XLM Woods - Far East V2

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29 May 2006 at 08:32 (Minor update on 29 May 2006)

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Ðx (More uploads by Ðx)

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XLMwFE.j2l XLM woods Far East 9.79 kB 29 May 2006
ictoan.it I.C.T.O.A.N. 487.09 kB 12 Jul 2004



V2 :: Added carrots.


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RecommendedReview by CrimiClown

31 May 2006, 22:42
Spaz Slackrabbit (125 Points)
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Starting Comments
Another one of famous Ðx’s levels. Let’s see if his level creating skills are as adept as his popularity status… Muhahaha…

Gameplay: Good
Set up your tent, build a spitroast and get ready to haul in the meat! It’s CAMPING TIME! This level makes it impossible not to camp at some times. The platforms are so inviting… Yummy… The average player will have trouble getting around in this level and would have to grab their grapplehooks and any other items you can’t get in JJ2. Agility and fast movement is a must to get around, collect ammo and avoid campers. “Hidden suckertube elevators drain your energy as you watch how you end up near the unfindable Seeker PU. Here’s some advice: Get your hiking gear and march on, baby, march on!”

Atmosphere: Excellent
Even though Jungle is an overused tileset, and even though this level doesn’t have much to do with the Far East, it really captures the exact right atmosphere. Ðx shows once again that tilesets don’t have a limit, as far as eyecandy is concerned. He shows us some nice leaf drawings, as well as brilliant looking platforms. While you’re camping anyway, take a look at the scenery and take some screenshots to bring home! Your mother will be proud!

Eventing: Good
No need to be careful with ammo! “What’re ye sellin’, strangah?” Ðx brought every single piece of useful ammo to this level and presented it in a good way. The PU’s are somewhat spread out, except for the Bouncer PU being almost next to the RF PU. The springs are distributed in a convenient way, not blocking anything or making you skip large parts. The sucker tubes are nice, although hidden. Could use a little ‘hint’.

Originality: Average
This is where the level takes a hit in the stomach and falls down, crying, soaked in blood, waiting for the doctor to bring him the bad news… Nothing too outstanding or original is used in this level. It’s nice, but has nothing too special to mention.

Bonusses and substractions
Although the Bouncer and RF PU could be a little more spread out, I will not reduce points for this as it is easily fixed.

This level is certainly worth playing and hosting. It’s fun and could be part of the new Battle Server level list. It’s worth it.

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Further Comments
I heard you’re already working on a new level. Can’t wait.

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