Svens Battle Pack

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18 Apr 2006 at 08:47

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master sven (More uploads by master sven)
MasterSven (me)

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bpack1.j2l Forest of Healing 4.27 kB 10 Apr 2006
bpack2.j2l Forest of Life 4.05 kB 11 Apr 2006
bpack3.j2l Easter Forest 3.80 kB 11 Apr 2006
Easter.j2t Easter 192.80 kB 05 Jan 1999
Forest.j2t Forest 121.96 kB 30 Aug 2001 Frolick Lane 1213.39 kB 19 Jan 1999
KNOCKERB.MOD 25.28 kB 22 Feb 1999


I allready uploaded this a week ago, but there was ‘in the filename why nobody could download this.
I fixed it but because of 2 comments of 2 people who couldn’t download it people thought the’re was something wrong with it and didn’t download and review it.



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Review by master sven

18 Apr 2006, 17:50 (edited 28 Apr 06, 08:37 by masterrokusho)
Spaz Slackrabbit (124 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings71 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness62%

Thank you both for your review.
R3ptile: if you mean that spaz based stuff with getting stuck to get the RF PU, jazz could also get it with a gun9.
review deleted?

[Just FYI, R3ptile deleted most of his own reviews. That’s where his review has gone – FQuist]

And the other review?

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RecommendedReview by PT32

11 Nov 2008, 05:06
Jazz Jackrabbit (203 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings171 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness61%

Well, I guess it’s about time this upload got a review…

Sven’s battle Pack [which should really be renamed to “Forest Pack”] is a 3-level battle pack with some likeable features and some dislikeable ones. The Forest day, Diamondus 2 and Easter tilesets are used.


The setting is, as I explained above, in a forest. The theme is pretty nice. The quality is pretty nice. It’s far from perfect, but is waay different than the last thing [not by MS] I just reviewed. Some nice eyecandy is used [the mountains being used as up-close eyecandy in the Forest level][The occasional random platform in the Diamondus level][Occasional trees scattered throughout the Easter level—the one level that didn’t hardly seem like a forest. At all…]. Cool music is also used. I didn’t really like the sparse amounts of eyecandy used in the levels, but many levels have this affliction. The pack was relatively bug-free, which was great. The compatability was OK.
The overall pack atmosphere was nice. But I didn’t like really much how the weapons seemed randomnly thrown hastily about in the levels, which were a lot of wide-open spaces. The abundant amounts of powerups can be nice and annoying. Plenty of cool shortcuts through walls exist.
Overall, I would rate this pack with a 7.2, and a DL recommendation. It’s a nice number. But, don’t forget to fix that stuff up. I’ll be waiting for your next level!

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