Jungle rabbit's cave

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30 Apr 2005 at 14:24 (Minor update on 30 Apr 2005)

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Capture the flag
Level by Yasco. And Yasco and I thank Cooba and Vivando for some good suggestions.
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xlmjrc.j2l Jungle rabbit's cave 10.69 kB 30 Apr 2005
Raneforus.s3m 126.28 kB 08 May 2000


Yasco made the hole layout and did all the placement and stuff. I only did the Eye candy but he wanted me to upload it so here it is!

Anyway you can just rate it as allways so go and review!!!

Level for XLM.

Reupload: some minor bugs fixed.


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RecommendedReview by DarkSonic

4 May 2005, 13:34
Jazz Jackrabbit (296 Points)
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Jungle Rabbit’s Cave

I start this review for the 2nd collaboration level for XLM now. It’s made by Satan and Yasco, but Yasco did the most important work. I like eye candy more, but placement and layout are better together. I have to say the layout is something different for once.

I’ll start with the eye candy this time. Like I said, Satan made the eye candy for this level. The level is pretty dark, and it uses some interesting light effects. One place is pretty light, though. This level provides a sort of cave, and I guess the name of the level fits it well, because a cave has to be dark. There are also some animations. Every layer is used in the level. The tileset use is excellent as well. The eye candy isn’t the best I have seen with this tileset, but I think it’s good enough.
Rating : 2.4 out of 3.0

The level has more height than width, which is something that doesn’t happen alot. The layout is quite original, and it has some ideas. The tubes in the level could use a sign to where they are, because I can run in a tube without knowing there is one. The base placement is quite good, but there is a small advantage for the red team. The blue flag is harder to defend than the red flag. The spring placement is quite good, and the copter is useful. The level is quite cramped in some places, but it’s playable for me. It takes quite long to reach the other base, but it’s no problem(or I am just slow) The level isn’t too easy to learn, but if you play it enough times, you’ll know it fast. The flow is good, but not perfect. It needs some work, probably because of the amount of tubes. The springs under the carrot prevent that people camp under it. It was hard to find all the different tubes in this level.
Rating : 3.0 out of 4.0

I’ll now go on with the placement. The level has some big groups of ammo, and smaller ones. The good thing is that there is no overuse of ammo this time. The level has 3 Power-Ups, and you need to get 2 of them with Gun9 once again. The 3rd PU is obtainable by a normal way. There is some fastfire that’s placed in the northwest area of the level, which is close to the blue base. The level has one full energy carrot that’s placed good enough. In my opinion, Seek PU vs. Bouncy PU is a bit unfair, but it’s no major problem of the level. The choices of ammo are good enough, but I wouldn’t place too many groups with different types of ammo in them.
Rating : 2.1 out of 3.0.

Conclusion : a quite good level by Satan and Yasco. I am giving this a 7.5 and a download recommendation.

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