Toxin Twister

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9 Mar 2007 at 18:13 (Minor update on 24 Jan 2008)

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cooba (More uploads by cooba)
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ictoxint.j2l Toxin Twister 10.50 kB 05 May 2007
ETs Planet1 v3.j2t ETs Planet1 v3 149.17 kB 11 Nov 2001


I haven’t done anything in a while, have I?

This level is a big improvement over my older one, Middle Drainer, which I uploaded on J2O some time ago. It got rated low (6.5), so I got annoyed, and deleted it.

Only recently I played it a bit in DarkSonic’s server, and I couldn’t help it but think “wow, this level sucks”. So of course, I went to JCS and started doing some minor improvements.

However, the improvements/fixes wound up being more of a brand new version of this level instead of a simple fix. The level has an entirely different feel (the eyecandy in the old one was pretty darn lame) and a much more functional layout.

P4ul for his eyecandy/gameplay ideas, particularly for him suggesting that I use winds instead of sucker tubes

ET for the amazingly flexible tileset

Teque and Nitro for wonderful Kharismatron, which you hear used in this level

Camou for her review on Middle Drainer

The potential downloader* and/or reviewer**.

* – (as long as he/she doesn’t download this 20 times) ** – (as long as the review is acceptable)

update #4: Fixed an error which wouldn’t let the players use the left turret correctly. Also reuploaded without the 1.2MB big music file (which you may find here).
update #3: More tedious tilebug fixing…
update #2: Fixed a bug with the green springs at the level’s bottom.
update #1: Fixed a tilebug at someplace else.


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RecommendedReview by PurpleJazz

11 Mar 2007, 12:29
Spaz Slackrabbit (107 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings55 Featured reviews8 Average helpfulness75%


The EC in this level was very nice for this tileset. One special thing about the EC in this level is the BG, it is very original. I have never seen a background like it in any level, any tileset. GJ Cooba. I totally disagree with Flash, who said that there is little creativity in the EC in this level. This level has extremely original EC, stuff like making animations out of the Textured Background, hooks/vines etc for EC. I really like the skull at the bottom of the level, it adds too the atmosphere a lot. I think the ground could use a bit more vareity though, it’s a bit plain. Overall a great job on the EC, a huge improvement over the original.


This level has fast-paced, stratigical Gameplay. It is symectrical, so it is balanced. The base placement is nice too, but they are a bit close together, so scoring is quick. There are float ups at the bottom, with tubes on both sides and a Carrot in each. I think they are a bit too close together. Also there is a warp that takes you to the top where there is a Full Energy carrot. But there are 4 PU’s, so it won’t be hard to kill. One of the Bouncer Pu’s should be replaced with a Toaster PU though, because the two Bouncer Pu’s are too close together. There is a good placement of the Seeker PU which is above the pit in a wall, and Electo Blasters are required to get it, so it is not very campy, which is a good thing. I think this level is better for Duels rather than Teamplay.


  • Creative Eyecandy
  • Good Gameplay
  • Nice Placement


  • Bases might be a bit campy
  • Walls need more vareity

I think this is Cooba’s best CTF level so far.

Download: Yes.
Host: This is a nice Dueling level.

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RecommendedReview by Stijn

10 Mar 2007, 19:34 (edited 16 Jan 08, 10:26 by Fl@$h aka BlewMeUp)
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (459 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings284 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness87%

hilarious lol

I wanted to review DarkSonic’s pack but since people hated my server (at least they didn’t want to join it) and I didn’t feel like waiting for enough people every level Cooba’s the one to get my annual review this time.

‘t is a nice level. I liked the flow and layout, which just worked and was fun to play in. The level has one full-energy carrot and two energy+1 carrots, which may be a tad too much (especially since the two +1 carrots are close together and near them is a warp to the full energy carrot) but since there are plenty of powerups too killing people shouldn’t be too much of a problem. The bases are fairly close to each other (travelling from base to base will take about 7 seconds) but this is not much of a problem. Partly because the level itself is fairly small anyway, partly because the more interested pickups, apart from the RF powerup, are placed near the top and bottom of the level.

The level is symmetrical and fairly small, with few complex structures and a general division in an open structure with some platforms at the top half of the level and a cave/tunnel system at the bottom. Both are easy to navigate and the springs are conveniently placed just a tile lower than the normal platforms. The eyecandy however is not too great. Everything looks a bit dull and uninspired and though there are some nice twists (such as the giant skull) the tileset has not really been used to its full potential, nor does it do anything (apart from perhaps the aforementioned skull) to make the level stand out from the rest. A little more creativity here wouldn’t have hurt.

