Serious Emergencies

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16 Jul 2006 at 23:59 (Minor update on 19 Jul 2006)

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DarkSonic (More uploads by DarkSonic)
Tilesets by Pyromanus, J2LC, LRK, Disguise and Blade.

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xlmburn.j2l Forest Burn 7.29 kB 19 Jul 2006
xlmcastle.j2l Strange Castle of Danger 7.10 kB 16 Jul 2006
xlmhahaha.j2l Harmful Hazardous Harbour SE 8.70 kB 17 Jul 2006
xlmlife.j2l Life in Space Sucks 7.87 kB 16 Jul 2006
xlmtree.j2l Some Treeish Level 9.02 kB 19 Jul 2006
Corrupted Sanctuary.j2t Corrupted Sanctuary 122.01 kB 02 Apr 2002
DiambLava.j2t Diamondus ß Lava 247.28 kB 25 Nov 2004
Grove Shrine.j2t Grove Shrine 50.04 kB 06 Jul 2005
Islands.j2t Islands 108.75 kB 03 May 2005
Spacey.j2t Spacey Universe 143.81 kB 27 May 2001 Welcome Self Destruction 54.30 kB 20 Aug 2001
calle13.xm Rabarbersaft 362.58 kB 13 Sep 1998
wc_warmw.xm warm waters 471.69 kB 28 Jan 1999
zabfs.xm back from space(ZA) 598.47 kB 27 Oct 1998
trn-blst.s3m Bloodlust 315.18 kB 18 Mar 1999
Read Me for 'Serious Emergencies'.doc 24.00 kB 16 Jul 2006


It’s finally there. After months of hard work, my new pack is ready. It contains 3 CTF levels and 2 Battle levels. All levels are created for XLM, which is still my level group. I had lots of people that saw/tested the levels. I don’t remember all names. They know who they are ;)

There is a readme in the zip file which says something about the levels that are in the pack. Read that before playing/hosting these online!

After lots of changes of levels I decided to upload this. One of the levels had completely different eye candy at first, and I changed other things from that level too. The other levels had few changes like adding food, changing the ammo placement, etc.

This pack should be better than my last pack ‘The Packy Pack’. One of these levels was made for the XLM Summer Pack from last year, but I edited it and made few changes. Another level has the name of an old level I made.. oh whatever, just read the readme for that.

One last thing I want to say is that I changed the levels in the pack. I had 2 other Battle levels ready but they turned out to be not that good so I put the levels out of the pack.

Now, download and review this! Getting reviews is always fun, so if you’re bored you can review this pack!


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Review by DarkSonic

26 Jul 2006, 11:41
Carrot Juice Addict (306 Points)
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Already fixed that. I was afraid that bug was still there, as I put xlmhahaha in the pack and didn’t replace it with another version with ‘xlmlife’ as next level. Also I fixed some other stuff, like tilebugs in xlmburn and xlmtree.

And it’s funny that Snooz’ review is featured. It’s not bad, really. But this pack is still one of the uploads that needs a review(this is just a comment on some stuff) so a really good review would be appreciated. ;p

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