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26 Jul 2005 at 23:56

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Capture the flag
The wonderful beta testers, and Kenny Chou for the music.
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olcwhantil.j2l Whantil 7.30 kB 26 Jul 2005
JJ1 Industrius 2005.j2t JJ1: Industrius 2005 93.67 kB 30 Apr 2005
PowerPlant.mod - One Must Fall! 1 - 79.41 kB 05 Jun 1995


Umm… not too much to say, really. This is a fairly big CTF level using my Industrius set. I experimented with putting a lot of useful items in the middle of the level to draw attention away from the bases in large events where people will have a tendency to camp a lot.

Beta testers: FireSworD, EvilMike, Sciz CT, Blackraptor, Ragnarok, Strato, BlurredD, Bobby, and R3ptile… And I think there might’ve been more that I forgot. If I forgot you, yell at me and if I’m not too lazy I’ll edit the list.


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RecommendedReview by Ragnarok!

28 Jul 2005, 13:59
Spaz Slackrabbit (147 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings88 Featured reviews9 Average helpfulness81%

This probably excited me as much as BR’s level. LRK obviously tried making a successful level, and guess what? He did. Anyway, the level is a bit big, consisting of 5 PUs. 4 are different. There are 2 Blaster PUs. Can be a bit campy at middle and loads of ammo. A while ago, it used to just be loads of bouncers and RFs. Now a bit more fair. 3 carrots quite cramped together.

Rating : 7.7
Well, not many exciting eyecandy effects but at least the places arent cramped with lack of eyecandy, or too much eyecandy. Anyway, the level is quite normal. All the shadows were dealt with. Loads of tubes and nice buildings, this level almost has the feel of a bit of a city.

Rating : 8.2
It actually is fun to play in. Doesn’t suit duels at all, but anything else + is good. There is good flow, and adequate springs, some tubes are a bit hard to get into, but not if you have a brain. The powerups are moderatly easy to notice and get. There isnt much tactic at all in this level, apart from firing weapons at right times. A few RF chases are good. I cant say much.

Rating : 8.5
Well, the layout is pretty solid, and pretty campy. The flagholder has like 2000 ways to never be hit muhahaha, but but but, if you are smart and familiar with the concept of the brain, you should be able to prevent it. Peppermints arent ever used enough, you can chase up slopes with it. Bouncers = Vice versa. Anyway, you can also fire seeks through the tubes or something, double attacking always helps! It’s pretty easy to navigate around here, and it has a city-like layout. Good enough for me.

Rating : 8.2
Now that LRK editted it, enough toasters to attack with. Before there were one billion bouncers and RFs. And like 6 toasters? Not even at all. Anyway now that it is changed, a bit better. A lot of camping due to the where the PUs are and the ammo is, but I guess that is how LRK planned it. Anyway GJ

Rating : 8.2
Download or I get shaney to DWWS with you.

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