Eastern Swampside

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14 Apr 2006 at 14:24 (Minor update on 2 Sep 2006)

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P4ul (More uploads by P4ul)
betatesting by blur and chippie. minor help by cooba as always ;p

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ICswamps.j2l Eastern Swampside 11.87 kB 14 Apr 2006
SwampsN.j2t Swamps Night 195.30 kB 11 Nov 2001
S_india.j2b India Fantasies 1078.55 kB 01 Sep 2006


…as usual, once I upload something there’s already something awesome by Monolith which will take away my featured upload award. >:(

anyway, this is a pretty new battle level, with some original gameplay/eyecandy things. download and host (and review :( )if you like.

happy wester easter!
edit: reuploaded with the music file shrunk, for it was causing memory errors.


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RecommendedReview by Superjazz

17 Apr 2006, 18:49 (edited 18 Apr 06, 12:29)
Jazz Jackrabbit (256 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings131 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness89%

Here I am reviewing again. It has been a long time from my previous review,
but something inspired me again to review at least this level, and it’d be
just good to have more reviewers in the community because there aren’t too
many these days anymore, or at least very fair, whatever. Then the level.

For some unknown reason, everytime when I tried to load this level in
internet-play, jj2 ran out of memory. It also happened in single-player if
I self-destructed myself multiple times.

The eyecandy overall is just splendid. Tileset used is Swamps Night and the
background layers have the default set of tiles. The flood around trees that
Agama meant for background-layers. Transparent leaves around sprite-layers
look nice enough though they annoyingly cover the vision in a few places of
the oaks for example. The vertical logs are also used in a more advanced way
this time. The rest additional eyecandy seems to be just fine.

The level has a roundabout ovalish(or not that ovalish) layout. One funny
spot is the tiny flat, best noticable from jcs, that a Spaz-player can reach
with a little work, and hide there from other players, or fire bouncers down as long as he has enough ammo. Then I would have liked
if the northwest region had a warp to some spot of the level as it seems
to be quite irritating dead end. There is a warp just a little below that
takes nearly to the southeast. The region has a carrot however, so
being chased into there isn’t too big problem.

For the size of the levels, I’d agree 2-3 single-health carrots to be a good
amount, and seems the author’s choice was 3. The ammo is placed either
linearly by the path on some places or in exciting diagonal ways. The
treetops could have a few ammo also in my opinion, that were quite empty.
There’s a seeker-PU hidden in a tree at that region anyway, and just guess
they’re pretty hard to dodge in such narrow paths. Then there lies a bouncer-
PU on the lower road and RF-PU is to be reached with these powered-up
bouncers at the northwest region.

Uterus rating: 10 YAY NO UTERUS…just joking. ;p

Overall the level is another good one by Booshi/P4ul, but there wasn’t
anything very special/original in it, and even the level name is a little tasteless, or let’s say, ordinary. Maybe the underused treetops for
instance. I also wondered a bit about the gem stomp’s point with ceiling-
springs. Just for fun perhaps. The music gets also a bit distracting at

As a single level, I’d like to give the level an 8. It could be probably worth for the next bash even. Well done!


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RecommendedReview by DarkSonic

18 Apr 2006, 20:24
Carrot Juice Addict (307 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings177 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness85%

A review.. by me. Yeah, it’s been a while. But I think this level needs a review.

A brand new Battle level using Swamps. Made by IC. Should be interesting.. but is it?

This relatively small level looks nice af first. There is a simple use of springs, one ways, etc. to let you ‘fly’ around the level. Although you have to jump sometimes, which adds a bit of strategy. I discovered the gem stomp pretty fast, and I think it’s a nice idea plus it’s fun, too. With few dead ends(which isn’t a problem in Battle imo) and some warps, the level is good to duel in, or just shoot around you when you’re playing in a public server. Overall, the gameplay is nice.

The eye candy doesn’t have any problems. Myself I dislike Swamps because I just can’t use it properly. But the eye candy here is good. Very good. The use of trees and leaves is excellent, and the backgrounds are just like almost every other Swamps level. The translucency of the leaves makes it possible to run through them, and it prevents confusion because otherwise you wouldn’t see yourself if you run through them. Overall, the eye candy is very nice and so the level looks nice too.

The placement is where things are different. There are some good shapes of ammo, and good selection of weapons, too. But there could be some ammo in the trees on the right side of the level, or, some fastfires. Anyway, the Power-Ups are placed on good places. It took me a while to find out where the Seek and the RF Power-Ups are. The RF PU is hard to get in my opinion. You would need some skill to get it. The carrot placement is alright in my opinion, and like I said – the gem stomps were really fun.

The music is a bit too speedy in my opinion, but I like it. The background of it sounds good enough. The level is not VERY original, but it does it’s job. It’s hard to make an original level nowadays.

Overall I think this is a nice level that should be hosted/downloaded. I know it’s early to brag over the next Bash now already, but this is one of those levels that has a good chance of being in. I give this level an 8 and a big download recommendation. So get it if you didn’t yet!

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Review by fearofdark

15 Apr 2006, 09:57
Spaz Slackrabbit (185 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings159 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness64%

No starting comment..

Very nice and swamp-like.There is so much on the foreground and backround that it makes it very hard to see the sky in layer 8. However, some of the foreground gets in your way like near the far right edge where you have to climb the trees. You used one of Agamas tilesets which are very hard to use yet you used it better than any other level that uses this tileset.

Some of the gameplay is good. The hidden passages in the trees are good for an obstacle and there isn’t to much normal gameplay. However, some of this is also bad. The battle feels more like a circuit and the climbing obstacle is overused a bit.

You would just find ammo and carrots (and maybe food) in battle levels. But there were a few gemstomps that kindof fit in with the gameplay. There was a bit in the battle where 4 ceiling springs triggered gemstomps. Quie useful for when you’re doing treasure hunt.



The music in this level felt kindof assult like but somehow managed to fit.

Someone who managed to use an Agama tileset. That deserves a bonus.

BONUS: 0.5
RANK: 7 Good
Good battle.

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