Carrotus Fix 1.5

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1 Jan 2007 at 20:38 (Minor update on 6 Jul 2014)

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zapS (More uploads by zapS)
Tileset conversion
Me, Olsen, P4ul
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carfixex.j2l Carrotus Fix Example Level 6.92 kB 02 Aug 2012
xlmcarrotfixeEX.j2l ยง1Carrotus Fix Evening Example 1.88 kB 01 Aug 2012
CarrFix.j2t Carrotus 1.5 Day 230.61 kB 02 Aug 2012
CarrFixD.j2t Carrotus 1.5 Diamondus 233.46 kB 02 Aug 2012
CarrFixE.j2t Carrotus 1.5 Evening 230.64 kB 02 Aug 2012
CarrFixL.j2t Carrotus 1.5 Lava 230.64 kB 02 Aug 2012
CarrFixM.j2t Carrotus 1.5 Midnight 230.66 kB 02 Aug 2012
CarrFixN.j2t Carrotus 1.5 Night 230.57 kB 02 Aug 2012
CarrFixZ.j2t Carrotus 1.5 Zombified 230.66 kB 02 Aug 2012


Carrotus Fix 1.5

This update has been lying in a dusty corner of my hd for ages and should have been uploaded a long time ago but, better late than never.

New stuff in this update:
Some polished tiles.
Rearranged the new part of the set.
Removed the ‘half sized’ blocks.
Added more scenery blocks
Some minor palette bugs fixed
P4uls diamondus version and
PurpleJazz example level added.


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.5

Recommendedabgrenv rated 9

Great conversion. One of my favorite tilesets. Now I have 5 more types with the original two having added tiles. They all look great. Worth downloading this.

Cansin13 rated 10

Nice Conversion you made one question Why didn’t you made the night version of Carrotus Diamondus?

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8

RecommendedReview by SPAZ18

7 Jan 2007, 13:00 (edited 18 Jan 07, 11:16)
Spaz Slackrabbit (162 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings111 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness73%

Before I opened this, I was expecting another pointless edit. BUT, it was far from pointless. I LIKE IT! I think this can be improved some more though, it could probably do with some extra scenery blocks. I’m talking about the blocks with the Keyhole, “?”, Weapons, and also the Blank ones. I like all the added features including the waterfalls, I know they are overused but I still like ‘em. I think the tiles on line 71 would be better on line 37 to go together with the Castle. I dunno if that can be done, but if not, then don’t worry about it. There are 6 different versions of the Carrotus set that can now be used. I do find Carrotus quite hard to use though because of the tiling and stuff. Now for the rating, I am going to give this an 8 because I like this set but it can be improved. There is now a new Diamondus version now available which looks great. I like the Diamonds and everything in this new version. I will now award an extra 0.2 points for the Diamondus version, making the rating an 8.2!



*New features including the waterfall.

*7 different versions including the new Diamondus one.


*Quite hard to use.


*Extra scenery blocks

*Move tiles on line 71 to line 37 to go together with the Castle.


RANK: B = Very good



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Review by cooba

1 Jan 2007, 21:01
Carrot Juice Addict (326 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings112 Featured reviews32 Average helpfulness86%

I would recommend giving different filenames to the tilesets. The @ and _ characters might give problems when downloading them via JJ2.

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Review by Olsen

7 Jan 2007, 12:27 (edited 17 Jan 07, 22:15)
Frog (10 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings10 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness30%

Thanks Violet, I’m sure zapS appreciate someone noticed the edit of the castle tiles.

Updated version with fixed stuff/filename and added Diamondus version avalible.

copy paste into adress field. or just click :P

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Review by FOX282

5 Apr 2007, 17:17 (edited 5 Apr 07, 18:08 by Cooba)
Frog (11 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings11 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness40%

Very good tileset conversions!
I fix with it the original JJ2 Carrotus levels.

Contine it!

MARK: 9.5 -0.1 I Don’t load the level = 9.4

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RecommendedReview by Sonic Boom

19 Mar 2017, 18:04
CTF Bug (3 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings3 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0

So here we have an updated Carrotus. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Carrotus looks pretty good, but it’s an original JJ2 Set, so instead, I will
rate the look of the variations.
Day:N/A (It just has added tiles)
Night:N/A (Read above)
Diamondus: Looks like a natural Transition.
Zombified: Spooky.
Evening: Another time of day for once.
Lava: Reminds me of Angel Island act 2 from Sonic 3…
Midnight: Now this actually looks like night.

Once again, the majority is original JJ2, but there’s some nifty stuff added below:
Fire: always a nice addition.
Updated caves and logs: Much better now.
Beanstalk extras: Nice.
Destructable Scenery Blocks: Always a good thing.

A few tiles in the original Carrotus are pretty useless(Like the optional other colo(u)rs for Destruct Blocks), so they didn’t get any variants.

Carrotus is a Tileset that is almost impossible to really screw up with.
The new tiles are all at the bottom, so you’re not gonna search for them long.

Overall, pretty good update. Download recommended.
It effectively replaces the old set. There could have been more updated tiles,
but the old set was fine too, so not too much taken off.

Score: A solid 7.7 to me.
Pros: Easy to use, fits JJ2 perfectly, cool stuff added, many different variants
Cons: Not that much edited, some useless tiles are still a thing.

(Phew, what a MAMMOTH review for a simple fix!)

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