Santranigus V

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17 Apr 2005 at 12:47

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White Rabbit (More uploads by White Rabbit)
Capture the flag
Never use the phrase 'due to the fact that' as a replacement of 'because'. It is silly to use that phrase and although it's technically correct, it's very, very bad English. Never, ever use 'due to the fact that'. Never. Ever. Due to the fact that my betatesters were so many (about 15, I think), I can't remember and/or list them all here. They know who they are so I just want to thank them like this. It's the best way. :-)

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readme.txt 1.54 kB 17 Apr 2005
wrsantranigus.j2l Santranigus V 12.92 kB 17 Apr 2005
SwampsD.j2t Swamps Day 196.30 kB 11 Nov 2001


“Never start a project until you’ve picked out someone to blame.” Well, I blame Evilmike. I, kind of, followed his instructions in a ‘gameplay theory’ thread on the JCF and the result was this. I did a lot of things on my own because I felt, rightly I hope, that Mike was only giving guidelines.

The lvl is named after a planet from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Santranigus V (you know, the planet with the suspicious fish and even more suspicious water under glades and meadows? ;-)). This lvl doesn’t have any jaguars, owls or drinkable liquids, just so you know. It’s also my first try at an almost 100% symmetrical lvl. It’s size is 120×85 instead of 121×85 (Agama’s even-number tiles tree trunk made me do this), so I’ve had to do a little gizmoing around with warp targets, etc. ;-P

I haven’t actually received much output from ppl who have looked at my previous CTF lvls, except for the fact that I keep making the same mistakes (?!) over and over again. Well…er…obviously I haven’t learnt any lessons, which means that I still have lessons to learn and lessons are always beneficial and you should never learn from your mistakes if it benefits you, so according to my flawed logic, I should continue to make bad CTF lvls, ahem.

Ok, enough ranting from me, go DL the lvl and don’t complain about the absence of jaguars plz!


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RecommendedReview by DarkSonic

17 Apr 2005, 13:32
Carrot Juice Addict (306 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings177 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness85%

The last time I reviewed, Surinam was not independent yet. Better said, a long time ago.

Santranigus V

This level was made by White Rabbit. Using EvilMike’s level guide, he made a level and uploaded it. I have seen this level in his server and I tested it a bit. Now let’s start with the review, okay?

EvilMike’s opinion is that eye candy isn’t too important to make a good level. I personally don’t like that fact, because I like eye candy alot. Now let’s see how the eye candy is in this level.

For this level, the Swamps Day tileset is used. This tileset offers you alot of eye candy, but in this level the eye candy is not the main part. The eye candy in this level is good enough, and I have no real complaints. The tileset and layer use is good as well. Almost every layer is used and alot of different tiles are used. I don’t know what to tell about the eye candy, so I’ll go on with the next part. The only flaw is probably that I think there isn’t enough, but it does its job.
Rating : 2.4 out of 3.0.

The gameplay is the part where’s focused most on. This level’s layout looks good. The level is not completely symmetrical. There are some good routes, and some ideas are used as well. For instance, the spider web wind turret at the top-middle. The spring placement is good, and there are no real dead ends in the level. The bottom has 2 warps you need to get something I mention later in this review. The flow in this level is good, which is needed. There aren’t alot of obstacles between the bases, but the wind turret is an example of an obstacle because it slows you down. The bottom area of the level is water ; like the warps at the bottom-left and right. Some one ways are placed here and there, and I don’t think the level is too cramped in some places. I think the gameplay here is a strong part of the level.
Rating : 3.3 out of 4.0.

Now let’s go to the placement.

When I saw this level the last time before it was uploaded, it had no food. Now it has alot of food. It’s not really overused, so it’s the first good part. Second part is that the ammo placement is good, and it’s good spread. The level has 3 main power-ups, and 1 gun9 PU at each side. The main PU is the Seek PU, which is hard to get if you don’t have a bad timing. You have to use the warp at the bottom-left and right and you have to shoot gun9 fast. The minor PUs are the Bouncy and RF PUs that you can find above the water, then at the left and right sides. The full energy carrot is at 61,65, and it’s just above the water. It’s possible to shoot it down. The +1 carrots are above the gun9 PUs. Some ammo is on the ground, other ammo is in the air/in the water. There are also some crates but they aren’t a real problem. The flaws are probably that the PU choices are unoriginal and that some people have trouble with getting the Seek PU. That’s no problem in my opinion, though.
Rating : 2.3 out of 3.0.

Others : this concludes a good new level by White Rabbit. I was trying to use a new system so you can blame me if this new system sucks. This level prevents alot of camping, but it’s still possible. I will now give you my final rating.

2.4 + 3.4 + 2.2 = 8.0 out of 10.0.

Host : sometimes. This level is something new you might want to try once. It’s probably a good level for 2v2.
Download : Yes.
I edited the review to mention what can be improved, but that’s one of the worst part for my reviews.
EDIT : I added 0.1. Just because.
EDIT2 : an 8.1 looked too high, now it’s 8.0 again.

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RecommendedReview by Arti

17 Apr 2005, 20:40
Frog (24 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings24 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness65%

Lets get started! Reviewing… Santranigus V.

Very nice, I really like it. A lot of use of food to. There are no more tilebugs I think, although I don’t like some parts of the leaves that are placed.

