The Cradle

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7 Dec 2006 at 20:44

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Capture the flag
Snz for music. FS, R3p, Sperry and KRSplat for beta testing

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empctftc.j2l The Cradle 9.03 kB 07 Dec 2006
Noka - Letni.j2t Noka - Letni 134.39 kB 12 Nov 2006 The Genesis Factor 415.00 kB 07 Dec 2006


A new ctf level, no remake this time.

I thought I had to use this tileset, since it’s got the best elements from Tubelec and some additional stuff too, of course.

The level turned out to be themed so that some types of tiles (like “solid ground”) were not to be used in it.

I (along with it’s previewers) have found it quite successful. Therefore, I decided to upload it. Take a look and review please thanks.


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RecommendedReview by ZAPPER

27 Oct 2007, 03:05
Frog (16 Points)
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And now the review:
Gameplay: 4/10
-It’s CTF, just to let anybody know.
-Lots of jumping required. Slows down process of getting around.
-A bit confusing as to where you are. Too much like a labrynth.This makes it hard to remember how to get to your base.
-Bases too close together. A standard game (10 captures) would finish in a couple of minutes.

Eyecandy: 7/10
-Neat tileset chosen.
-The contrast actually works very well. Easy to see difference between background and forground.
-Little forground.

Music: 10/10
-Very good tempo
-Synthesizer in there? Fits the tileset and level.

Placement: 4/10
-Why were there warps in some places? Why did you end up at a computer? This made things VERY confusing.
-Too many seekers. They require little skill to kill with, and are one of the most powerful weopens in the game.

Size: After running around a bit, it looks suitable for about 5-6 players. Not necessarily good for a CTF level.

-Tileset is a crossbreed between Tubelectric and… something grey.
-Makes me feel claustrophobic.

Overall: 7/10
A good level for a LAN party, but not online play for a big server in my opinion. It has ok eyecandy and good music, but the gameplay is confusing and makes things a bit too complicated.

Download Reccomendation: Yes, but only if you intend to play with less than 7 people, because the level is a bit small and the bases are close together, making it easy to finish the level in a couple of minutes..

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