Episode Three: The Battle for Carrotus

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25 Mar 2007 at 08:13 (Minor update on 26 Jun 2009)

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EvilMike (More uploads by EvilMike)
Single player

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devres28.j2l The Battle For Carrotus 4.31 kB 10 Jun 2009
devres29.j2l Carrotus Orbital Base 9.20 kB 23 Apr 2008
devres30.j2l Carrotus Orbital Base 9.48 kB 23 Apr 2008
devres30s.j2l Mission Briefing 1 2.37 kB 25 Mar 2007
devres31.j2l Holographic Training 10.85 kB 23 Apr 2008
devres32.j2l Carrotus Orbital Base 9.45 kB 23 Apr 2008
devres32s.j2l Mission Briefing 2 1.87 kB 25 Mar 2007
devres33.j2l SWS Fencer 22.02 kB 11 Jun 2009
devres34.j2l Carrotus Orbital Base 12.16 kB 10 Jun 2009
devres34s.j2l Mission Briefing 3 1.83 kB 25 Mar 2007
devres35.j2l SWS Anapsid 14.00 kB 10 Jun 2009
devres36.j2l Carrotus Orbital Base 9.71 kB 10 Jun 2009
devres36s.j2l Mission Briefing 4 2.35 kB 25 Mar 2007
devres37.j2l SWS Terrapin - Outer Sector 14.16 kB 11 Jun 2009
devres38.j2l SWS Terrapin - Central Shaft 11.56 kB 11 Jun 2009
devres39.j2l SWS Terrapin - Central Shaft 8.27 kB 10 Jun 2009
devres40.j2l The Ruins of the Empire 2.94 kB 10 Jun 2009
Biocorridor 126.j2t BioCorridor 1.26 217.09 kB 19 Mar 2007
devres-mission.j2t devres-mission 55.41 kB 19 Mar 2007
Diamondus V.j2t Diamondus V 52.42 kB 19 Mar 2007
j1Battleshipsv2.j2t Jazz 1: Battleships v2 52.97 kB 19 Mar 2007
Noka - Letni.j2t Noka - Letni 134.39 kB 19 Mar 2007
Odyssey01.j2t Odyssey 01 120.00 kB 19 Mar 2007
Odyssey02.j2t Odyssey 02 120.02 kB 19 Mar 2007
Odyssey04.j2t Odyssey 04 120.01 kB 19 Mar 2007
Top3.j2t Top secret ][ 95.97 kB 19 Mar 2007
m5v-mars.it martian lovesong 976.47 kB 19 Mar 2007
f0x-clon.xm [clone] 488.28 kB 19 Mar 2007
nwk-evil.xm Facing the Evil 716.37 kB 19 Mar 2007
Technoir Remix.xm Technoir Remix! 466.38 kB 19 Mar 2007
Battleships.s3m hip2 134.20 kB 19 Mar 2007
Letni.s3m 70.47 kB 18 Mar 2007
Neve.s3m Neve's Crossing 687.78 kB 19 Mar 2007
panic2.s3m Panic 528.89 kB 19 Mar 2007


Version 1.7

This is part three of a five episode series.

Episode One: The Invasion of Deserto
Episode Two: The Rebirth of Evil
Episode Three: The Battle for Carrotus
Episode Four: The Resistance

Episode Five: The Fortress of Ruin


You have finally arrived at Carrotus, bringing with you an urgent message: an enemy fleet is on its way to conquer the planet. To help fight them, you enlist with the Imperial Forces and are ordered series of missions sabotoging and destroying enemy ships.



The difficulty of this episode is very high. Easy mode is recommended for most players. Medium mode is for players who are quite skilled. Hard mode is intended to provide the greatest challenge possible.

It is highly recommended that you play in 640×480, 16 bit colour, with low detail turned off, hardware acceleration off, and ambient lighting turned on. Many of the levels will look wrong or ugly under other settings, or may even be unplayable.

These will work in TSF, but 1.23 is recommended. These levels have not been designed with Lori in mind.

Some of the levels in this pack are very big, and JJ2 sometimes crashes when trying to save or load the game in levels like that. You should only save the game in the smaller levels, such as during cutscenes or when the level tells you to save.

Some of the levels contain spike balls. Shooting these down is possible, but tends to crash the game. It is advised that you treat them as if they were indestructible objects.

