JJ1: Industrius

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1 May 2005 at 22:29

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Lark (More uploads by Lark)
Tileset conversion
Beta testing by EvilMike, FireSworD, Cooba, and Violet CLM. Example level is by FireSworD.

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olcunder.j2l The Underground 6.88 kB 01 May 2005
JJ1 Industrius 2005.j2t JJ1: Industrius 2005 93.67 kB 30 Apr 2005
JJ1 Industrius Evening.j2t JJ1: Industrius Evening 93.82 kB 30 Apr 2005
Go down.it Go Down 1995.96 kB 25 Dec 2000


In realization that the first version of JJ1: Industrius I made was a terrible excuse for a tileset, I present to you JJ1: Industrius 2005, and it’s evening cohort.


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RecommendedReview by JelZe

5 May 2005, 21:32
Spaz Slackrabbit (136 Points)
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Ok, it seems the newer folks have never even seen the original Jazz Jackrabbit from 1994. Back then the graphics were far more… primitive than they are now, think of… Super Mario Advance :P This tileset is a conversion, so the graphics were already made. Labratkid merely ported them to JCS, so it needs to be approached from a different angle than, o say, a whole new level. This review will first focus on the regular 2005 version, then explain the differences between that and the evening version.

Conversion Completeness
Violet will probably disagree, but I don’t see anything missing, and I do mean nothing is missing. Aside from the expected stuff like brick and stone platfroms, windows and whatnot, there are some other things in JJ1 nicely reproduced. Advertisement of the Gravis Gamepad? Got it. “Enjoy Epic”? you betcha. The missles you could ride? They’re back, as animated sprites. Platforms moving at insane speeds? What do you think? City Background, transport tubes, Epic Pinball and One Must Fall, this set’s got it all. Sorry, couldn’t resist. :P

Added extras
In this era of J2O, people expect a conversion not only to be complete, but to have some extras as well. JJ2 has more features than JJ1 and it would be a shame not to use them. Check off time!

- Vines: check, with all three kinds of background tiles.
- Poles: same story
- Hooks: none
- destructable blocks: only two, the * and ! kind.
- Sucker Tubes: see previous sections
- Conveyor Belts: none. In an urban world like Industrius he could have easily put some in.
- 3D Background: it’s there but… why is it blue? I suspect palette issues have something to do with it, but it would have been if it was pink like in JJ1, call me a purist if you will. At least it works in 8-bit.
- Text signs: based on the JJ1 ones.
- Trigger blocks: only the outlined ones.
- Inivisible tiles: check.
- Rain and Lightning: check.
- Sun and Moon: technically it should be in the previous section, but Industrius had neither in JJ1, that’s why it’s here. Check.
- Credits: Check.

Perfectly smooth, nothing jagged. It’s always interesting to see those hidden mask messages. Of course, it’s all nonsense. Keen fans can rejoice, there’s a message written in SGA (Standard Galactic Alphabet). If only I could decipher it…

Evening version
The evening version is a simple palette edit, but it’s… not all the way perfect. Everything now has a more orange/rusty tint, and I do mean everything. Labratkid has edited the standard game colors too, so they have the same effect. Intentional or not, i’ll consider it a “happy accident” and will hold nothing against it. I do wish there’s more variaty of shades or colors, I have a feeling a coupel of shades have two entries in the palette.

Example level(not counted to rating)
Just a smal battle level, its biggest goal is showing how to use the set. Those who have played Unreal Tournament may feel right at home, not only because of the music, but the overall setting. There are two mini-arenas next to the main one, an interesting idea. It’s only a tad heavy on the pickups in some areas. Not the best level, but it serves it’s purpose.

Final Verdict
A perfect conversion, but the added stuff isn’t quite perfect. More could have been done. That aside, it’s a recommended for those JJ1 tileset lovers :P

[edit: Thank you Cooba, I now see they are invisible slope tiles. Next time, instead of posting a comment, drop me a PM, ok? I’m not amused at the way you just pointed out mistakes in my review]

- JelZe GoldRabbit =:3

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RecommendedReview by SPAZ18

10 Feb 2007, 21:13 (edited 11 Feb 07, 11:04)
Spaz Slackrabbit (162 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings111 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness73%

This is a fantastic tileset. I’ll post a review tomorrow as I can’t get on the computer right now.

If any of you are wondering how I typed this, I did it with the Wii Remote. Stupid predictive text.

EDIT: Here it is.

This has got to be the BEST Industrius conversion I have ever seen!



The first thing I see is that all the tiles & objects from the original Industrius are there, including the fast moving rockets and the fast moving platforms. The pink background is missing but I don’t think that really matters as I really like the Layer 8 Textured BG. I tested it out in a level and it looks GREAT! All the original adverts are there too including the Gravis Gamepad, Epic Pinball, One Must Fall and “Enjoy Epic.” These can be animated just like in JJ1. There is also some additional stuff including:
*H & V-Poles
*Scenery Blocks – * & ! – I think it could have done with some other blocks including the Keyhole, blocks with a * with a number next to it and maybe blocks with the Weapons on them.
*Trigger Scenery – the lined block.
*New text signs as well as the original JJ1 signs.

Also included is an Evening version, where the only change is that everything has been given a shade of orange. I do think this version looks good but I’m not really too keen on it. I prefer the other version, this won’t affect the rating too much though.

Next, I will now talk about the layout and ease of use of this set.
The layout is SUPERB, tiles are very well organised and not jumbled up. The set is easy to use because you can easily find the tiles you want. Tiles can be animated easily.

Now for the masking, all the tiles are masked correctly, no jagged edges or any tile bugs like that.

EXAMPLE LEVEL (not counted towards rating)

Just a small battle level showing what is possible with this tileset. There are 2 other mini arenas you can choose from.


Now for the rating, I’m gonna give this a 9.0 as I love this tileset but there are still some things that could be added or improved such as more scenery blocks. Evening version is good but I don’t think I’d use it as much as the other version.





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Review by OLOELO

7 Jul 2008, 14:48
CTF Bug (7 Points)
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Good things are:
-Excelent JJ1 animations
-Good pallette
-Nothing missed JJ1 stuffs.
-Moving platforms!
-Lot of JJ2 thibgs:vines,h nad v-poles,JJ2 blocks,3D background,very good.

Bad thing are:
-Not orginal JJ1 Industrius background and this is only that ;)

The final rating of this tileset is:

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Review by Nat

5 May 2005, 18:57
Frog (18 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings18 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness7%

The tileset is nice but the stuff in it is lame so, I’d like to give you 6 i hope you like it.
(Basically unsupported rating removal. And… uh… I really don’t know what you’re saying, anyway. What’s the difference between the tileset and what is in the tileset? Are you rating the .j2t file format or something? ~Violet)

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Review by Pavlik

5 May 2005, 17:24
Frog (13 Points)
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Good but not good enough!
(Ummm… ok. Unsupported rating (5.2) removal. I really don’t know if you downloaded this. There is no proof at all in this review. ~Violet)

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