Pinball Arena 2k5

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21 Jul 2005 at 07:17

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Blackraptor (More uploads by Blackraptor)
Capture the flag
See text in notepad/within level and stuff.
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Olcpinball2k5.txt 3.12 kB 21 Jul 2005
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Uhh…just read the text file ;D.


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RecommendedReview by Ragnarok!

27 Jul 2005, 21:13
Spaz Slackrabbit (147 Points)
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This just about passes my scale of a great level. A few odd things but everything else picks up and cancels that out. I’m being kind to review some levels that some friends made. And this review is mainly coz you beat me. D;

Anyway, BlackRaptor obviously worked hard and tried to make such a good level. Nice new eyecandy stuffz and interesting level. Lets see how well he did …

Rating : 8.5/10
I kind of have to down-rate you a tiny bit because the overused tileset, and a few places not looking so spiffy like the middle. I have to comment on the orange cheesy blocks; they look nice! A load of pinball bumpers and loads of circular blue block things, that looks nice like a pinball bumper with color sucked out, and turned blue of course. Okay, also there are radio blocks on the base areas, I think that was used in FS’s instagib. But again great job.

Rating : 8.0/10
Okayz matez, somez upratingz. Anyway… The layout is nice and solid, solid and amazing that is. Dead ends? Maybe, but those dead ends were covered. ++Warps and such. Anyway, BR obviously thought about his level, planned it, pwned it and uhm made it? It has about 3 blocks im guessing? 1 for each base and the solid outline. Not so platformy at all. Nice and solidy. But the one thing that I need to complain about is that I dont like the bottom quite so much. It seems a tiny bit rushed, much like my levels I’m sure. =( Gj anyway.

Rating : 8.0/10
Okay, new technology here. Suits the tileset eh? Anyway the level has new technology of transport and flow. Pinball bumpers as platforms, Pinball Paddles as springs, a bit of stuff like that. I dont believe in a terrible level, just a bad maker. Obviously that works vice-versa. But vice versa, it is a good level too. ;)
Anyway, the flow isn’t bad, the warps can be told apart and stuffz, so good stuff. Stuff. Stuff? Im banned from China for saying stuff like stuff. ;(
Next important part is the stuffz like camping and tactics. Camping isn’t so easy yet so hard either here, quite a few big camp-spots, which need a bit of changing.
Now, the level has a few tactics, maybe a few RF tricks to move around faster here and there and a few bouncer things, but the walls arent necessarily thick enough to produce everything. Quite a few bombarding tricks and shortcuts and uhh things that help you go faster. GL HF finding.

Rating : 8.0
Okay, the ammo and power-up placement is very super uber sexy. However, the powerups has one little dib that is bad. Dab or dib, who cares? Anyway, I feel that it is too chaotic with 2 RF PUs, and they are quite close too. But I suppose it suits this level as you cant chase very well.

Rating : Chinese 8.2 Or something.
Shup. Nice level GG. Download have fun, just shup?

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Review by EvilMike

29 Aug 2005, 09:21
Jazz Jackrabbit (217 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings101 Featured reviews16 Average helpfulness84%

I’m finally getting around to reviewing this level, something I said I’d do quite some time ago. Now that I have played in the level more, I have no excuse to not review this.

This is an all around good level, suitable for duels or 2vs2 ctf games. It has a fairly original feel due to the usage of pinball events, and is well balanced due to it being symmetrical.

The level is a little too skewed towards the top. Almost all of the good stuff is located there, and the only real reason to go to the rather large bottom area of the level is to get the +1 carrot. Even then, there is a full NRG that spawns at the top. You can also find gun9 at the bottom which can be used to get the RF powerup, but you can also get it with bouncers. This makes the level suffer from a bit of a battle 1 complex, in that it has a large area that doesn’t serve enough of a purpose. Perhaps this could be changed if the two carrots were swapped, so the full nrg spawned at the bottom.

The design of the level makes the gameplay fairly straightforward and fast paced. There aren’t very many places to go, and it is very easy to corner your opponent. For duels, I would say that it is perhaps a bit too easy to get cornered, since this creates a potential for standoffs. This wasn’t a major problem when I dueled here though.

The level requires a fair amount of skill to be good at. The carrot at the bottom is a bit tricky to get, and there are a few areas where somewhat difficult jumps and RF jumping are helpful. This lends a bit of complexity to the level, which it otherwise lacks.

The RF powerup in this level needs to be shot to get it. As stated earlier, you can get it with either gun9 or gun2. Unfortunately there didn’t seem to be enough “loose” rf ammo around the level, which was particularly annoying when I shot the powerup and only got 3 ammo from it.

One aspect of the level I particularly liked was the floor under the full NRG: it was covered in pinball bumpers. If the full NRG gets shot down, the only way to get it is to stomp. This takes time, and causes it to be a bit of a deathtrap. Fairly entertaining.

This level is fairly solid and well polished, and because of that I give it an 8.

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