The Middle Ages Pack

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5 Apr 2007 at 17:35 (Major update on 20 Apr 2007)

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FOX282 (More uploads by FOX282)
Single player
Tileset and music by Impressive Creations

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FOX-1o1_SP-Medivo.j2l Medivo Fortress 18.51 kB 20 Apr 2007
FOX-1o1_SPsecrt-Medivo.j2l Dark Secret 18.38 kB 20 Apr 2007
IC - Medivo1.j2t IC - Medivo1 217.25 kB 01 Jan 2007
IC - Medivo4.j2t IC - Medivo4 214.93 kB 01 Jan 2007 Medieval Time 829.77 kB 24 Feb 2007


I made this level for 1.20 so everyone could play it.
This is only one level+secret level.
You can add it to the JJ2 original episodes.
this is little hard!

  • some eyecandy improvements
  • secret level added called “Dark secret”
  • large gameplay improvement!
  • The “The middle ages” level change name to “Medivo Fortress”

> Response for IJskonIJn:
I write “You can add it to the JJ2 original episodes”
I write it because i make levels and place it with other levels from JJ2 episodes! and if i can, so you can!
Remember to edit Medivo1(Go to Level Propetries, then write on “next level” the name of my level) and Garglair(same method but Next level is Medivo2)


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RecommendedReview by SPAZ18

6 Apr 2007, 11:12 (edited 8 Apr 07, 08:57)
Spaz Slackrabbit (162 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings111 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness73%

Not a bad level.


The backgrounds are OK but they do have quite a few tilebugs present. Some bits do not join together properly. The castle in the Layer 7 BG looks a bit weird, as if it’s floating in the air. I think you used a bit too much rain for the foreground, it probably would’ve been better in the BG. I also think the rain moves a bit too slow. Layer 4 is good, though there are a few tilebugs but they are not really noticeable.



The level was quite long, about 10 minutes which is good. There were some secrets that I didn’t find on the first playthrough. The coins were very well placed as I didn’t find them all the first time.



Items are placed well, though I did think there was too many Gems placed in one or two areas but that’s not too much of a problem. Weapons were also placed well, though I did think there was too many Toaster +15 Crates in one area. Placement is good, but too many of some items in a few areas. Carrots were also well placed as I didn’t stay on 1 Heart health for too long.



Placement of the enemies is great. There was just one area where I thought there was too many. There was about 6 around one Blue Spring, but everywhere else is fine.



There was a trap near the end of the level which was a bit annoying. I liked the way you used the “Area Fly Off” events to prevent the player from flying out. I still thought that it might have been better to use the CTF Instant Death trick. Aside from the trap there was all the usual important JJ2 obstacles including Destruct & Buttstomp Scenery and Trigger Crates.


TOTAL SCORE: 6.5 + 8 + 7 + 8 + 7.5 = 37/50 = 7.4/10

RANK: C = Good


YES! Some very good gameplay in this level though the eyecandy needs improving.

@Response to FOX282:

To use the CTF trick. Just place 2 or more CTF Bases next to each other. Find these in “Environment” -> “Objects.” Set the value in the “Team” box to “1” for all bases. Use Layer 3 to cover them up. Also, try placing 2 or 3 sucker tubes above them so that player will hit them slowly, try a “Y Speed” of about 5.
If it comes up with the black screen saying something like “LOSER!” then it’s working.

@Response to Cooba:

Great suggestion. That trick does indeed work better than mine. Unfortunately, the CTF Instant Death trick doesn’t seem to be working in 1.23+
Why is that?

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Review by FOX282

6 Apr 2007, 14:27
Frog (11 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings11 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness40%

To Spaz18:

In your review you write:
“I still thought that it might have been better to use the CTF Instant Death trick”

How did i do that?

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RecommendedReview by IJskonIJn

5 Apr 2007, 19:15
CTF Bug (6 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings6 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness45%

(I’m dutch, don’t complain about my englisch)

allright, you said this is only one level. You can add it to the JJ2 original episodes. pretty confident i think.

it’s an nice good level. good eyecandy, well placed goodies and enemies. it’s never almost impossible pass a piece of the level. a good level

You said it was only one level. You can add it to the JJ2 original episodes. I’m sorry but it isn’t. first of all, you didn’t used a original tileset. that’s fine. but i think it necessary that in an original episode an original tileset is used. also the tile set you’ve used doesn’t add anything. you could have make the level also with the original tileset. second, the level doesn’t “play” like an original. i don’t know how to explain this.

7.5, not a bad level, also not very good

Yeah for sure, but don’t place it between your other levels.

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Review by cooba

7 Apr 2007, 17:05 (edited 20 May 07, 20:58 by Cooba)
Carrot Juice Addict (332 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings112 Featured reviews33 Average helpfulness86%

Myself I’d just recommend to rip the system from this pack. It uses the technique better than SPAZ18 described it, because this one makes the player lose a life, and SPAZ’s doesn’t.

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