Need For Bowser 3:Most Wanted

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28 Aug 2006 at 21:01

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Wolfiend (More uploads by Wolfiend)
Single player
Mr. Wolf aka. Wolfiend

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1-2.j2l Chapter1 Part2 3.63 kB 28 Aug 2006
1-3.j2l Chapter1 Part3 2.82 kB 28 Aug 2006
1-4.j2l Chapter1 Part4 2.68 kB 23 Aug 2006
1-5.j2l Chapter1 Part5 2.13 kB 28 Aug 2006
1-6.j2l Chapter1 Part6 6.12 kB 28 Aug 2006
2-1.j2l Chapter2 Part1 6.48 kB 28 Aug 2006
2-2.j2l Chapter2 Part2 3.73 kB 28 Aug 2006
2-3.j2l Chapter2 Part3 1.91 kB 23 Aug 2006
2-4.j2l Chapter2 Part4 2.54 kB 23 Aug 2006
2-5.j2l Chapter2 Part5 3.68 kB 28 Aug 2006
2-6.j2l Chapter2 Part6 1.20 kB 25 Aug 2006
mario credits.j2l CREDITS 3.54 kB 28 Aug 2006
Need for Bowser3-Most Wanted.j2l Chapter1 Part1 4.05 kB 28 Aug 2006
Ultimate Mario Set.j2t Ultimate Mario Set 36.37 kB 22 Oct 2002


Required “Need For Bowser Most Wanted Music pack1” and “Need For Bowser Most Wanted Music pack2” to hear the music.
And the music is great :)

This is the third episode of “Need For Bowser”.
Every lvl have different music, and almost is all from Mario games.
You can only get weapon if you buy it from Koopa or by finding a secret place. Most of the lvls have a secret place(except 1-4, 1-5, 2-3, 2-6 dont have). You can choose difficulty level. Recomended: medium
The game is pretty hard :)


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.6

RecommendedReview by LittleFreak

31 Aug 2006, 16:14 (edited 31 Aug 06, 16:20)
Bee Boy Swarm (33 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings21 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness96%

Another Mario pack? That’s what I thought when I started playing. This one’s quite fun and original though.


The game starts simple. You have to jump around and kill the evil guys and collect lots of coins. If you happen to get enough you can access a bonus room with some TNT. Blowing up my enemies with it was quite fun. Though when I faced the boss in the second level, I wished I hadn’t wasted it yet. More levels follow. Some are a lot of fun, others are messed up badly. In one, you have to choose which way of torture you want to go through. Sounds all quite hard. In truth though, nothing really hindered me from just coptering through to the end without being harmed. Spaz has a harder time here.

Rating: 7.2


It begins easy, but soon gets more challenging. I liked the first boss, who was hard to beat without the TNT. In the levels that follow, the difficulty is mostly made up by lots of enemies. Normally, I don’t like those levels with clumps and dozens of enemies a lot, but these are an exception, because you had to use your weapons intelligently in order to beat them. Though sometimes it’s the best to just run away without fighting (cough*bee bridge level*cough). The last boss could have been a bit harder. I still have to replay this on hard mode sometime.

Rating: 7.7


Lots of creativity, actually. Every level is unique in both looks and style of playing. There is an airboard mission, an underground hell-like world and more. The only real letdown is the “path of death” level (how I like to call it). The obstacles are very repititive, annoying and just make the player copter through with Jazz or Lori (there are character changers available, so that’s no problem). This is the worst level of the pack. I liked the cutscene level with the mario brothers army (or whatever) marching towards Bilsy’s castle.

Rating: 8.2


I have to say it again, I hate the Mario tileset (I’m probably going to mention that in every review of a Mario pack). On a big computer screen, the graphics don’t look very pleasing. However, the set’s possibilities have been used very well. Every level looks different and well constructed. I don’t think the original games for the gameboy look better. I liked the picture of Bowser hiding.

