CashKeep 0.3

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26 Dec 2005 at 13:49 (Minor update on 27 Dec 2005)

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Falcury (More uploads by Falcury)
Falcury, Epic

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CashKeep - HowToUse.txt 2.50 kB 27 Dec 2005
CashKeep1.j2l Darn Ratz 9.02 kB 27 Dec 2005
CashKeep2.j2l Retro Rabbit 5.91 kB 26 Dec 2005
CashKeep3.j2l Frog Stomp 7.41 kB 26 Dec 2005
CashKeep.exe 195.05 kB 27 Dec 2005


This is a little program that will store your collected coins in one level, allowing you to take trhem with you to the next level. I’ve used the shareware levels and modified them a little bit, so they will work with CashKeep.

This is NOT a cheating program, or at least it wasn’t made to use for cheating. CashKeep will only work with those levels that have been modified to allow CashKeep functionality.

Read the readme file for instructions on how to use the program, and how to make levels using CashKeep.

Switch to coop disabled again (thanks, White Rabbit). Use Project Controller to change the game type.

TSF + 1.23 support; the first time CashKeep is activated, game mode will switch to Coop, enabling you to collect more coins in a level after entering a bonus warp; crappy icon added; warping intervals changed from 0.1 sec to 0.5 sec (so you can fall in the Area End Level)


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Review by Odin314

26 Dec 2005, 17:34 (edited 27 Dec 05, 18:21 by RoW_Odin314)
Bee Boy Swarm (39 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings31 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness56%

Sounds great. This could really open the door for some innovative SP packs (for example, imagine collecting coins along the way to buy ammo/powerups at save point stores).

I also hereby copyright the above idea. Use of it is prohibited until I use it in a level pack. Or something.

Falcury: I was kidding. I know I couldn’t copyright it, and even if I could, how would I enforce it? Nonetheless, this is an awesome idea, and i’m really happy you made it 1.23 compatible.

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Review by n00b

27 Dec 2005, 03:09
Spaz Slackrabbit (170 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings78 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness83%

Finally, I can get to work on that JJA remake.

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Review by Falcury

27 Dec 2005, 10:45
CTF Bug (2 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings2 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness50%

“I also hereby copyright the above idea. Use of it is prohibited until I use it in a level pack. Or something.”

You can’t copyright ideas, only finished products ( :P
By the way, it would be quite selfish of you to stop other people using CashKeep in the way you suggested. Funnily enough, I thought of using it to make powerup stores as well. I feel that everyone should be able to use the program in that way.

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Review by White Rabbit

27 Dec 2005, 11:25 (edited 27 Dec 05, 13:16)
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (435 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings268 Featured reviews15 Average helpfulness85%

This is quite a creative and interesting program, IMO, and I’m testing it right now.

One recommendation:
When CashKeep is activated, I recommend warping the player ONCE to 2, 2. Currently, the program warps you to 2, 2 for an indefinite number of times, so if you have not completed the level, you can never get out again until you’ve clicked ‘End Keep’ and jjnowall/jjfly your way out of there. This can also be a big problem if you do not click ‘End Keep’ before the next level loads, since you’ll just warp immeditely to 2, 2 and get stuck there…

Perhaps you could reupload an updated version? ;-)

EDIT: In fact, the program warps you so quickly to 2, 2 that it doesn’t even allow you to fall down into the Exit event. The player must click ‘End Keep’, then quickly ‘Start Keep’, and finally ‘End Keep’ again.

EDIT 2: The program seems fully functional in TSF. The method I had to use was different from the one Cash Keep told me to use, but it still works twice, and I was impressed enough (and kinda forced) to run through all 3 Cash Keep levels twice. Even though this is still v0.1, it works well enough and people can already start making levels with it. I will rate this when a newer version comes out, however.

…and I just found out you can’t recommend an upload without rating it. Well, I don’t care! DOWNLOAD RECOMMENDATION!

EDIT 3: Well, the program is now more easier to use, and works just as well in 1.23, but things have taken a turn for the worse, as the program sets singleplayer to co-op, meaning that you can no longer use any cheats, and you will not be taken to the Game Over screen when you run out of lives. Instead, you will have no choice but to start the levels from the very beginning, rather than from the level you died in, which is a problem for big level packs.

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