Reviews are highly appreciated, even if they are short ones. When reviewing, please rate this as a whole instead of going over each level individually.



Most levels have 20 green gems, 10 blue gems, and 1 gem ring.

There are 8 powerups scattered throughout the levels.


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.8

Recommendedmarian_kz rated 10

if i ever make beter levels than tose thats not me those are the best levels i ever playd good gameplay eyecandy i see no reason this levels not to be downloaded

[Review changed to quick review. – cooba]

Recommendedniyog123 rated 9.7

super levels and a lot more new tilesets
i like it very much .i give it 9.7

Recommendedmortalspaz rated 9.7

I am not really in the mood of writing a full review but i will point some aspects from the pack. The eyecandy is very good. There are no bugs or anything, gameplay was very good. The levels really make you feel that you are there and the enemy/picup placement is not frustrating. Music is very good and it fits the pack etc. My rating is 9.7 with DR

Recommendedcool spaz rated 9.7

This is a great level set. I recomend downloading this pack!

PLOT: great realy great original story and very well done. 10/10
GAME PLAY: hard but fun. 10/10
PICK UPS: not to many but not to little. 10/10 ENEMY PLACEMENT: great realy hard but vary hard 10/10

[Review changed to quick review. – cooba]

RecommendedNarsist rated 10

One word. Awesome. :)

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 9.6

RecommendedReview by Tik

25 Mar 2007, 08:47
Bee Boy Swarm (43 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings18 Featured reviews5 Average helpfulness93%

The third installment in EvilMike’s series of level packs comes with a well-understood precedent of quality and innovation. If you haven’t played Invasion of Deserto or Rebirth of Evil yet, you really should before playing this, however it’s not very necessary. The plot continues but you can pick up this installment fresh and have little trouble understanding anything. This is especially good because this pack is very heavily story based. The main bulk of the levels are, in fact. However, the narration has several different methods through which it is conveyed, so it doesn’t get monotonous.

The main theme of the pack is a sort of militarized space. The levels are designed logically and yet remain very versatile and organic. There’s only one level that uses a more organic feel, but even that has a twist.

As I stated, the bulk of the individual levels are for story purposes. The ones with more regular gameplay are quite excellent, however. They are chock full with all the necessary elements for a good level to remain fun and entertaining. Enemies, puzzles, and platform obstacles are well placed and paced. Ammo and goodies are usually well placed as well. Although there are several levels that are substantially large, the annoying memory bug that doesn’t let you save your game is usually moot.

This pack is a bit of a challenge. I played it once on Normal and once on Easy, and both of them were tricky in some places. That’s how a good level should be though. I never tried Hard mode but I can imagine it must be quite a challenge.

Although some may argue that the previous packs were better for this or that reason, this is still a welcome addition to the ongoing saga. Lots of innovation and creative story telling. I can remember playing and wondering why Epic couldn’t harness the full potential jj2 has to offer.

The eyecandy can be a little drab sometimes, but as I said, it has a space sort of theme. There’s not a huge amount of room for extra details in that sort of environment.

The music choice is rather flawless although some songs can get old quickly in large levels. I usually prefer to keep sound off during jj2, but the music added well so I kept it on.

In summary, this is an excellent download that I recommend. Play the the first two releases in the series first if you can. It has some minor flaws, but over all the quality is very good and the work shows. And it’s all backed up by a good storyline.

5 of 5 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by FireSworD

26 Mar 2007, 04:54 (edited 26 Mar 07, 05:43 by Fire Sword!)
Spaz Slackrabbit (150 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings66 Featured reviews12 Average helpfulness87%

I feel no need to write a formal review so I’ll just state my thoughts.

This is the first of one of the great impacts this year has to offer. This is definitely a revolutionary piece of work for this community. I don’t think any other platformer has a story quite like this besides the other two episodes. This episode seems to have more characterization than the last two, which ofcourse adds to the aspect of caring about them. Not to say the storyline is driven by dialouge, and some of it seems unrealisitic in a few situations.

I don’t really care if the ‘eyecandy’ or whatever you may call it is bland. I think it fits well within the storyline and atmosphere and thus a more ‘spectacle’ look would not fit quite as well.

