Flag Front

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6 Apr 2007 at 13:55

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flag front.j2l Flag Front 2.55 kB 06 Apr 2007
Wasteland.j2t Wasteland 49.15 kB 26 Aug 2001
Technoir Remix.xm Technoir Remix! 466.38 kB 11 Jun 2004


A big symitrical ctf level.



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Review by Quickz

7 May 2007, 01:35 (edited 7 May 07, 01:38)
Turtle Goon (65 Points)
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This is a short review for “Flag Front”.

I should agree with the review above, the placement of tiles is really repetitive, which makes the lvl blockyness.

Anyway, more important, the level does have three PU’s (bouncy and RF on both sides) and a carrot an a spot where you can easily camp it. Since there is only one passage to get from one side to the other it will be hard to get the carrot, since you can camp just in the center area.

I have to say the ammo choise is nice. RF’s and bouncies are definitely handy in this lvl with long platforms. The seeker PU is at a questionable place and you shouldn’t have put the Full NRG above it, since that area is now too important. Though this lvl lacks ammo, the shapes are just boring and it isn’t well spread either.

About those boxes, maybe you should’ve made them one-way, so seeks could get through them.. Now they seem rather useless.. You should’ve done more with the center area, the areas with the ‘hills’ .. You could climb them and shoot bouncies down, but they are still dead ends, just like the base-areas.

About the eyecandy. I know this tileset isn’t really easy, but you could’ve done much better. Especially layer 5 is way too repetitive, with those grey stones covering the whole level. Open spots would’ve been nice, since then you might have seen some layer 6/7 ;) .. Layer 3 is uhhh, okay, I guess. Size is okay, though you should’ve used your space better.

To end with sth positive: The placement of the springs is nice, the flow is quite good actually..

Final rating: 5


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Not recommendedReview by Stijn

11 Apr 2007, 19:17
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (444 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings279 Featured reviews13 Average helpfulness86%

I played this in your server, I think.

The level, using Blade’s “Wasteland” set, looks rather boring. Most of the level uses only one variety of the platform tiles coming with the set which makes it look rather repetitive and emphasizes the blockyness of the layout. The layout of the symmetrical CTF level basically consists of two large rectangles, connected by a tunnel at the bottom of the level. On both sides some large platforms protrude from the wall at seemingly random places. The flow is acceptable, but this is only because the layout is rather simplistic and barely requires any navigation or strategic skills; the base-to-base route is U-shaped without any obstacles. Moving from platform to platform is mainly done via springs.

On the route itself no ammo, apart from an annoyingly-placed seeker powerup can be found. In fact the ammo distribution in this level is rather limited. Both sides contain exactly 14 ammo events and one powerup, which certainly is not enough. This certainly needs a lot of work.

Both sides have a warp that takes you to a platform above the other team’s base. However, the base is not accessible from here and the only thing you can do is take a warp to the bottom middle of the level, which I found kind of strange and useless.

To sum it up, the layout is kind of boring and too open, the ammo placement is horrible, especially for a multiplayer level, the eyecandy is seriously lacking and the gameplay kind of quirky. Not a download recommendation.

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Review by master sven

12 Apr 2007, 08:38 (edited 12 Apr 07, 08:47 by masterrokusho)
Spaz Slackrabbit (124 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings71 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness63%

Maybe you should try to shoot bounchers or RF’s with some luck at the bases when you warped in the cage next to it…

BTW: there is a carrot above the seek PU.

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