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12 Oct 2006 at 18:20

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leole (More uploads by leole)
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requirements list.txt 0.38 kB 11 Oct 2006
blackrock cave-hunter project.j2l blackrock cave 3.82 kB 04 Oct 2006
elm.j2l the element sanctuary 1.57 kB 01 Oct 2006
FAW;hunter project.j2l fire and water tempel 1.41 kB 11 Oct 2006
fire tempel-hunter project.j2l fire tempel 1.33 kB 01 Oct 2006
flying fortress.j2l flying fortress 5.31 kB 11 Oct 2006
LEGENDARY-hunter project.j2l the legendary treasure 1.38 kB 01 Oct 2006
red hot road to the end-hunter project.j2l red hot road to the end 3.73 kB 30 Sep 2006
PROJECT.GIF 33.71 kB 11 Oct 2006


this is(finaly)my last level pack(if it`s a bbafd one,it is)wich contains a level i created myself fully,the others are made with the help of gamie-x(a member of the gamezz crew, )
there are still a few bugs in it,if somebody would fix it,pelase do so,and post a link to the fix on the gamezz site.
the whole point of the game is that you are a treasure hunter,who suddenly find`s a strange item,unlocking a new mission.
all update`s(level fix`s,or added levels,wich i`m planning for later,will ONLY be released on the gamezz website(what,spamming,if i put the updàte`s on j2o it would be a little bit space-costing)
please enjoy,and check out the site!
(p.s.:it is mostly hard fighting,in special circumstances,or puzzeling,not good for your nerve)


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Review by fearofdark

13 Oct 2006, 21:30
Spaz Slackrabbit (185 Points)
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I won’t rate because I can’t complete the game. However, I will review what I played:

Like you said, its mostly hard fighting. And yes, that couldn’t be more true. You spend the entire pack going around killing bad guys and walking around a level for 3 seconds before you come across a boss or get stuck. Eventually, you get bored JJNEXTing the levels you can’t do, so you decide to create a level with the horrible smudgy backround and stick a load of bosses in an arena, then my computer packs in.

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