Lethal Liquid

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5 Jun 2006 at 19:11

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cclethal.j2l Lethal Liquid 5.01 kB 05 Jun 2006
Noka - Toxicus Night.j2t Noka - Toxicus Night 234.42 kB 20 Aug 2005
nwk-evil.xm Facing the Evil 716.37 kB 30 Jun 1997


… I just felt like making another level. \o/ Yay me!


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Review by Quickz

6 Jun 2006, 12:04 (edited 6 Sep 06, 14:21)
Turtle Goon (65 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings24 Featured reviews9 Average helpfulness95%

Since my first rating was cleared, I will try it again now.

The first thing I noticed was the tileset. It hasn’t been used much, so that’s a positive thing. The eyecandy is decent, maybe even good, though that isn’t too hard with this tileset. I like especially the background – it fits the level (and sometimes the foreground). He used all layers really well.

It’s nice that this level has three carrots, it avoids camping. The warp targets are at good places, so they aren’t that campable. I don’t like the ‘hook-warp’. When I tried the level out, I got many times warped by accident. That brings me to the bases. Especially the right base is at a questionable place. It’s harder to reach and when you’re at that base, your moves will be very predictable for the opponent. Actually, the same counts (maybe a bit less) for the other base.

Well, the ammo fits the level. The placement isn’t really good, or at least – I don’t like it. You just pick it up when you’re running around – which isn’t a positive thing imo – shapes would have been better. On the other side is the PU-placement really well, so good job for that.

The level isn’t that big, but it definitely feels so. I don’t like the combination of all the platforms combined with the large open spaces (too large imo). The flow is well, you can walk properly at all places.

I won’t give a download recommendation, just because I’m a bit indifferent about this level. It’s a level that’s nice to play once in a while probably, so well, you might have a look and maybe you like it.

Final rating: 6.2

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Review by axe

5 Jun 2006, 19:14 (edited 31 Jul 06, 13:56 by Cooba)
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness21%

the level really got great eyecandy the deadpoints that we discoverd were away so its trully a 8.2 worthy this is really to say download and play recomadation no full N.R.G cars but some normal cars the gameplay is fantastic for 3 v 3

[Rating (8.2) clearance. There was no actually explained support given for the rating. ~Cooba]

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RecommendedReview by ZAPPER

23 Dec 2006, 21:01
Frog (16 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings16 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness28%

Lethal liquid. Sounds dangerous.

Gameplay: 8/10
First off, I found the level very easy to navigate. And it did NOT have a mirror base. (The level was not symetrical.) There were some interesting warp placements, that actually made a bit of sense. Bad? I think there might have been too many sucker tubes used. But not really, because it fits well.

Eyecandy: 7/10
Looks very nice. Layers were done well, and animation was smooth. There was a bit too little eyecandy in an area or two, but other than that, good.

Placement: 7.5/10
Everything fit where it was placed. Only one seeker powerup, with no extra ammo. That is a good thing in multiplayer. The bases were far enough apart, and there were interesting warp uses and placements.

Overall: 7.5/10
A very nice level that I will keep around for that LAN Party, or maybe to host online someday. Either way, I think it has a good mix of gameplay and eyecandy, while still staying CTF at the core.

Download Reccomendation: Yes.

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Review by DanYjel

10 Jun 2006, 16:50 (edited 31 Jul 06, 13:57 by Cooba)
Jazz Jackrabbit (215 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings215 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness44%

Quick review, as I promised.

The level is way too empty. To make you sure that I don’t lie, this image could help.

It’s also kind of unbalanced. The main problem is in flow, this kills the level. PU placement is good, not the same with rest of ammo. Eyecandy is okay, but could be even better. It’s medium size level, maybe optimal for 2v2s. I don’t like the level much.

[Rating (5) clearance. There was no actually explained support given for the rating. Why does the flow kill the level? Why is the eyecandy okay? ~Cooba]

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