Rating: 8.0


You find Bowser hiding in a tube, telling you Bilsy wants to kill him to take over his kingdom. This is either ridiculous or funny, depending on your view. I liked it. So, to help, the player (and Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Goomba) begin marching towards Bowser’s castle which is inhabited by Bilsy. You’re never alone, as your friends from the Mario world are always there to give you helpful tips. Sometimes, they even take part in battle through the clever use of MCEs. I liked the story, it fits the Mario world perfectly and keeps the downloader playing too. A letdown is the poor spelling. I suggest the author gets someone to correct it for his next release.

Rating: 7.7


I expected a mediocre pack at best, seeing as I never really liked all that Mario stuff, but this was very fun for the most part. A few areas need to be improved, but it’s still worth the download.

Final Rating: 7.7, download recommendation

Have fun.


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RecommendedReview by SPAZ18

29 Aug 2006, 22:42 (edited 16 Sep 06, 17:47)
Spaz Slackrabbit (162 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings111 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness73%

OK, I’ll rate it then.


STORY: Bowser is hiding and Jazz/Spaz/Lori has been sent to destroy Bilsy. A good story. 8/10

EYECANDY: It looks like the classic Mario on the NES. I like the Mario Tileset. Background may not be much but is like the sky you see in classic Mario. I liked the falling fireballs in 1-6. I liked the idea of the blocks with a countdown on them. They disappear when the number reaches 0. 8/10

GAMEPLAY: You can collect coins to access Bonus Areas by paying the Koopa a certain amount. It plays just like Mario. 8/10

MUSIC: I really liked the Mario music remixes but the music on 1-2 was kinda annoying as it looped every 30-40 seconds. 8/10

PICKUPS: There was extra weapons that could be picked up by going in the Bonus Areas. I’m not sure about the re-generating ammo though. There was TNT that could be collected in the first bonus area. It was kinda pointless though as I didn’t use the TNT at all. 7.5/10

OBSTACLES/ENEMIES: I did think that there was WAY too many Bees in 1-2. They did get very annoying. Also, in the Airboard level, I thought there was way too many enemies. I kept on having 1 Heart health most of the time, but after shooting those enemies I kept getting Carrots. I didn’t really see that many obstacles in this pack. Only obstacle I saw was the Trigger Crates in 1-5. 7/10

TOTAL: 46.5/60 (7.75)
Rounded to 7.7

Mario fans will like this pack.

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Review by GoldRabbit

29 Sep 2006, 10:19 (edited 29 Sep 06, 11:43 by Cooba)
CTF Bug (8 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings4 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness47%

it is great.12 levels of mario action!i like mario levels but these rux!the eyecandy is good for a mario level.i dont hear the music so i will not rate it.the gameplay is,like i say before,with much must have your fingers fast to survive these levels.the bosses are excelent,especially the underused rocket turtle boss.anyway,why is bolly in water?he is electronic!this pack is terrific!i think it deserves a 9,9.

download reccomendation:yes for all,not only for mario players.


[Unsupported rating (9.9) clearance. Please provide more support for your rating. For more information on writing a proper review, see the \review guidelines\. – Cooba]

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Review by Mmadguy

12 May 2008, 16:03
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness50%

I didn’t know how u did the ‘if you fall in lava you will die trick’ but it was pretty good! Always wanted to do that!

But dunno how.

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Review by tacsi

23 Mar 2009, 21:14
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness100%

what’s the password?

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Review by Joshwct

29 Aug 2006, 16:01 (edited 29 Aug 06, 20:13 by Cooba)
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

Wow! Congrats! I like the Mario theme very much. The music is also nice, but there are two many enemy events. Also, the delay for the enemy respawn is way too fast. There were also numerous events of animation which i think were overused but overall, I think this pack deserves a 7.

[Rating (7) clearance. Please give more elaborate support for your ratings. ~Cooba]

Cooba…cmon man…why do you keep doin that to my reviews? I really do think this deserves a 7.

[I keep doing that because you never say enough in your reviews, simple as that. ~Cooba]

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RecommendedReview by wolwerine1

29 Aug 2006, 21:32 (edited 30 Aug 06, 16:34)
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

Its a good SP game but i saw bettar.Its a good story and good tileset and ofcourse a music(its not to good pr too bad).The wepon smuggler(or seller) was a good idear.But if would wrote to a game a code or 2 maybe u could destroy all enamys.But in common its a good game.It deserve 7.5.

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