Sandstone Ruins

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8 May 2007 at 21:06 (Minor update on 14 Jul 2010)

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qzbattle072.j2l Sandstone Ruins 5.64 kB 28 Nov 2008
qzbattle072lite.j2l Sandstone Ruins - Lite 6.07 kB 08 Dec 2008
Temple.j2t Temple 41.60 kB 17 Jun 2006
everlast.xm Everlasting war 692.17 kB 09 Jun 2000


My entry for PJ’s contest (and the Lite Version for the DITbtl-tourney).

It’s a battle level made with the Temple-tileset. Three PU’s (RF, bouncy – which you can only get with gun 9 – and toaster. Three +1 carrots, one warp.

The level is like a hill with some ruins in/underneath it. There’s also some water and well, just check it out..

*Uploaded wrong version, changed that.
*Added the Lite Version (Dec 9, ’08)

Changes in the Lite Version:
1) No option to climb your way up in the upperright corner
2) The spawntime of all 3 carrots is now 30 seconds instead of 20
3) Improved flow at [40.64], [102.64] and [72.66]
4) The new brick-EC near water
5) The slope at [58,56] which makes double jumps easier
6) Some other minor- and not that important changes

The Lite Version’s really better when playing duels and maybe even 2on2’s. The old version is better for larger games. Later I might add the new EC in the old, normal version, as well.


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RecommendedReview by Hitch

15 May 2007, 21:58 (edited 15 May 07, 23:25)
Bee Boy Swarm (32 Points)
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Sandstone Ruins

Sandstone Ruins, made by Qz for Pj’s battle contest. It uses Evilmikes Temple tileset. Since this tileset is underused and I have only seen one level besides this, I shall do my best. This is a review exchage by the way.

Gameplay: The gameplay in this level. It runs smoothly on the ground, BUT, I must point out the dunes get very annoying, or sand you could call it. The masking is very bad, so it is a chance willing to take using the tileset. Anyway, the level, around position 50,23 you can get stuck very, VERY easily. I would recommend not having a dead end there but that is in my opinion. Overall the level runs smoothly except for the walls, and spot 50,23.(annoying)

Eyecandy: Lets see, in this level the eyecandy isn’t exploding, but it also has more than average. I like how you use the dunes all around the level, in layers 3 perhaps. It makes the level fit, I guess you could say. I also think, in this tileset there isn’t much eyecandy but I must also say that Qz did a very good job using it. All the tiles fit, seems good.

Ammo/Carrot/Powerup placement: Let’s start off with ammo. The placement of ammo is pretty good, but I am seeing in yours that in the underground part(Left) it gets empty. Also near the bottom right(By the Rf pu) it is also very empty. This can be an issue, having no ammo. And it can slow down the pace of the level. Carrots.. There are 3 +1 carrots, and they are also placed in I guess okay spots, in the corners and on a specific platform, so the carrot has it’s own spots. And the powerups.. The Rf powerup at times can be hard to reach. The bouncy powerup I have no opinions about. As for the toaster, it can get a bit buggy getting up to there but it is placed well.

Positives: Good eyecandy, placement of carrots

Negitives: Tends to be a bad flow

Overall this level is well built and it deserves to be played a few times. As there aren’t many battle like this, I think I will host this often when doing battle.

Score: 7.5/10+8/10+7.5/10+.3=8


[Edit: Added more ammo, fixed spot 50,23. +.3 added.

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Review by Crusader

16 May 2007, 13:09
Bee Boy Swarm (27 Points)
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Running is hard…

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