Oh yeah, I personally think the briefing scenes would’ve probably benefitted without music playing as I feel there’s more atmosphere without.

3 of 3 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

RecommendedReview by NN

21 Oct 2007, 03:11
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness75%

I love it!! I really enjoy your level paks, i can´t wait for episode 4!!

The story is really good, when you play it, it´s like you are in a movie. When you play it, you really want to know what will happen next… I really want to play the next episode. I like the storyline for your episodes, it´s very creative.

The tileset used where great, and the eyecandy was fine; I really liked the tileset you used for each level, they work fine for each level and give an ambient to the story.

You where very creative for the levels, like the Diamondus Simulation level, i liked that.

The music was perfect for each level, i liked that Technoir remix you used in one level… and that music you use in the ending of the episode, i love that :)

The gameplay was great, the enemies well placed, creative obstacles, well placed pickups, etc. The only thing is that it was a little hard and you die many times, but it still was fun.

Conclusion; you have to download it!! what are you waiting? download download!! If you don´t have the previous episodes, play them before and have fun :)

PD:sorry for my bad english; i don´t usually speak english, i usually speak spanish, comprendes amigo?
Un gran episodio! recomendable :)

3 of 4 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

RecommendedReview by ZAPPER

31 Aug 2007, 00:40 (edited 9 Sep 07, 13:59 by Cooba)
Frog (16 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings16 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness28%

This has got to be the best (if not one of the best) level packs I have seen in a long time. Each level has a great layout, and may I say that I can’t even understand how most triggers worked.

-Amazing continuation of a great storyline.
-Mission type levels help make the game feel more suspenseful.
-Great eyecandy, which just compliments already amazing level layout.
-Strange, yet amazing, combinations of triggers that expand the use of the level, allowing much more realism.
-Great soundtrack that really fits the mood of the levels.
-Amazing work with layers to produce effects almost impossible with animating tiles.

-Difficult at some parts for rookie players.

As I already said, an amazing pack which deserves it’s place in your levels.

-ShadeJackrabbit (In case you don’t recognise my j2o user name)

[Another “ignore me” edit. ~cooba]

2 of 3 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

RecommendedReview by sonicnathan 1

12 Oct 2007, 22:24 (edited 15 May 09, 01:50)
Spaz Slackrabbit (136 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings99 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness70%

Time for my 60th full review! (cues celebrating music)

As always, Mike delivers a great story. since this is the third pack, the pack revolves around the story a lot. I won’t spoil anything, but it is fun and has a cool twist at the end. The story is fun, cool, compelling and overall, it makes you want to keep playing.

WOW. this is great. Since all the levels take place in space, eyecandey is limited. That didn’t stop mike. The backgrounds are basic but the foreground and layer 4 is great! the space ship levels look really cool and look very close to what I would think a space ship would look like. Layer 3 is also used mainly as chain link and fences. I like the ones where you go into the enemy space ships and you see space zoom by at light speed. the carrotus orbital base is more basic, but it still looks like a base an id still cool. The only level that isn’t space is the simulator. It uses a cool effect of removing the colors of the pallet to make it look like everything is an outline. It’s one of the coolest gimmicks I’ve ever seen! The cutsceens just add to the experience. Overall, great eyecandey!
Once again, top notch. The story levels as I call them, are very basic but a lot of the people in the base have something to say, adding more life. The first real level, the simulator, is really cool. It’s a fun, long level and the puzzles are interesting. It takes some skill. The enemy ship levels look cool, having some of the most innovating puzzles I’ve seen. It uses a complex series of triggers to make switches and interesting barrier puzzles. The first one is really hard as you need to find bouncer ammo and destroy the blasters of the ship. obstacles are great in it and it seems like a death trap at times. The final 2 levels are really cool as well. The pack is about medium difficulty on easy and I like that. the levels are between short and long but they all deliver. overall, great gameplay!
Enemy Placement
One again, great. The enemies are well choicen and there put in good locations, making it so you may die. Some are put in areas that make it hard to pass without getting hit. Enough enemies are present and the placement seems fair.
Great. There are enough carrots to let you live and still making it so you may die. Food is good as well, making it so you won’t get constant sugar rushes. the gems add as well to the experience. The ammo is nice a varied and it is moderate which means you won’t have outrages amounts of ammo. Save points are put is good locations as well. overall, great pickup placement.

