Damn + v1.2

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9 Dec 2006 at 20:27 (Minor update on 7 Feb 2018)

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Re-upload/Edit Download
PurpleJazz (More uploads by PurpleJazz)
Tileset conversion
cooba, Olsen and Noka for Beta testing
damn+.zip (2.16 MB)

File contents

xlmmhills.j2l Magma Hills 3.48 kB 25 Dec 2006
xlmdamn1.j2t Damn + Day 225.35 kB 25 Dec 2006
xlmdamn2.j2t Damn + Night 225.33 kB 25 Dec 2006
xlmdamn3.j2t Damn + Hot 225.31 kB 27 Feb 2016
xlmdamn4.j2t Damn + Cold 225.38 kB 25 Dec 2006
xlmdamn5.j2t Damn + Light 225.44 kB 25 Dec 2006
xlmdamn6.j2t Damn + Dark 225.36 kB 25 Dec 2006
xlmdamn7.j2t Damn + Water 225.41 kB 25 Dec 2006
xlmdamn8.j2t Damn + Forest 225.33 kB 25 Dec 2006
REGRET.MOD 502.93 kB 20 May 2015


This conversion isn’t just a palette edit and a few tiles added, it’s a complete new Damn look! Some of the bugs have been fixed like the vine bug, which means YOU CAN NOW USE VINES IN DAMN!
There are now cave tiles, which the old Damn didn’t have. Also there is a Texured Background. And there are lots more additions, waiting for you to use. The mask has been fixed, and it now has a completly different, improved layout! There are 5 different palettes. The first 2 are the standard palettes, while the other palettes are my own work. Enjoy!

EDIT – There are now 3 new palettes, and I gave each one a name. Updated the IC tile to say “XLM”, and fixed a minor mask bug. Please Re-download!

EDIT – Renamed Tileset due to problems with hosting.

Reuploaded the zip file to include the missing tileset (xlmdamn3).


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Quick Reviews Average: 10

RecommendedForthRightMC rated 10

Pretty good tilesets, especially some of them are look like natural forces. I also discovered that file xlmdamn3.j2t is missing, I report that to PurpleJazz and recommend other users to download this.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.3

Review by Hitch

22 Dec 2006, 19:48 (edited 22 Dec 06, 19:54)
Bee Boy Swarm (32 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings16 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness61%

Good conversions. Best one is D*mn+HOT.


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Review by FOX282

10 Apr 2007, 15:47 (edited 10 Apr 07, 17:56 by Cooba)
Frog (11 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings11 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness40%

Good conversion!
I loved it!
is better than Epic’s D*mn tilesets, good designed, but most importantly- easy to make levels from them!
I most like the D*mn + Hot!

Download? Yes! (if you love tilesets from thet kind)

[Unsupported rating (9.5) clearance. Please provide more elaborate support for your rating. Why is it better than Epic\‘s sets? Why do you like the Hot version the most? – Cooba]

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Review by FOX292

18 Jul 2010, 11:24
CTF Bug (4 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings4 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness54%

Another comment….(since I can’t log on to my old user)
I Think someone forgot to re-upload “Damn+Hot” when it’s re-uploaded….

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RecommendedReview by SaVn

25 Sep 2015, 15:25 (edited 25 Sep 15, 15:26)
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness10%

Good Damn conversion!
He has added new tiles from Inferno and Madivo, textured BG was taken from DiamondusBeta by Pyromanu, hooks and lavafall from Kaven’s Thermal.
Masks are fine, but in original version are bad.
There’s 8 versions of this tileset (Third version is missing).
DR? YES!!!!

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RecommendedReview by Janus aka Jahari

10 Dec 2006, 08:04 (edited 10 Dec 06, 21:12)
Bee Boy Swarm (31 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings19 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness70%

Finally, you’ve seen the light and made something I can truly use.

Color 5/5: Lovely. This pack has d*mn in five different color schemes. All of them have good contrast and you even made a custom texture background. Very good, indeed.

Layout 2.9/3: I used the original d*mn tileset a lot with the first level I uploaded on J20 (and two others I never finished but had better quality if anyone’s wondering) and I can say that this is a SERIOUS improvement on the layout. The tileset is MUCH easier to use now. The fixing of the vine is a definite plus. Please remember when you “improve” on a tileset that you include the original eyecandy and not just new stuff (there was a pillar with razor/steps around it in the original, I believe). Aside from that, it’s great.

Originality 1.5/2: There have been other d*mn conversions, but this one far exceeds their color and layout.

Effort 3/3: For once, you have put a lot of effort into making a good conversion. Great job, PJ.

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