To sum it up, |Toxin |||||||Twister is a nice and fun level, but fairly average too, with a nice layout and solid gameplay, but not too interesting eyecandy. Hosting this will guarantee one or two fun games though, with 2 or 4 players being the optimum.

Edit: formatting stuff

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RecommendedReview by Superjazz

14 Mar 2007, 12:49 (edited 14 Mar 07, 12:52)
Jazz Jackrabbit (256 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings131 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness89%

Here we see a few months-old ctf-level from Cooba called ‘Toxin Twister’ getting uploaded with some improvements. Well what was the result? The original one already was a show-off about the level’s tactical gameplay and the creative background at least. Both of them were improved a bit, as well there was some sprite-eyecandy added. And something else?

Like I said, the background here is creative. Though there could have been a little more effort put to design the background in a different way, since layers 6-8 are all used for the same part of it, and so there remains just lots of black area too, which isn’t so good thing. Sprite-layer had the most lackings originally but it looks quite fine now. The solid wall could use some more detailed stuff, especially around the bottom-tunnels.

The base-placement and their entrances bring to my mind ‘Demonic Home’ by Sacrush, although here you are able to reach either base from the same spot. This, and the rest of the layout was designed with care to make it friendly for the player also. Some people might think the bases are left too safe and campable, actually they aren’t, they are more like the most dangerous hang-outs here, except for duels maybe. Seekers can be shot from above, beneath, or through the tubes. Electroblasters also enable shooting from base to another.

The position for the full-carrot was no doubt the best choice. Putting it beneath the bases instead wouldn’t have worked, nor are there any other spots for one, because there are lesser carrots in the bottom anyways. It’s easy to hide in bases with low health in duels though, and just wait for the carrot to spawn. This has been made more risky with the warp in bottom. There are two Bouncy-PowerUps placed in the tunnels near bottom. It should be fine since they are very close to each other. The more powerful Seeker-, and RF-PowerUp are placed wisely as well. However, I have variable opinions about ammo-flocks.

Looks like not everyone appreciates this level that much. Cooba hasn’t done, or at least uploaded any CTF recently yet. Anyway I consider it great, that Cooba didn’t focus on eyecandy, and tried to make the level feel good from a player’s view as well. I can remember the 5vs5 I had here once, which unfortunately didn’t last long. I would say I enjoyed to play it there. I can’t be very sure how does this work in duels yet. I recommend you to download this.


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RecommendedReview by SPAZ18

10 Mar 2008, 11:40 (edited 10 Mar 08, 16:15)
Spaz Slackrabbit (162 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings111 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness73%

Seeing as Toxin Twister has had it’s first birthday, I thought I’d write up a review to celebrate this. =D


I have not seen the original version of this level so I cannot compare it to what it looked like before but Cooba has been very creative with everything in this tileset to make very original eyecandy.
The background in Layers 7 and 8 is much more different to what you would normally see (a textured BG in Layer 8). I really love the moving window in the Layers 6 and 7.
Also, another thing original is animating the textured BG to make really cool animations like the green lights you see all over the level.
The textured BG has also been used to make the eyes of the impressive skull seen at the bottom of the level near the Seeker PU.
It’s also the small details that make the eyecandy impressive including the fast flashing lights.
Absolutely NOTHING looks repetitive in this level so I’m gonna give the eyecandy the highest score possible.



The Bases are placed symmetrically, both next to each other. However, they are only accessible by going up through the One Way ceiling down the bottom as the arrows show. You will not be able to camp on Bases for too long as Seekers can be fired at you from up top down through the One Way floor and also through turrets placed on both sides as shown by the Seeker blocks.



PUs are placed well, they are not too campy. There are 3 PUs (4 if you count the second Bouncer) in this level. The RF PU is in the middle of the two Bases and can only be accessed by shooting it with Electro Blasters or Bouncers.
There are 2 Bouncer PUs on both sides of the level near the bottom which are not too campy.
The last PU is the Seeker which can be found above the skull which can be accessed only by shooting with Electro Blasters (or Bouncers if you are that good with them).
The ammo itself is spread out nicely and are not placed in boring shapes.
There are 3 Carrots, one Full NRG which is above the Bases and two +1 Carrots which are at the bottom in both Sucker Tubes. Health cannot be regained too easily, you will probably be on 1 or 2 Heart health a lot of the time.


OVERALL MARK = 28 / 3 = 9.3333333333333333333333333333333


Of course I would recommend downloading this. I wouldn’t say N/A if I gave it over 9. So in other words, HELL YEAH!


Darn, BB Code didn’t work. D:

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