a big deal if all the other destruct sceneries would be just normal, but that’s not the case: all destruct sceneries are made out of walls which take several shots to be destroyed, and this gives a rather confusing feeling. Again, this problem would have been solved if the NOKA Conversion was used, which features ordinary and decent destruct tiles.
Another thing which I saw during my game in this level, was the fact that the level looks really unfinished. For example, take a zoom-out on layer 4 in JCF. About 60% of the layer is used but the playable part is very roughly separated from the non-playable part, and you can see the rough borders when you get near the level border. This is really a ugly and unnatural thing, and I don’t see why you couldn’t just take five minutes to solve this problem. I know it’s also used in the original battle2, but in that level the borders were still mainly invisible. That’s not really the case here.

I don’t really have to say much about this awkward level. It has it’s good sides and also a lot of bad sides. A good point is the fact that the level finally comes with Powerups (although three would probably be too much) and bad points are the poor eyecandy, tilebugsm ugly backgrounds, weird sceneries and rough borders. This level isn’t good enough for a download recommendation, and if you want to play a similar level I recommend you to just use the casual B2, or – much better – the excellent “Night Fight” version by Pyromanus, which has splendid eyecandy and also a Powerup. This level has a 5.6.

Score: 1.3 + 4.3 = 5.6
Download: No, I don’t think so. Much better battles to download.
Host: Why don’t you host Night Fight or Battle2 instead?

- ChippieBW

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Review by Ðx

17 Apr 2005, 06:41
Carrot Juice Addict (330 Points)
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Indeed Arti zip is Damaged, fix it please

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Review by Ñîçk ÐR

17 Apr 2005, 17:26
CTF Bug (5 Points)
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Fixed now. BTW: Arti, look around, theres still plenty of TNT. (I wanted it all gone but others complained before)

Re to Arti’s Quote:
Huh? I dont recall them ever existing in the first place.

And Chippie, I dont think NOKA was born when I made this.

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Review by jWLKR

24 Apr 2005, 01:07 (edited 27 Apr 06, 19:11 by Fquist)
CTF Bug (0 Points)
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awesome edit of battle2!!! the tileset is great and it gives that boring lvl a great new feel!
(Unsupported rating removal. How does it? Explain more. ~Violet)

what more do i need 2 say? i think he did a wonderful job on it and that it beats the original battle2. really its a good lvl he had 2 do a lot a work on it and he should be given credit 4 it. i think its great that someone would make an original lvl that gets boring different and fun again. so i give it a 9 an dont edit that cuz it deserves a good rating.

[Unsupported (9) rating removal. Care to explain why it is good, not just that it is good? – FQuist]

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