Beneath the XLM Castle V2.4

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4 Dec 2005 at 17:46 (Major update on 8 Dec 2005)

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Ðx (More uploads by Ðx)
Arti for Betatesting, and somebody who has made the music. And FireSword for supporting!

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XlmBeneathXC.j2l Beneath the XLM Castle V2.4 4.99 kB 08 Sep 2005
Lava.j2t Lava Lamp 15.33 kB 15 Mar 2003
REGRET.MOD 502.93 kB 27 Jun 1999


V2 :: Thanks FireSword.
V2.4 :: Other bugs fixed.


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RecommendedReview by CrimiClown

5 Dec 2005, 22:14
Spaz Slackrabbit (125 Points)
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Starting Comments
I downloaded the level. Before I played it, I already saw this for a minute or two in a battle server I joined yesterday. I think it’s time to review it.

The gameplay of this level is nothing more than plain brilliant. You can just hold your shift-button and one direction and you will get about everywhere easily. The flow is great. The speed is great! I only had to jump one or two times before I could see the whole level!
_Gameplay = Magnificent! _

The ammo placement was also very good. Nicely spread around, no useless weapons, some fastfires were placed a bit close to eachother, but the rest was okay. What I didn’t like was the PU placement. The Seeker PU was too easy to get. The ElectroBlaster PU is quite useless, exept for the fact that it gives you ammo. The RF PU was nice, though. Placed under a spring, you stomp it automaticly when you just run up some staircases. That was cool.
_Placement = Good _

First of all, your use of the background wasn’t quite what I expected. I just though: “What? Only smoke and a black background?” When I looked at the tileset, I saw that you didn’t had much of a chance. You did a good job with it. The layer 3 eyecandy was also good, I like the curvy edges in front of the wall.
_Eyecandy = Quite good _

Music choice wasn’t the best. It fitted in with the level perfectly. It has the agression that your level shows, but still, I would go with another music file, but that’s personal preferrance. It was a bit too agressive, in my opinion ofcourse. Strangely enough, I knew the music, while it wasn’t even in my folder… Strange. Did you rename it or something? =D
_Music = So-so… _

What can I say? It’s a battle level, I’ve seen this kind of structure before. Still, the springs+wind are quite original, just like the ‘run into your PU’ idea. I quite enjoyed playing this.
_Originality = Good _

If it was an eyecandy contest, I’d give you a 10. Simply because it’s not, I’ll give you an 8.5 on basic score.
_Score = 8.5 _

I just can’t seem to forget the ‘run into your PU’ thing… That really made my day. =D
_Added Score = +0.5 _

Download Recommendation
Sure, it’s fun to host with about 5 people. Then again, I wouldn’t wanna host this on friday evening or something.

Further comment
I see that you have made time for this within your busy schedule for Jazz X. Still, you got talent. Use it wisely. =D

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Review by FireSworD

5 Dec 2005, 18:16 (edited 5 Dec 05, 18:18 by Fire Sword!)
Spaz Slackrabbit (150 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings66 Featured reviews12 Average helpfulness87%

We should be seeing a lot more of this level; it’s fun, smooth, even a little strategy is involved. However, there are a few quriks you should consider for it to become popular:

I suggest making a v2. Get rid of the carrot barrel by the bouncer powerup, it’s critical you do this. Take that extra green spreen out at the top left, you know which one, it disrupts the flow. There are some tiles you can get caught on at around the pos 26,31, they are annoying. The +1 and ANOTHER Bouncer powerup at the right side should definitely be taken care of: rid of or move the +1 and replace the bouncer power with some other powerup.

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Review by Ðx

5 Dec 2005, 19:32 (edited 8 Dec 05, 06:45)
Carrot Juice Addict (330 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings332 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness26%

V2 released

Crimiclown: I made this in 4 days, Jazz X is far from finishd and it will take a long time because i’m making movies and school.

You can espect more Battle/Single Player levels from me first. Mayby TTE3 to?

V2.4 released

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Review by Jarno vos

5 Dec 2005, 15:13 (edited 6 Dec 05, 16:23)
Bee Boy Swarm (31 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings31 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness7%

Begin Comment
Great this level is one i really need to review!
here you go.

sucker tubes good weapon placement shortly : SUPER!

Gameplay Rating 9.8

Whee i love good eyecandy.
some lava falls good suckertubes
and secret areas its got all eyecandy the tileset gots!!


Bonus Stuff
no that not but but that doesnt matter.

Bonus Stuff N/A

Yipeee thats music i love!!
Here you go a 10 for music!

Music Rating 10!!!

Download Recommedation?

End Comment
I did really like to play this this one NEVER leaves my Harddisk!

End Rating 9.9!


[Just using a lot of line breaks isn’t going to make this a good review. Badly reviewed and overrated.]

Edit : Sorry!

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