Final Score: 50/50
Score: 10
Rank: S
DR? This is my favorite pack made by Mike so far. do yourself a favor and download right now. It’s just as enjoyable as all the other episodes.

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RecommendedReview by CrimiClown

14 Aug 2008, 14:15
Spaz Slackrabbit (125 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings48 Featured reviews12 Average helpfulness83%

Starting Comments
… I’m a bit late, am I not? Here’s for good old time sakes.

In this part of the story, Jazz is sent on missions by the army and whatnot and it’s awesome. What can I say? This just plays really well. There’s a lot of time and thought put in all of the layout, the mechanics, the placement of items and enemies. It all fits together like a perfect puzzle.

EvilMike does a great job of capturing the atmosphere. He uses music that very well blends with the tileset and makes sure that, wether you’re in a spaceship or in a battle simulation, you will feel at home. You grow with the story and you embrace it with both hands. While this story makes your brain storm, you will still be reminded that this is a platform game, which makes this pack very well executed.

Simply wonderful. All of the mechanics work flawlessly, the enemies are placed well and everything just fits. Creativity is the keyword in this pack.

This pack is a SP-must-download. Along with the earlier episodes, this pack makes for days of fun.

Download Recommentdation
Hell yeah.

Further Comments
Keep ‘em comin’, Mike.

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RecommendedReview by MSB3000

31 Aug 2007, 02:12 (edited 4 Sep 07, 12:46 by Cooba)
Frog (11 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings11 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness21%

In this pack you will find
Many levels most unkind
The gameplay here is most unique
I hope you like this nice critique

Yeah anyway…

Awesome pack. Words alone cannot describe it. You actually aren’t just an ingenious levelmaker, you are also an awesome storyteller.

Download indeed.
(Unsupported rating (9.7) removal. ~Violet)
[Supported rating (9.7) reinstance. ~cooba]

1 of 2 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by Bobby aka Dizzy

25 Mar 2007, 20:28 (edited 25 Mar 07, 20:29)
Bee Boy Swarm (38 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings34 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness41%

I’ll post a full review here later but I wanted to let give people a warning.

Do NOT play this with a hacked jazz2.exe. When I first played this I ran into numerous errors (no errors occur in multiplayer). You should play with the original 1.23 without any modifications to be safe.

Otherwise Mike maintains his high standards with this pack and this will not disappoint. Download immediately.

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Review by EvilMike

25 Mar 2007, 23:30
Jazz Jackrabbit (217 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings101 Featured reviews16 Average helpfulness84%

I have uploaded a fix to the problem with levels cycling. If you don’t want to redownload, just jjnxt if it happens.

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Review by LemGambino

1 Apr 2007, 03:30 (edited 1 Apr 07, 16:20)
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness33%

I’d love to play the pack, but the site where the music/packs are stored isn’t working. Plz fix. =(

EDIT: N/m, found the right link. Maybe you should update the links to the older chapters so we can get the tilsets/music.

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Review by protomanz

3 Apr 2007, 15:45 (edited 3 Apr 07, 19:29 by Cooba)
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

Its not too bad but the part where u smash triggers are annoying.I love the mission log thing thats cool.U made the levels with good ideas such as a holographic training room.And the blue warp tubes is a cool update to the sucker tubes.Vaccum fans makes the level fun.But next time plz add the mission log!All missions need a log u know.And the warp room was fun.And what the heck is the attic for!? anyway the story is beautifully done and the levels are perfect.Its almost as good as the second one.
Download recommendation:Yes

[Unsupported rating (9.7) clearance. Please provide more support for your rating. For more information on writing a proper review, see the \Review Rules\. – Cooba]

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RecommendedReview by Puffie40

9 Apr 2008, 22:27 (edited 9 Apr 08, 22:28)
Frog (16 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings16 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness69%

A continuation of the awesome level series by Evilmike, and he does not disappoint.

Evilmike has mastered the mood of the series very well. Both the storyline and music have that “This can’t be happening” feeling that “Rebirth of Evil” started in it’s story arc, and expands on that.

I get to see more of his amazing usage of the TOPIII tileset, with a station that almost seems real due to the amazing application of eyecandy.

