Dreams of the Jackrabbit 2

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23 Sep 2005 at 19:10

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Haggis McHaggis (More uploads by Haggis McHaggis)
Single player

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ajdream2.j2l Cheese dream 2.58 kB 08 Sep 2005
Ultimate Mario Set.j2t Ultimate Mario Set 36.37 kB 22 Oct 2002
Mushroom Kingdom.it Super Mario Remix! 463.08 kB 11 Mar 2001


Another level for the series! Enjoy!


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Quick Reviews Average: 5.7

Zoro rated 5.7

Level is too small.

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RecommendedReview by n00b

23 Sep 2005, 21:10
Spaz Slackrabbit (170 Points)
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I’m the third downloader and first reviewer.
What we have here is the sequel to the wonderfully quirky Dreams of the Jackrabbit 1. It’s still quirky in dialouge, but the execution falls flat.
It starts off wonderfully, you must go ensure the safety of Dreamworld by grabbing the cheese of doom back from Bilsy(Maybe after an epic battle, those demon types ussualy are fond of epic battles). Outside are some fancy animations. Goombas look out windows and Bowser breathes harmless fire(He’s blocking blue meatballs you can use as ammo). Theres two passages you can take to get to the castle, one is more hidden than the other and is called ‘Bonus’. Both areas have their share of cool things. The bonus has the return of the firewalls, and the normal path has Jazz exchanging dialouge with a Tuf Turtle.
Either way you end up at Bilsy’s castle, where you fight bilsy in a cramped arena.
It’s shorter than the original, and not as fun. As I mentioned it has some of the quirkiness of the original but it doesn’t feel as fresh and fun anymore.
“Oh” you’ll say “Theres more of that Oddness from the first level” and then move on.
Download Reccomendation? Yes but you might want to consider if you werent a fan of the original. The reason why I am so fond of the first levrl was because it was short, didnt copy much from high rated packs, and therefor wasnt much of a pain to sit through. The second is shorter and therefore shouldnt consume too much of your time, and by the time you have decided you hate it the level will be over.
Final grade -5.6
It’s not as great as the first, but it’s still great if you enjoyed the first one.

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RecommendedReview by CrimiClown

12 Oct 2005, 22:26
Spaz Slackrabbit (125 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings48 Featured reviews12 Average helpfulness83%

Have you noticed this level has the most downloads on the whole page…? :)

Wow… The sequal got a bit dull… Mostly everything what n00b said… I’ll let you off with a 6 this time… Sorry… I really liked the first one, but this one is a bit short…

Nice touch on the Cheese of Doom, though.

Sorry for the late review. Next time, I am going to ENJOY that level! AND YOU BETTER MAKE IT ENJOYABLE! I know you can. I’ve seen it before.


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