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3 Aug 2007 at 01:13 (Minor update on 7 Oct 2008)

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Birdie (More uploads by Birdie)
Capture the flag
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xlmss01.j2l Sub Junction 3 17.15 kB 03 Mar 2007
xlmss02.j2l Fluid Surface Oscillator 9.76 kB 03 Mar 2007
xlmss03.j2l Temple Of Hakkar! 14.87 kB 02 Aug 2007
xlmss03b.j2l Temple Of Hakkar! - LITE 14.56 kB 02 Aug 2007
xlmss04.j2l Torch Wood 9.57 kB 01 Aug 2007
xlmss05.j2l ¡SandBox 14.24 kB 01 Aug 2007
xlmss06.j2l Wormhole Checkpoint 18C 8.69 kB 02 Aug 2007
BattleShipsBl.j2t BattleShipsBL 45.64 kB 29 Jul 2007
Beachplus2Edit.j2t Beach + Night Sand 234.08 kB 14 Apr 2007
Egypt.j2t Egypt (day) 223.15 kB 28 Jun 2001
EgyptN.j2t Egypt (night) 190.87 kB 28 Jun 2001
J2LCAlienspacelab.j2t J2LC - Alien space lab 208.94 kB 02 Apr 2002
LMATFeb01.j2t Omen Woods - Mist 198.30 kB 12 May 2006
LMATKansas.j2t LMAT - Kansas 100.00 kB 17 Dec 2005
LinkToMusicFiles.html 0.33 kB 02 Aug 2007


Hello, I don’t have a pretty picture or anything to go with this upload. Some of you who are downloading this, have probably already seen some, or most of the levels in my pack. I’ve been making this pack for awhile, I started it soon after ‘LaYoUtZ CTF Package’ and it’s finally finished. As I worked on this pack, I feel my style changed quite a bit. I didn’t bother redoing the older levels, because I want you to see how my style changed, also because I’m lazy. Thanks to anyone who rates or downloads this, also to the people who provided feedback during testing.

A note: xlmss03b is a lighter version of xlmss03, I made it because of popluar demand.

note2: Xlmss04 cannot use carrotade, just to let you know.

Link to music: LINK


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.3

RecommendedFireSworD rated 8.0

Perhaps a quick review isn’t appopiate for a pack of 6 levels but I must point out that some of them (¡SandBox especially) used annoying gimmicks that produced no positive side effects. So mastering is pointless. It’s good to try new ideas, but sometimes you will get your hands burned if you’re not careful.

Still, nice job.

PurpleJazz rated 7.0

A prime example of experimentation gone wrong. Birdie started a fire going, in which he did not have the power to control. Ambition and creativity should be applauded, but almost all functionality is lost; these are MP levels we are talking about.

RecommendeddrmooCSW rated 10.0

This is an ultimate level pack. The gameplay is great! The way you hid all of the ammunition and whatnot is also pretty cool. lol the bonuses you get are nice.
The eyecandy is INCREDIBLE! The anti-gravity is also really neat. Nice hax (if that’s what you used). All in all, I would have to give this level pack a 10/10 and heavily recommend downloading this pack.

[Changed to Quick Review ~cooba]

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 6.6

Review by TheKax

3 Aug 2007, 17:24 (edited 3 Aug 07, 17:27)
CTF Bug (8 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings8 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness30%

Wow! How was that possible to make the gravity go upside-down?

EDIT: now I figured it almost out… But I still need help… Make a tutorial?

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Review by Birdie

3 Aug 2007, 23:53 (edited 14 Dec 10, 12:33 by cooba)
Bee Boy Swarm (35 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings15 Featured reviews5 Average helpfulness80%

Uh, sorry cooba, but that is the most recent version to my knowlage, also I forgot to mention that level 4, TorchWood Cannot use carrotade.

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RecommendedReview by the jamster

31 Aug 2007, 00:50
Frog (17 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings17 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness24%

hmmm. i like !

Ive seen thease being hosted before , tho i kept dieing a lot in the pits :P

ok all the levels have great eyecandy , mostly anyway , i still think that lava windsow looks out of place , Well apart from that there not much to say more about it , its great ec! I like the fog in torchwood ;D

also i like some of the instresting things in the pack , I remeber on what levels are goning on jazz2online you had it in progres , its basicly a nice X shape you go up one foot of the x and you capture thew flag go to the other to flag it , also i love the gravity ss6 ;D

ammo placement is good , and food placemnt to ;D ,

the thing i thought was good but not great was torchwood i found it a little basic for you birdie.

gameplay is intresting (look at the intresting part) so it makes it less boreing (not that it is boreing)

Well i love it ;D ,and i bet you will to

download it!

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