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6 Jan 2006 at 20:36

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the jamster (More uploads by the jamster)
Capture the flag
jamster BB hotel heros hazes annerversury pack music

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hotel2000.j2l hotel2000 3.00 kB 06 Jan 2006


a hotel level with bedrooms posh rooms a sercuty room and more my first capture the flag level but i think you will like it i need to know if this is any good so please rate it if you are going to download it thank you set in the year 2000


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Review by Lark

12 Jan 2006, 01:20 (edited 14 Jan 06, 18:55 by Fquist)
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (493 Points)
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This level upsets me greatly. While it shows potential that you may be a good level maker in the future, this is definitely a 1 in my book.

The layout of this level shows no thought put into it whatsoever. It’s extremely blocky, there are dead ends everywhere you look, random warps that you don’t even expect to run into, and you’re gonna have a heck of a time trying to navigate the level easilly.

The ammo placement is quite pathetic as well. There are some random clumps of ammo here and there, leaving lots of places with nothing in them at all. The red base hardly has any ammo in it at all – in fact there’s pretty much nothing in the red base, it’s just some flat and sloped ground, and then a huge dead end with a sign there. Too bad the sign’s not readable since the author put a generator event on it.

As indirectly mentioned above, this level has balancing issues. The red base consists of four +3 ammo events, and two ammo crates – one of which has ice, so it’s useless. The blue base has plenty of places to hide, and get lost in, and much more ammo than the red base does, clearly giving blue the advantage.

Last but not least.. actually, yes, least. The eyecandy is embarassing. For one thing, everywhere you look there are tilebugs. The author made no attempt to make this level look decent; bricks will just end suddenly in mid air, the stairs have no railing, I see floating golden pillars on the roof… and none of the supposedly animating tiles are animated. I see fire but it ain’t moving. What’s up with that. In terms of appearance, this level looks extremely ugly, I see some attempts here and there, but it doesn’t work.

Overall, this is a terrible CTF level and I think it deserves a 1. Don’t download it. Hotels are evil, bad CTF levels are eviler, both of them in one are the devil.

[Administrators are currently debating over this review. Rating may or may not be restored in the future.]

Yeah right Newspaz. You’re ruining this site, you just bully and censor everybody in the downloads section. If my rating’s not back soon or I don’t get notified of why it was removed, I’m putting it back myself.

That would get you a warning. NS is an admin, appointed by me in trust, and because of his position you should listen to him, wether you agree or not. Additionally, as you can see from his pointer, he is not doing this on his own – FQuist

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Review by master sven

11 Jan 2006, 21:13 (edited 11 Jan 06, 22:58 by Newspaz)
Spaz Slackrabbit (124 Points)
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Ratboy why do you do write a so long review well its not a review its more a like you know a promotion for ur brother and you you know made it so long to you know hope it wil hopefully not be editted by a MOD or ADMIN.

In other words: Just write a real revieuw with some real tips!

( My review might be comming soon )
( I gave its a grade because its said this wen i selected N/a Comment Please select a valid rating (1-10) Rating: )

[Rating removed, please review before you specify a rating.]

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Review by ratboy

8 Jan 2006, 21:46 (edited 9 Jan 06, 04:09 by Violet CLM)
CTF Bug (4 Points)
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i cant rate this because im apparently jamster because i live in the same area and because i did not say it takes a lot to impress i got bored of saying that ages ago but im not jamster im his brother i dont see him much because im always out but for god sake i like this level give my bro some credit this is his first ctf level alot of people like it maybe a a expert wont but maybe people who have not played jazz2 long like it im sorry if i being rude but us non experts need to stick up for people who try i have played on this level with my bro lots of times and with friends we love it i would say download recommended sorry again if this is rude this ratboy sticking up 4 the people sorry j2o but i love the site its good great i rate it 10 best jazz site ever but god i rated this good because my bro is still a beginer the rest are not i would like to say j2o rocks and so does this level thank u
(I’ll leave this rating alone from now and let Newspaz or someone tackle it, but I would like to respond to this review as it’s a fairly common position. Within reason, it can be kind to give someone new to the field a small points boost, just so they feel happy and stuff. However, rating something a 10 because the uploader is new is not the best practice. A 10 is unimprovable – it is not possible to create anything better. By giving a newbie such a high rating, he or she may then feel that there is no need for him or her to improve, even if his or her levels suck, because people will give him or her randomly high ratings anyway.
From HONEST ratings and reviews, uploaders actually get a sense of what quality level/tileset/whatever they are capable of producing. If JJ2 can hold their interest, they may work to improve their rating on the honest universal scale. If you find some people who are uploading, say, 7.5 or 8.2 files, and look at their list of files, you may notice that they did not always get so high a rating. People improve. But a 10 is not a good incentive to improve. ~Violet)

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