Abandoned Sidewalks

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31 Mar 2007 at 23:20

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qzctf071.j2l Abandoned Sidewalks 14.10 kB 31 Mar 2007
Twilight Park.j2t Twilight Park 125.36 kB 05 Jan 2006
Order.j2b Pull Back the Bass 170.49 kB 08 Jun 2006


Abandoned Sidewalks

Interviewer: “Desribe the level with three keywords”
Quickz: “CTF, symmetrical and Twilight Park”

I: “Can you tell us something about the ammo?”
Qz: “Sure. The level contains 4 PU’s (2x Bouncy, 1 Toaster and 1 Blaster) and it contains also normal seeks, RF’s and gun 8”

I: “Any carrots?”
Qz: “Yes, 1 Full NRG in the middle and two +1 carrots at each side of the level (in the pool)”

I: “How about warps or tubes?”
Qz: “Yes, there are two warps, one in each PU box. There are also two tubes, replacing springs in that part of the level”

I: “Explain the textstring at the start of the level, please”
Qz: “Okay. The walls next to the PU boxes are One Wayed. This means you can shoot seekers through them, which makes the boxes less campy. It’s there for players who don’t know the level yet”

I: “Any other things we need to know?”
Qz: “Uhh, you wil need gun 9 to get the bouncy PU’s. That’s all, I guess. Oh, I have to say I like the yellow background really much myself and I think the music fits the level really well. That’s all, I guess”

I: “Okay, thank you for this interview!”
Qz: “No problem ;)”


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RecommendedReview by master sven

10 Apr 2007, 18:10
Spaz Slackrabbit (124 Points)
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Let me take the task of common reviewer on myself while other don’t. :P

This level is very well comprimised if you take a look at the weapons. There are just enough weapons for its size.I liked the doghouses at the 2 bottom-sides, where you could warp with. The eyecandy of the background is very good, but I missed some foreground eyecandy. The flow was good over the entire level, execpt for the middle top, where there is open space.
Also, the music doesn’t really fit the level.

Gameplay: 8,5
Eyecandy: 7,5
Originality: 8

Final Grade: 8

Good job, I think you can do even better.

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Review by Ri|CC|ardo

5 Apr 2007, 20:40 (edited 5 Apr 07, 20:55 by Cooba)
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

Very Good level :P

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