Metal Tube Climber

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14 Apr 2006 at 20:41

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PakoMegaN00b (More uploads by PakoMegaN00b)
Bayard O'Sandy for music, and Haphazy for helping me.

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metaltube.j2l Metal Tube Climber 2.30 kB 14 Apr 2006
DIGITA~1.S3M Digital Accent 128.48 kB 20 Mar 1999


My first battle ever made. It’s a little 50×50 battle level. Enjoy! (please rate).


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Not recommendedReview by Superjazz

18 Apr 2006, 12:21 (edited 19 Apr 06, 14:12)
Jazz Jackrabbit (256 Points)
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The review-fever continues.

The tileset for the level was Tubelectric, the night one, and it is used
pretty poorly here. The background could look better and does only have
the same “screens” in textured mode. It looks more awful in 8bit-mode,
that gives a longer sight and everything is just messy. The electricity that
is visible only in the top and bottom are a nice add and don’t confuse
at all, but that is because the sprite-, and it’s assisting layers don’t
really have any kind of decent extra eyecandy, and the flats just look boring
with rough edges and all.

The concept here of a “climber”, that once you go in to the tubes on any
side, it pulls you to itself and warps to the level right above and sucks
you in again and loops from top level back to bottom, until you run to the
opposite direction from the tubes. But as a level, all this is just nothing,
because the middle is nearly empty of any creative fill, and the
level size is just way too small for the concept in my opinion.

Every floor has a different set of ammo for 9×3. The top 2 levels have also
different PU’s. All of them seem to have an instant respawn and that just
guarantees infinite ammo for every player moving around the level. Every
flat has a single-health carrot as well that have a respawn-time of 25, but
it’s still just too much for a level of this size, and I don’t believe
anybody else would either put as much to a lot bigger level. Because of it,
roasting will barely happen at all in multiplayer.

I see you might have had an eager to set up this kind of climber-concept,
but creating a proper level seems to be difficult still. The level wasn’t
probably more effort then a few hours at maximum, and shouldn’t deserve
too high grade, especially because it doesn’t really have a lot of use and
so on. I decided an exact 3 would be a pretty balanced rating this time.
I suggest you indeed spend time on doing a level next time…and
carefully. The music should be pretty suitable with the tileset at least.


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Review by gam-ie

23 Apr 2006, 21:47 (edited 25 Apr 06, 07:23 by Violet CLM)
CTF Bug (3 Points)
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hi, i played this level, and i can only say; how the hell i can come above??? there are so many warps that i can’t find the right way.

i give it an 2.7
(Unsupported rating removal. ~Violet)

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