Gameplay: Very good! The flow is nice. You can get fast to the other base, but the spider web wind is really nice! I think that is quite original. Haven’t seen it before.

Weapons: Good, although I don’t like the same PU. For the same team is ok, but maybe you coulda use a other pu. This is fine, as there is enough for everyone in this level. A little bit empty on some places though.

Bugs: Nope.

Comment overall level: Good! I hope you continue making more. Right size. I really like the text things! Water warps are fun :)

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RecommendedReview by the WINNER

17 Apr 2005, 19:19
Bee Boy Swarm (46 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings46 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness47%

I can’t believe it I found a jaguar in a level that’s author said there’s NO JAGUARS. Liar!

Eye Candy 8.7
Thank you for not respecting Mike’s opinion of having crap eyecandy in a good gameplay level. And I see you lied about the absence of jaguars. I found four jaguars in this level. For the rest, you see nothing original. The eyecandy’s exactly like in any other of your average Swamps levels. And because I found no tilebugs, I will proceed to the next section.

Gameplay 8.4
The fastest way to get the flag is through the hole in the tree. Jumping over the tree isn’t smart, because there’s wind at the top for an unknown reason I don’t know of. It slows down and is sometimes annoying. Now, unlike the author said, the level isn’t symmetrical. He said it’s not 100% symmetrical. But it isn’t 75% symmetrical either. It’s less than that. There’s also water in the bottom.

Placement of Stuff 7.1
You said in the author’s description there’s no drinkable liquids. Now that’s a lie. There’s a lot of them. And also a lot of other kinds of food. Thanks for not overusing them (although sometimes I get this weird feeling “NOT ANOTHER SUGAR RUSH”). There’s the powerups. RF on the right side and bouncers on the left side. I dislike this. RFs are better than bouncers in many ways. There’s the seek powerup in the middle, that’s having a bit different placement. You take one of the warps in the water (YES! Either side! Doesn’t matter which!) and then you QUICKLY shoot right! The Power is Yours. About the rest of the loose ammo, they’re placed in a good way. There’s a Full Health Carrot at the top of the watery place (Find a jaguar below it!).

Miscellaneous Stuff
I noticed that you lied in the author’s desctiption, in the readme, and even in the level about one thing. You said there are no jaguars, owls or drinkable liquids. Well, I found four jaguars, two owls and three different drinkable liquids, and there’s a lot of them on the loose. April fool’s over already!

Overall 7.9 (not an average!)
This is the conclusion text for another CTF level, this time using the swamps tileset. Thumb-up (download recommendation) for you and I’m gone!

No, I didn’t lower the rating because of you lying. That would be stupid.

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Review by White Rabbit

17 Apr 2005, 19:32
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (435 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings268 Featured reviews15 Average helpfulness85%

Ahh! So you can use paragraphs in lvl descriptions after all!

Ahem. Anyway, it would be nice if you could suggest improvements, DS, because you haven’t really told me what’s wrong with the lvl. ;-P Thanks anyway, though. Best CTF lvl so far. :-P MY best, you foo.

@The Winner: I hope the reason why it’s not an average isn’t because I “lied”. No, I won’t bother explaining to you why didn’t technically lie because I am writing under the assumption that my lies do not drag down the rating in any way and that you just wanted to call me a liar. :-D ;-P <— double smileys!

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RecommendedReview by Grytolle

18 Apr 2005, 20:31 (edited 7 Oct 05, 11:48 by grytolle)
Bee Boy Swarm (28 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings7 Featured reviews5 Average helpfulness73%

Bleh, I said I would rate this, But I cant since I dont have inspiration to motivate my rating. I think the level is ok, though, not very funny to play IMO.
I think I liked that windevent most. It is useful like a turret but you can escape from it. I think that was the only area of the level I liked, meaybe with the exception of the bases, which are campable, but not to easy to camp at =P.

Overall I just think it is a bit unoriginal. Sorry WR.

But since I am a suck reviewer I recommend you to d and see for yourself ;)

Well, I changed my mind. I like the level, and whilst 2v2ing there I found there are a lot of tactical aspects I do like, not to mention the way WR doesn’t overdo eyecandy (which is overrated by so many).

The team that has their base to the left has an advantage in a 2v2, I noticed… When you don’t have flag as that team you can just get the RF PU all the time and do kamikaze killing at your opponent (for example FireSworD ;p) who is RTS at the right base :) I consider this as a possible unfairness, considering the other team can’t do the same with bouncers due to base being placed on top of the level.

I also like the way water allows you to camp the carrot with blaster only, or shoot the carrot down into the water for easy laming (however this didnt work in the 2on2 I played, due to carrot desynch :( )

I enjoy the basearea, since the ground is sort of… not entirely flat. this allows you to easily hide from RFs and other straightgoing weapons.

What could possibly be improved:
(+) Make it so the PUs are placed more equal… perhaps 2 PUs of each sort in the level? (much ammo is always good:))

(+) I noticed that in an intense game you don’t have time to fetch the gun4 PU during game, maybe it could be done easier or so? This isn’t necessary, however, since it adds sort of a tactical aspect… “Should I try to take the PU and risk getting late to scoreing /getting ready?”

Perhaps I was just too content with that one game (beating good players is sort of satisfying)… Ill still give it an 8.4… o, I can’t… It’s your lucky day WR, you got an 8.5 instead =)

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