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23 Apr 2007 at 19:36 (Minor update on 23 Apr 2007)

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The Emperor (More uploads by The Emperor)
Capture the flag
DS, snz, sucer, rep, sacrush, bobby, firesword, paul, noka, E.T, Epic MegaGames and especially Cooba for all the help. Prolly a few others who I forgot, sorry...

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empctfbam.j2l Boulders and Mist 3.63 kB 23 Apr 2007
empctflshg.j2l Lightning Strikes Higher Ground 12.67 kB 23 Apr 2007
empctfr.j2l Retribution 11.16 kB 23 Apr 2007
empctfsg.j2l Sacred Grove 9.43 kB 23 Apr 2007
empctftc.j2l The Cradle 9.06 kB 23 Apr 2007
Diam1.j2t Diamondus 1 206.58 kB 20 Apr 1998
ICInfernoF.j2t Inferno 2.0 Fire 246.86 kB 20 Dec 2006
Noka - Letni.j2t Noka - Letni 134.39 kB 12 Nov 2006
Rootalopicus.j2t Rootalopicus 17.18 kB 14 Jul 2006
Tube.j2t Tube Electric 72.94 kB 01 Apr 2007 The Genesis Factor 415.00 kB 07 Dec 2006


Ok. I subtracted this pack by (technically a half, but added LSHG into it for some weird reason.)

This is my first pack in a long while.
I trained using jcs while making this, so don’t expect it to be that great…

As a matter of fact, I got sick and tired of this pack so I just quickly stopped making it.

A lot of people helped me along the way, thanks a lot… And you can f ‘sure expect levels of higher quality from yours truly in the close future.

There isn’t much a theme nor a standard in this pack either. It’s more like just some levels put together.

I think the most successful of them was Sacred Grove (2nd), thanks to Sucer, SJ, Bobby, Sacrush and Cooba for testing it in a 3v3 and Snooze and DS for debug.

Don’t be too harsh;P


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RecommendedReview by PT32

19 May 2008, 14:26
Jazz Jackrabbit (202 Points)
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All right, my friend, let’s have a look at this Very Average Pack of yours. Very good structure, levels were ok, but let’s go over that in detail…
Overall, very good. You had some fine levels [i.e. 2,3, and 4], and then some not-so-fine levels [1,5]. 5 seemed fairly short, and I found the other base in under 7 seconds. Try hiding them a little better. [But they were still good!] I really liked in the inferno level, where you could warp to the base you selected. Good thinking.
Good choices, they kept my mind active [which can be hard to do], and were interesting to see. However, you used a lot of original tilesets [tubelectric, inferno—but that was a modded one], try using a few more customs next time.
Not much to say here, you got rid of pretty much all the buggage, and made it nice n’ smooth. Points go for that!
EYE CANDY [in this case, music]
Ah yes, and here is my biggest bone. Almost NONE of your levels had music files at all! This is definitely a biiig no-no. However, the one song you used was soo good that I’m gonna use it in my own battlepack [if you don’t mind] coming soon. I would strongly recommend going back and giving it music, because that will make it even better.
Just the stuff I mentioned, be sure to work on that. It’ll be worth the effort, I promise!
To close this all up, I’d like to say that you did some good work, but also missed some stuff. Be very sure to go correct that stuff I pointed out. It’ll improve your status. But the most important thing to remember is to not let this get you down. You may have missed a bit of work, but you made up for it elsewhere. Keep at it, and amaze us with an even averagier CTF pack!
To readers, I recommend dl’ing this, even if it needs work. It’s still an awesome pack! [P.S.-you forgot to password one of your levels. :)]

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