The highlight of this levelset for me is the virtual combat level, where you navigate a “Wireframe” version of diamondus. Diamondus levels are a dime a dozen on J2O, but this level is so unique, it’s amazing!

Recommended? OH YES!

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RecommendedReview by PT32

6 Oct 2008, 00:25
Jazz Jackrabbit (202 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings171 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness61%

Okay, so to review your episode…

Very good pack, plotline adds some to the last part, “The Rebirth of Evil”, but not as much. Levels are pretty well designed, with plenty of eye candy, not really any bugs, with a difficulty level that’d scare hard-level-haters away, but keeps the commited player rivited and forces them to play again and again.
Not much to criticize, except maybe the lessness of plot, but overall is a pretty nifty pack and earns my DL recommendation.

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Review by Zoro

16 Dec 2009, 05:00
Bee Boy Swarm (28 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings16 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness61%

Its cool but too hard…
i lost all lives in SWS Fencer…

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Review by Rauljazz

31 Mar 2007, 19:14 (edited 31 Mar 07, 19:20 by Cooba)
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness20%

These are my favourite levels.I like
space tilesets and levels.The previous episodes are very good too!
I don’t speak English very good because I’m hungarian.

[Unsupported rating (7.0) clearance. Please provide more support for your rating. For more information on writing a proper review, see the \Review Rules\. – Cooba]

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RecommendedReview by Shadow Jazz

12 Apr 2007, 14:04 (edited 31 Mar 08, 18:00)
CTF Bug (3 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings3 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness40%

EDIT: I’ve completed the series, forget my last review.

(Im rating this level pack but i am reviewing the whole series so far)

Evilmike i have played your whole level pack so far. I here you plan to do 5 episodes. But THIS is THE best single player series ever. No other single player i know of could rival this. The series has significantly inspired me into making my own single player. The revisiting of levels made this seem like a completely new game. I’ve never seen anything like that. The layout of Rebirth of Evil and Battle for Carrotus definatly is a key thing in this series. My most favorite levels were Deserto Orbital base, the fleet level, SWS Fencer (i can’t remember the exact name), SWS Terrapin (again i can’t remember the exact name) and Carrotus. This seems to be the whole level pack that i like but when i said Deserto Orbital Base i meant the second level in rebirth of evil.

Overall i thing that this is the number one source of entertainment. This episode is the most realistic in the series for sure.

Absolutly YES download this level pack. If you don’t then that’s just plain mad.

You know what, FORGET jazz jackrabbit in 3D. This is the REAL sequal to jazz jackrabbit 2, yes THE REAL sequal to jazz jackrabbit 2. Not jazz jackrabbit 3 or advanced. THIS level pack!

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Review by StarLORD

21 Jun 2010, 16:32 (edited 21 Jun 10, 17:57 by cooba)
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness15%

Cool tilesets,cool music…all cool

[Your rating (5.5) doesn’t quite fit the review you wrote. ~cooba]

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RecommendedReview by Valco

8 May 2007, 22:04 (edited 13 May 07, 02:32 by gerard244)
CTF Bug (8 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings8 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness26%

I’m a crazy person.


I did it on hard three days after it came out!

You are awesome Evilmike.

And I am crazy.

Now for the REVIEW portion of this post! Heh.

This was defenitely “The Best Of The Trilogy” As it went very heavily on the saving the world bit and less on the save my home bit. The storyline made you want to continue on through the levels no matter how frustrating they were and build up to an interesting cutscene.

This statement emphasizes on your mission briefing idea. The words just typed themselves out as if the computer you see is what Jazz is seeing as if in your body.

No levels were disconnected. The whole story just began to flow after the first cutscene.

The eyecandy is no less amazing than it was in The Rebirth Of Evil or the original of which the name of it surpasses me.

The gameplay – Still awesome.

I can’t wait for the sequel… To the sequel… To the sequel…

To the original level pack of which the name of it surpasses me.

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Review by Superjazz

25 Mar 2007, 17:05
Jazz Jackrabbit (261 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings131 Featured reviews15 Average helpfulness89%

I would like to report, that for some weird reason ‘Mission Briefing 4’ loops to itself after shooting “exit”, for me at least. I tried using ‘jjnext’ there and it helped.

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