Team Foo Races Pack 1

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26 Jul 2005 at 03:38 (Minor update on 26 Jul 2005)

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teamfoo01.j2l Team Foo Race 01 8.96 kB 25 Jul 2005
teamfoo02.j2l TeamFoo Race 02 9.27 kB 26 Jul 2005
teamfoo03.j2l Team Foo 03 12.59 kB 25 Jul 2005
teamfoo04.j2l Team Foo 04 12.91 kB 25 Jul 2005
teamfoo05.j2l 1.25 Patched!!! (Team Foo 05) 19.35 kB 25 Jul 2005
FooMergev1.2.j2t FooMergev1.2 220.79 kB 07 Jun 2005
Hocus Pocus 6.j2t Hocus Pocus 6 58.03 kB 08 Jan 2003
HocusPocusEP1.j2t HocusPocusEP1 123.00 kB 17 Oct 2004
Mez01Foo.j2t Mez01Foo 49.53 kB 17 Jul 2003
TavernFoo 1.7.j2t TavernFoo 1.7 28.93 kB 12 May 2005


Thanks to the many many testers who have played this loads of times, particularly bloid,sonyk, and fs AJazz&bob. This is a collection of 5 team foo race levels. Basically you need a minimum of 4 players and each team must have 2 players. Each player must go in one of the 2 paths upon entering the level. Both players in one team can’t go in the same path though or else they can’t finish (many noobs players do this).Feel free to rate, these are foo levels so I have no idea how you will rate them but whatever. Any updates etc and other info can be found on of course ;).

P.S. This is a very recently updated version if you plan on hosting the races please download this pack , the ones I have been hosting recently are no longer the newest versions.


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.8

RecommendedReview by Ragnarok!

28 Jul 2005, 01:31
Spaz Slackrabbit (146 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings88 Featured reviews9 Average helpfulness80%

I only review when a level deserves it, and the loved Foo Races were nice, so why can’t the team races be? So, I would like to see other reviews that are nicely rated, not including mine. Otherwise I will do 683 different points of view in a minute! =O Banned from China.

Team Foo Race 01.

Not much eyecandy effects can be done with this tileset but some stuff are impressive. I guess the eyecandy is okay, for such an overused, 2D set. ;( No offence. It’s still nice. I guess it can be stopped blabbing about or something now.
The flow is simple, a bit biased, but still the same around, not really any tactics but using ammo wisely and smartly. Anyway, if you are dumb, this should be near impossible.
The layout is okay, but races don’t have expected layouts, this is jus quite warpy. But if you really want extra points from me, there would have been a level where all players can meet (and attack eachother if they are dumb/smart enough), maybe even a split way for teams, like a player has a choice of 2 ways to go, despite the JAZZ/SPAZ stuff.
Ammo Placement was good. Nothing to say its race.

Team Foo Race 02.

The eyecandy is okay again, nothing to scream about like WOWOWOWOW! Nothing to scream in fear about. Some interesting unused things, not much but there you go.
The gameplay is quite simple in this one. You SHOULD know where to go. Its basically move down and do what I say. The I being the sign. ;)
The layout is a vertical tower where you descend upon your victory.
The ammo placement? Not much ammo, not much needed!

Team Foo Race 03.

Okay, a few eyecandy bugs here, and I dont really like the set at all, you used it okayish however. There are nice decorative areas.
The gameplay? Its nuts. Just don’t be tempted by the mad rooms, I have to admit, I ran for the bouncer PU a few times.. ;( Sorry spoy. Anyway nice tempting rooms for distractions, would be as hard as ever if you are dumb.
The layout being a big sort of loop that goes close to lines but dont join if you see what I mean.
The ammo is perfectly placed here.

Team Foo Race 04.

The 4th level, well okay eyecandy again, nothing to gasp about. Nothing to cry about. This probably being my favourite one has two things I particularily like. The jail at the end and the moonish lookish pillar.
The gameplay is simple, but may need a brain. Some people lack that factor. Anyway, a lot of repetition if you arent wise. Same sort of layout as 1st. And same sort of ammo placement.

Team Foo Race 05.

The eyecandy has a few bugs and some sexy MCEs. Not much I need to explain. There are loads of JJ2 tilesets morphed together and a lot of fun to play.
The gameplay is smooth for this one, but it can depend on teamplay and waiting behind for slower players
Or they might be doomed to be stuck.
Then the layout comes in, a bit loopy but not a circle sort of thing, you go to various places twice. Ammo = s3xy

Overall ~ How I rate the pack

The pack deserves a high rating, and I felt it should get an 8 from me, maybe a bit low, but im mean. ;( Anyway, I feel the pack is a lot of fun to play online and so you need to download it or be eaten by a fish called Jim!

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Review by Jarno vos

27 Jul 2005, 10:51
Bee Boy Swarm (31 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings31 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness7%

Yeah,Sure I Like This I Like all Foo
Products (Thats why i dont review this)

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